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Tuesday's Musings...On Ice

**This article is provided by featured writer Kenny Masenda**

Joe Calzaghe def. Roy Jones Jr. (unanimous decision)
The fight between Roy Jones and Joe Calzaghe was a damn disaster for anyone who is a fan of RJ. After an early knockdown by Jones, Calzaghe shook off the cobwebs, and proceeded to give him the whupping of a lifetime for the remaining 11 rounds. Jones was bloody AND bowed. He looked like an old man on Saturday night, while Calzaghe has solified his legacy as one of the realest that’s ever been in the squared circle. Roy, this is coming from someone who watched you dominate in the mid 90’s, and remains to be a loyal fan: PLEASE let it go, my brother.

Texas Tech def. Oklahoma State 56-20
Another massacre took place in Lubbock, as the Texas Tech Red Raiders pummeled the Oklahoma State Cowboys, to the tune of 56-20. Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree are showing the world how dominant of a duo they truly are, and everyone has taken notice. They have the week off, before they travel to Norman to take on my beloved Sooners. Hopefully, OU will put a stop to this madness on the 22nd, but it will not be easy. Tech seems to score at will, and even more, they pile it on, which seems to demoralize just about anyone they play (with the exception of Texas). Right now, for argument’s sake, my front-runner for the Heisman is Michael Crabtree, followed by Graham Harrell. This week also saw Alabama get by LSU, by the score of 27-21. For now, both teams remain 1-2 in the BCS, and that’s not likely to change, until the SEC title game, when Alabama takes on Florida.

Texas High School Football
Also, this week marks the opening round of the high school football playoffs in the great state of Texas. I recommend everyone, regardless of where you are, take in a high school game sometime before the season is over (which for most states in mid-December). It’s football at its most pure form. The atmosphere is electric, the food is fantastic, the bands are sick, and the play is 100%, all the time. One of my buddies and I have been on an expansive high school football tour all season long, and plan on watching at least two playoff games a week, until the state championship. Be easy.


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