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The NBA 1st Quarter Season Review (Already?!?!?)

Karl Malone ain't got sh*t on me!

Yes, the season is now about 25% complete. With the college football season winding down and prepping for the bowl season, and the NFL's biggest games are upon us now, my focus can begin to shift to the roundball. Hoops, that is. Lets give a run-down of the menu and you tell me if I'm wrong or not. Get at me.

Best Play - Derrick Rose crossing Andre Miller

Best Team - Cleveland Cavaliers (18-3)

I know Boston has the best record (20-2), and the LA Lakers are clinching their division as we speak (17-3) but the biggest statement to me has been made by the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers' 20-point victory over the Raptors was the team's NBA-record ninth straight win by 12-or-more points. Cleveland now sets its sights on another NBA mark. The Cavs have won each of their last four games by 20-or-more points. That leaves them one shy of the NBA single-season record for such a streak, five games, a mark currently shared by the 1977-78 Trail Blazers and the 1970-71 Bucks. Plus, LeBron is playing LESS minutes. The Delonte West and Mo Williams backcourt combo has worked wonders to keep the game uptempo and free flowing, and Zydrunas Ilgauskas has been a rock so far in the frontcourt. Will it last? I dunno, but they are looking mighty tough.

Best Player - Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat

2008 Stats - 29.5 ppg, 5.0 rpg, 7.5apg, 2.3 spg, 1.7 bpg, 49.9% FG%
I pretty much had my mind made up that this spot was going to go to LeBron, but I said, "I need to look at DWade, he's just been dunking on folks heads lately..." and what do I find but a man that is outscoring and outassisting (is that a word?) LeBron all while shooting a better percentage than King James. Let me put some of his stats in perspective. That 1.7 blocks per game, he's 9th in the NBA in blocks! Guards aren't supposed to be #9 in the NBA in blocks. Tied for 4th in steals, plus #1 in points and free throws made. Dude is doing it all, and with a 12-9 record he's getting Miami back into the playoff mix.

Best Coach(es) - Gregg Poppovich (Spurs), Jerry Sloan (Jazz)

In Poppovich's case, at 12-8, his entire backcourt has missed a ton of games in the early going, yet the Spurs are steadily leaping on the back of Tim Duncan and the masterful coaching of Pop. In Sloan's case, 14-9, he's had all 3 of his best players miss times at different parts of the season. Deron Williams is just returning, Carlos Boozer is still out, and Mehmet Okur has struggled thru back issues and family problems back in Europe. Kudos for a job well done, watch as they get stronger due to the reps their 2nd-teams have received.

Best Rookie - OJ Mayo, Memphis Grizzlies

2008 Stats - 21.0 ppg, 4.3 rpg, 2.5apg, 1.2 spg, 47.1% FG%
Most people would automatically scream Derrick Rose, I mean JUST LOOK AT THAT YOUTUBE clip??? However, I'm convinced that OJ Mayo is the American Dream. When you can fail the 8th grade ON PURPOSE because you want to dominate your competition more than you already are because you're nice like that? Amazing. Went to USC to get in the L.A. limelight? Amazing...He's got solid numbers for a struggling but up and coming team in Memphis, but they got a steal in the Mayo/Love trade. More importantly, they got a leader. Mayo for ROY.

Oh, and you thought I wasn't gonna focus on the horribleness in the association?

Worst Play - Emeka Okafor considers retirement after a meeting with Dwyane Wade

Worst Team - LA Clippers (4-17)

They need a new coach, as there's no way you should be able to make Baron Davis look ordinary, but Mike Dunleavy has figured out such a way. On paper this team is good, yet they SUCK horribly. Then they make a random, super reckless trade by getting Zach Randolph. Didn't you just trade for Camby? Don't you already have Chris Kaman? I'm confused..."With the 1st pick, in the 2009 NBA Draft. The LA Clippers select..."

Worst Player - Andre Iguodala, Philadelphia 76ers

2008 Stats - 14.2 ppg, 6.6 rpg, 5.1 apg, 42.0% FG%
I'm not sure if its all his fault, but the Sixers need him to step up as 14 points per is not gonna cut it. They're 9-12 and now new acquisition Elton Brand is gimpy. A.I. v2.0, you gotta step up fam.

Worst Coach - PJ Carlesimo (Thunder), Randy Wittman (Wolves), Eddie Jordan (Wizards)

Its easy, they're all fired.




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