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Unsportsmanlike Conduct - 12 Men On The Field...

How Ed felt after knowing Oklahoma would be playing for the National Championship...

12 Men On The Field - In a new segment, once a week I will bring you 12 biggest names over the weekend so that you can be thoroughly entertained like when you saw Halle Berry "pop off" in Swordfish. Oh boy...Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

1. Sam Bradford – Ed The Sports Fan cast his Heisman ballot (if he had one) for Oklahoma Sooners QB “Slingin” Sammy Bradford, and he feels good about it. Oklahoma claimed the #1 spot in the last BCS standings on Sunday, and are headed to Miami to take part in the 2009 BCS Championship. The Sooners have posted 60+ points in their last 5 games, and say what you want about that defense but they’re on the field a lot because their offense scores so quickly! So who’s gonna have to deal with OU on January 8th…

2. Percy Harvin – Harvin (sprained ankle) did not play this Saturday in the SEC Championship against then #1 Alabama. It didn’t matter. The Florida Gators triumphed without Harvin with a 31-20 win in the Georgia Dome. Now Tebow has one more opportunity to connect with his favorite target, in their hopes of their team winning their 2nd National Championship in the last 3 years and him personally winning his 2nd Heisman in 3 years.

3. Oscar De La Hoya – Go sit yo ass down…

4. Manny Pacquiao – Let me put it to you this way…Floyd “Money” Mayweather needs to sit his ass down and NOT come out and fight this man. Go put your money somewhere before the government uses your “stacks” to bailout the Big 3 in Detroit.

Pacquiao > Mayweather

Now, Ricky Hatton is going probably fight Manny Pacquiao next. Folks, if you would’ve asked me last week if I thought Manny vs. Oscar would be a great fight, I would’ve told you no. Its easy for me to say this now, but I had Manny winning that fight. I got the dough to prove it. But ladies and gentlemen, when the Spring of ’09 rolls around and you start hearing the promos of Pacquiao vs. Hatton. Go spend that $60 and watch the fight. Trust me. Pacquiao KO Hatton in Round 9.

5. Brian Westbrook – That game yesterday is the reason why people still believe in Westbrook, McNabb, and the IGGLES. The NY Football Giants looked horrible. Washington lost too. So did that team in North Texas…

6. Eldorado – Terrell Owens that is, his Dallas Cowboys fell flat by the hands of Big Ben and the Steel Curtain defense from Pittsburgh. Did Romo throw another interception? What was that Jay-Z line? “Well it was all good just a week ago…” The owner Jerral “Jerry” Jones just accused the only Cowboy that I will give ultimate respect, Marion Barber III, that he is soft??? They call this man “The Barbarian” and you just called him soft? We all saw Della Reese in Harlem Knights, that pinky toe will mess you up for real. T.O. went bonkers on the sidelines again, I’d love to see Greg Ellis just clothes line the bejesus out of him. Wouldn’t you enjoy that?

"LeBron, wherever you go you got me right?"

7. Stephen Curry – Dude was off the chain on Saturday, with LeBron James sitting courtside watching his every move. Curry then went into “I Don’t Give A F*ck” mode in a critical non-conference win Saturday over a very good North Carolina State team in Charlotte. Curry scored 44 points, converting 15 of 33 field goals and 10 of 13 free throws, dished out three assists and had three steals. WTF.

8. Alex Rodriguez – You decide to play for the Dominican Republic in the 2009 World Baseball Classic? Have you ever even been to the Dominican Republic? Can you find it on the map? WTF…

9. Colt McCoy - Texas Longhorns quarterback Colt McCoy will return for his senior season, the Austin American-Statesman reported Monday on its Web site.
"I'm not going anywhere," McCoy told the newspaper. "I'm coming back because we have a solid coaching staff," McCoy said. "And I'm coming back because I feel like I can develop the young receivers we have."


10. Michelle Wie – Someone tell me how you make $20 Million in endorsements and yet you just got qualified to play golf in the LPGA Tour? That’d be like you winning the NASCAR championship and getting $20 Million but you don’t have your drivers’ license yet. WTF…

11. Donald Brown – The UConn tailback finished #1 in the nation in rushing with 1,822 yards. I just felt like this should be recognized.

12. 12 men on the field, 15-yard penalty...Derrick Rose – My main man’s NBA career is off to a phenomenal start. The number one overall pick is averaging 18 points and six assists so far in his rookie year, he's already become the leader of his Chicago Bulls squad, and his highlight reel moves are electrifying crowds across the land. It seems the only thing that can stop this wunderkind is the sinister threat of raw unsliced produce.

Derrick Rose isn't practicing Monday after needing 10 stitches to close a gash in his arm. The Bulls said Rose suffered the injury when he rolled over onto a knife he was using to carve an apple while in bed. Rose shouldn't miss any time, but that has to go pretty high up on the exalted list of bizarro athlete injuries. Maybe not as bad as throwing out your back while putting on socks, but it's close.




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