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"I am the straw that stirs the drink." -- Reggie Jackson

This is my portfolio page. Please look around and check out my work. Afterwards, I encourage you to reach out and connect for a conversation! (Hopefully over drinks!)



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Eduardo (Eddie) Maisonet, III

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Birthday: July 28
Phone number: 213.537.3873
Website: www.thesportsfanjournal.com
E-mail: ed@edthesportsfan.com


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  • 2014-future

    Fox Sports Digital @ Yardbarker Editorial Producer

    Editorial and digital strategist for FOX Sports interactive media team, focusing on Yardbarker's social media engagement, publisher relations and new media verticals.

  • 2010-2015

    SB Nation @ Senior Writer

    Contributed to the news desk and editorial direction for NBA and college football.

  • 2013-2014

    Google @ Operations Coordinator

    Led onboarding of small and medium-sized businesses onto Google My Business platform.

  • 2009-2011

    Nielsen @ Retail Consultant

    Served as a retail consultant and consumer market researcher with a focus on Kroger and Safeway.


  • 2016

    University of San Francisco San Francisco, CA

    Sport Management Masters Program

  • 2005

    Langston University Langston, OK

    Bachelors in Organization Management

  • 2010

    Media Bridges Cincinnati, OH

    Radio and Broadcasting Certification

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My latest projects

The Heisman Watch...

The Heisman Watch...

The Heisman Watch, brought to you by madeupmonkeysh!t.com, we’re about a month into the season, or 1/3 of the way through, and I have a strong suspicion that this list will look totally different in 2 1/2 months. Regardless, here’s how our ballot looks today:

1. Chase Daniel, Missouri - Through four games, his numbers have been unreal(75 percent, 1,412 yards, 12 TDs and one int). If Mizzou's defense ever steps up like the offense, its going to be a problem. First road test against Nebraska this week.

2. Sam Bradford, Oklahoma - If I was a homer, Slinging Sammy Bradford would be #1 on this list. He's the most pivotal player on the best offense in the country. Completing 72 percent of his passes, 1,293 yards with 16 TDs and just two picks.

3. Max Hall, BYU - Not nearly as heralded as the top two guys, but his stats (74 percent, 1,284 yards, 15 TDs, two ints) are equally impressive, and through four games, he’s faced opponents on the level of what Bradford and Daniel have carved up. Other than TCU and Utah, the schedule is favorable, and if he’s unbeaten by Thanksgiving, how can you not seriously consider him?

4. Javon Ringer, Michigan State - Five games, 847 yards rushing, 12 TDs, good for second in the country. My girl Mel would be proud of me including him. He could easily top 2,000 yards with the heavy run focus of Coach Mark D'Antonio. But the schedule gets considerably more difficult and we find it hard to believe he’ll keep this blistering pace up.

5. Daryll Clark, Penn State - Quietly proving that he may be the best mobile quarterback in the Big 10. 12 total TD's (9 passing, 3 running) and big wins over Oregon State and Illinois have catapulted Clark into the national scene.

On The Cusp: South Florida QB Matt Grothe has emerged as the best player in the Big East over Pat White, with over 1100 yards & 8 TD's passing along with 200 rushing yards, he'll be top 5 bound soon enough.

What the hell happened to …

Tim Tebow? Well, his passing and rush stats are down significantly from last year. It is as if Urban Meyer is saving Tebow by having him run less (125 rushing yards through four games this year; 358 last year). With the schedule though, he can easily make up serious ground.

Mark Sanchez? John David Booty syndrome. So if you’re the USC QB, somehow you automatically get put on these lists? Massive uphill climb just to get into contention, and with the RBs on that team, we can’t see him putting up the stats to pull it off.

Knowshon Moreno? Five games, and he’s only gone over 100 twice. Big fan, but with just 489 yards, he’s got a little more than half of what Ringer does.

Matthew Stafford? Sorry, still haven’t seen the greatness that Mel Kiper has. For unexplainable reasons, he reminds us of Rex Grossman during his days in Florida. Also, he’ll split votes with Moreno.

Pat White? Too many losses, too many errant passes. Better start learning to run post patterns and out routes #5...

