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Tidbits On Ice...

**Your weekly "On Ice" segment by ETSF Featured Writer Kenny Masenda**
Will someone tell Terrell Owens to shut the *bleep* up??? Did he miss The Rasheed Wallace (good game, both teams played hard) Media Etiquette Seminar??? I’ve had as much as I can take of this brother. When he was brought here, it was with the intention of helping the Dallas Cowboys win the Super Bowl. Last time I checked, we haven’t won anymore playoff games with him than we did before. On top of that, the remnants of his deeds in Philadelphia, when he stabbed The Great Donovan McNabb in the back are intensifying. He even called out Jason Witten, one of the most selfless players I’ve ever seen. Are you freaking kidding me?!?! Don’t get it twisted; all is well this week, because they won, but if they drop this one to Ray-Ray, Ed Reed and the Ravens, it’ll start up again. Try this on for size: be seen, and not heard. Shut the hell up, catch the damn ball when it’s thrown your way (we won’t even get on drops), and help my team win.

The Texas High School Football State Championship is finally here. I don’t know how many high school football fans frequent the site, but I’ll go on record and say that Texas has the deepest talent pool of any state in the country, as it pertains to high school football. The 5A state title games will be played at Reliant Stadium this weekend (home of the Houston Texans), and I’ll be making the four-hour drive from Dallas to take it all in. There’s nothing quite like it (and two Dallas-area schools, Wylie High School and Allen High School, will represent).

The last two weeks of the regular season is MUST-SEE TV. Division championships, wild cards, and home-field advantage are all up for grabs. Will Favre lead the Jets to the AFC East, or can Miami find a way to complete one of the greatest turnarounds known to man? Will the Broncos find a way to complete a monumental collapse, and allow San Diego to win the AFC West, despite going 8-8??? Can the Ravens make it back to the post-season? Will the Giants be able to emerge from “The Plaxico Fiasco” and keep a strangle-hold on the top seed in the NFC? What about the Vikings, Bears, Cowboys, Falcons, and others? So many questions, yet so little time…

Be easy.

We will have our MVP Debate Series again for the NFL, as we debate on the best players in football. Kenny, Ed, and a featured guest writer to be named will do a 3-part series giving our debate on who should win the MVP this season.

Also, start thinking about what you want for Christmas...have a happy holidays from Ken and Ed! Godspeed!


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