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And The 2008 Heisman Trophy Winner Is…


Article provided by featured guest writer Kenny Masenda aka Soul On Ice

See, this is one of the few times that all of the candidates have a legitimate shot to win the Heisman. This is also one of the few times that I’ve actually liked all of the candidates. In this rant, I’ll do my best to highlight all three of the finalists:

Tim Tebow – led the Gators to a 12-1, and another shot at the National Championship. He’s changed his game from last season, become a more traditional passer, and can make the case that he’s more of a threat now than he was last season. The Gators found a way to beat Alabama, despite going into the fourth quarter behind, and this was without one of their top playmakers, Percy Harvin. Plus, he won the award last year, and something tells me this could be the year we have our first two-time winner, since The Great Archie Griffin.

Colt McCoy – led UT to an 11-1 record, with their sole loss coming in “hostile” territory, in Lubbock, against the Texas Tech Red Raiders. He leads his team in rushing, although I think it has more to say about the lack of a running game at UT (which a couple of my Longhorn buddies disagree with). Nonetheless, he showed up in every big game, made the most of what he had with the talent around him, which compared to OU and Florida is not much (no disrespect to Quan Cosby, one of the best athletes I have ever seen on the high school level, and Jordan Shipley). This team was supposed to be crap, but they have had a great season, largely thanks to him.

Sam Bradford – led OU to ANOTHER Big XII Championship, by THUMPING the Missouri Tigers last Saturday night. With that, the Sooners earned a berth to the National Championship next month. He also leads the nation in touchdown passes, and passer rating as well, but since I don’t know how passer rating is compiled, I won’t make too big of a deal about it. With the exception of the UT game (and even in that one, he still played well), he played BRILLIANTLY in every big game.

I’m glad the folks who put the finalists together didn’t put other people in there, just for the sake of saying “we’ll take four or five finalists,” if they already know the other people have no chance in hell of winning. I DO THINK Graham Harrell (Ennis, TX STAND UP) should have been invited, and still don’t understand how he wasn’t.

I know who I want to win it, know who I feel deserves to win it, and I know who I THINK will get it. We shall see…come Saturday night.

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