Michael Crabtree? Little doubt that he’s the best WR in the country, and his stats are nice (457 yards, six TDs), but he’s got to be producing eye-popping numbers to be in serious contention, and against garbage competition, he hasn’t done so. Yet.

Is my Top 5 wrong? Who am I missing, let us know you rat bastards...

Changes to the site...

Changes to the site...

Decided to do something different with the layout, keep some of the same, brought in some new. Let me know what you think. Big week of posts coming up, stay tuned...

Also, wish our flag football team, We The Free, good luck this Tuesday as we try to climb to .500 (0-1) against some random www.madeupmonkeysh!t.com team...LETS GO TEAM!


Upset Special...

Upset Special...

#1. USC loses to OREGON STATE? WTF...

#3. Georgia loses to #8 Alabama? Power Shift in the SEC...

#4. Florida loses to OLE MISS? WTF...

But wait, that's not all...

#9. Wisconsin loses to Michigan? Maybe the tide is turning in Ann Arbor...

#16. Wake Forest loses to NAVY? Their ship has sailed...

#20. Clemson loses to Maryland? The ACC is overrated...

#23. East Carolina loses to HOUSTON? Weren't you supposed to be the next Boise State?

In all nine ranked teams lost, seven of which were underdogs, six were unranked! Five of the teams lost AT HOME! Thank God my Sooners remained unscathed. This goes to show you that anyone is capable of taking that L this season in college football. From ESPN's latest poll, here are the rankings:

#1. Oklahoma
#2. Alabama
#3. LSU
#4. Missouri
#5. Texas

Welcome to the party Big 12, with the SEC joining as well. The Big 12 has 4 of the top 7 teams in the nation, with Texas Tech coming in at #7. Lets look at the other conferences stack up and their highest representative...

Big 12 - 6 in Top 25, Oklahoma #1
SEC - 6 in Top 25, Alabama #2
Big 10 - 3 in Top 25, Penn State #6
Mountain West - 2 in Top 25, BYU #8
Pac 10 - 2 in Top 25, USC #9
Big East - 2 in Top 25, South Florida #10
WAC - 2 in Top 25, Boise State #17
ACC - 2 in Top 25, Virginia Tech #20

Look at that list...

The MWC and the WAC have as many as the Pac-10, Big East, and the ACC??!? The Mountain West is 5-0 against the Pac-10 this year. Boise State and Fresno State are way better than their ranking implies. The Big 12 and the SEC account for almost HALF of the Top 25, and that scares me. Look at how stacked those two conferences are, they're gonna beat up on each other and look what we'll be subjected to again on January 8th.

USC vs. Ohio State...

Yep, it could possibly happen. Does anyone really think Alabama's gonna go undefeated? Or even 1-loss? After watching Georgia playing against South Carolina, Arizona State, and now Alabama, they seem somewhat lethargic, which makes me question how good they really are. Something's missing at Georgia. If LSU's QB Jarrett Lee continues to progress, aren't they better than Alabama? Yet, they'll probably lose to Florida. How good is Auburn? Is Ole Miss really that good? Vanderbilt and Kentucky are both undefeated, I dunno.

Then we get the Big 12. People, let me tell you something, you better hope Oklahoma continues to roll this season, or you're gonna get a 2-loss football team on January 8th. Missouri, Texas, and Texas Tech are all really, really good, yet they all have a major flaw, defense. Kansas is pretty good, Colorado is nice, and Oklahoma State (Go Pokes @ Suga Hil) is undefeated and going to be really sneaky this fall.

But I digress, I've come up with who will be in the National Championship. We will have 2 undefeated teams. Run through their schedules and will have the entire country behind them. East vs. West. Who are those two teams?

BYU vs. South Florida

Laugh now, then think about it.


Oregon State 27, USC 21...WTF

Oregon State 27, USC 21...WTF

We all should have seen this coming: Since Ohio State traveled west two weeks ago and got dismembered by the Trojans, do you know what the biggest USC story being force-fed to the public has been? How USC could finish undefeated and not play for the National title because the Pac-10 is rotten enough to make the computers hold their nose.

