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Amare Stoudemire Will Not Be A Sun in 6 months...

Read it for what it is...Ed The Sports Fan's guarantee in 2009, Amare Stoudemire will not be a Phoenix Sun when the 2009-10 season starts.

The sad thing is, its as much the Suns fault as it is Amare's fault.

Its kinda like if you were choosing women to perform in a rap video, and you've got this chick who's been trying to get at you about getting into the video, she's super cute and you'd probably wife her up, but she's more slim-type swimsuit model and yet the directors want you to fill the video with salacious, double-d's, bootie for days, models instead. Obviously, your slim girl would not mesh well with your other 'models' and that could make for an uneasy situation. This is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of what's going on in Phoenix, Arizona right now...

Amare has been salty for years. He felt that his star should sign the brightest out of all the Suns. However, he probably was the 3rd wheel with former star Shawn Marion, and current stars Steve Nash and Shaquille O'Neal. Now, they've let go of Mike D'Antoni, who's style made Amare want to change his name to Jesus Stoudemire. Running and gunning, hi-octane offense with no real responsibilities on defense. What more could you want? Now, Steve Kerr and the Suns decide to bring in Terry Porter. Porter decides to slow the game down and focus the offense around, not Amare, but Shaq. The whirling dervish known as Steve Nash has no clue what to do. "Walk the ball up the court? How do I do that?" Amare's pace of play has slowed and he's sulking again. In a recent ESPN insider note, it was mentioned that he will definitely look to opt-out of his deal and is open to signing with any team in the league.

The Suns need to make this man happy, because you can't replace strong post men like Stoudemire. The Knicks might just say forget LeBron and go sign Amare in 20-09. The Bulls could give Rose the power forward/point guard combo of the ages. Miami is on every free agent power forward in the league. The possibilities are endless. Amare I wish you the best of luck, just keep dunking on people and playing like you don't give a damn.


One of the 5 greatest in-game dunks of all-time. Amare, meet Michael Olowokandi.


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