Which is part of the beauty of college football. Ladies & Gentlemen...Meet Jacquizz Rodgers. He’s a diminutive freshman who was probably at his senior prom four months ago. Last night, he carved up a defense that will probably send five players into the NFL. It was the kind of electrifying performance (36 carries, 187 yards; depending on where you do your research, he’s either 5-foot-6 or 5-7, and between 185-200 lbs) to send you googling his name: He’s the all-time touchdown leader in Texas football history, USC didn’t recruit him, he had a tough family life (father in prison?), and Erin Andrews’ horse-collared him last night to secure an interview before bedlam engulfed the field. Rodgers’ brother, sophomore WR James, caught two TD passes as well from the streaky Samoan QB Lyle Moevao. Oregon State's 27-21 victory of the Trojans was remarkable because USC had the same two weeks to prepare for Ohio State that it did for Oregon State. Eggs were laid. This game might be the first of many games that throw college football into a tailspin. Which leads me to Oklahoma...

Sigh...First of all, Oklahoma is going to be penciled in at #1...and this scares the bejesus out of me. We've got #24 TCU and the ghosts of LaDainian Tomlinson, they beat us back in '05 and are capable of doing it agian. STOOPS, DID YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENED IN CORVALLIS? GET YOU AND YOUR TEAMS HEAD ON STRAIGHT!!

Ok...Now that I got that out of the way...National title big picture? Georgia’s still got at least four ranked opponents on the schedule, ditto for Oklahoma. Florida has three more against Top 25 teams, and if Penn State gets by Illinois in Happy Valley this weekend, the Nittany Lions’ name will surely surface as a contender (even though they travel to Wisconsin and Ohio State). But the door certainly isn’t shut on the Trojans, who play no more ranked opponents. It’s only September, but if Ohio State and USC run the table, and the SEC teams beat up on each other and Oklahoma chokes once or twice and BYU loses … ugh, we don’t even want to think about it.

(add'l credit from The Big Lead)

We The Free (WTF)

We The Free (WTF)

On every Wednesday I'll be giving updates on my flag football team, We The Free. If you are a fan of acronyms, then you'll love ours...WTF. Its a co-ed league, and this is our first time playing. Figured it was a good opportunity to stretch my legs, get some good people to hang out and have some fun, kick ass and take names, and have a reason to enjoy libations after a hard day's work. We've got 7-8 dudes, 4-5 ladies, we deep and on the creep baby. YESSIR!

Anyway, We The Free lost 46-26. We got destroyed...

Now, this was a game where we started off really slowly and we had no real organization. 2nd half we looked much better, used our speed and realized what we had personnel-wise moving forward. We've got some cute girls on the squad who are athletic, and we've got a lot of speed on the field. However...we have no defense whatsoever. Its like our safeties are all named Roy Williams. Realize this is flag football, yet one of our safeties nearly decapitated one of the receivers, even though its flag football. Do you ever remember the feeling when your momma popped you in the grocery store, and that silence and utter fear came over you? That's how the other team was after that hit. Seriously, the other team stopped going deep.

We're hitting one person per game, don't matter if its a dude, female, baby fetus, baby fawn, whatever or whoever, WE BUST HEADS!

We The Free (0-1) vs. Don't Hassel The Hoff (1-0), Tuesday at 8:30pm



Felix Jones - Scariest Man in the NFL

Felix Jones - Scariest Man in the NFL

Now, everyone from Mr. Swagger, to Soul On Ice, to every one of my friends in Oklahoma, Craig and 'em, EVERYBOY knows that I have a sincere dislike and hatred, for the Dallas Cowboys. I mean, I really don't like them. Why? I think because everyone I know loves Dallas. Get off they jock, Ed The Sports Fan thinks. However, I'm not a hater. There's a difference. I recognize the fact that Dallas is very, very good. So when I was watching the Packers vs. Eagles game, and I saw Felix Jones come into the game, I just kept thinking..."Felix is raw as hell, he's gonna score." What did he do the next play?


For the record, dude scored on his very first NFL carry, an 11-yard touchdown against Cleveland. Jones took it 98 yards on a kick return in what might've won the game for Dallas against Philly. Dude took it 60 on 2 very nice cuts against The Pack (check the 2nd cut, while very subtle, sprung him outside and took it to the house) What I'm saying is, that everytime this dude touches the rock, I'm sitting there like, "Oh f*ck...", with no hopes or dreams left in my body. He's from Oklahoma too? (Booker T. Washington, Tulsa) Plus the dude has the Greg Oden syndrome, looking twice your age as a rookie. Dude looks like someone's Uncle Willie that shoots dice on the street with a cigarette hanging on the corner of his lip. With him and Marion Barber back there, Dallas has a backfield for the ages potentially. Very scary indeed.

Am I the only one who feels this way? Here are a couple of other people that scare the crap out of me...

Darren Sproles - RB, San Diego Chargers: Ever since he destroyed Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship back in 2003 (235 yards on Oklahoma) I've been scared straight on Darren Sproles. I swear he looks like he's going 80 when he gets the rock. I honestly believe IF LaDainian Tomlinson misses some games they don't skip a beat. Which is why they didn't mind losing Michael "The Burner" Turner to Atlanta last season.

Eddie Royal - WR, Denver Broncos & Desean Jackson - WR, Philadelphia Eagles: I dunno, they seem to move really, really, fast. Deangelo Hall, who supposedly runs a 4.21 40 time, got destroyed by Eddie Royal. Sad thing is, they're both Virginia Tech alums. As for Mr. Jackson, if he would just take the ball with him into the endzone, he might do something with his life. They are major threats to score anytime they get the rock.

Am I forgetting someone? I picked some players who aren't the obvious choices. If you can think of someone then let us know via comment or at ed@edthesportsfan.com. Easy.


Boys Will Be Boys...

Boys Will Be Boys...

**This article is provided by guest writer JAG**

Just finished reading "Boys Will Be Boys", the glory days and party nights of the Dallas Cowboys dynasty, by Jeff Pearlman. Now most of these "tell all" books follow a familiar pattern. Dig up all the gossip and dirt you can on your most famous subjects and lay it all out in salacious detail in order to move the merchandise off the shelves. "Hell Bent", Skip Bayless' version of the Cowboys fits that description.

This book strives to be more than that. Yes, there's plenty of the wild stuff but it's clear that Mr. Pearlman makes an effort to balance this by delving into other aspects. True, he confirms all the crazy things about Mr. Michael "Playmaker" Irvin and does not hold back on adding plenty of more details. (Wow! I didn't know that the dreams I had during puberty would actually be acted out!) However, he also tries to be fair by pointing out Michael's upbringing and makes sure the reader understands that Irvin was the hardest working member of the Cowboys, if not the entire NFL. Nothing in his Hefneresque night life kept him from being the first one at practice and the last to leave. His example kept everyone in line. Of course, some players had the nightlife part down and didn't bring the work ethic. (After reading about Alvin Harper's escapades, I can only conclude that he spiked his cornflakes with Viagra).

"After the Super Bowl ended, nobody wanted to leave the locker room. It was like being a marine at sea for seven months. You come to land and think everyone wants to run off the ship. But no one wanted to leave. They knew it was the end and they wanted it to last."—Robert Bailey, Cowboys cornerback

An excerpt...

When the Dallas Cowboys prepared to leave Texas for Tempe, Arizona, the site of Super Bowl XXX, they made certain every necessary item was packed and loaded for the 1,056-mile journey.
Athletic tape—check!

Yes, you read that correctly. Skanks. Lots of skanks.

Being a veteran team with a wealth of Super Bowl experience, members of the Cowboys had learned what they needed to survive—and, indeed, thrive—in the week before the big game. Leading up to the first two Super Bowls, Cowboys players combed the streets, clubs and bars of Los Angeles and, to a lesser extent, Atlanta. Yet such an approach comes with risk. The women, for example, could be stalkers. Killers. They might have STDs. Or older brothers with a quick fingers and loaded XM8 lightweight assault rifles.

Hence, the skanks. Knowing that the wives and family members would not arrive in Tempe until the Thursday or Friday before the big game, several Cowboys—ranging from Emmitt Smith and Charles Haley to Erik Williams and Nate Newton—paid for a fleet of 11 white stretches from the First Impression Limousine Service to drive 16 hours and 1,000 miles from Dallas to Tempe, many with their special skank, uh, female friends along for the ride. The price: $1,000 per night per limo (Far from objecting, Jerry Jones brought along his own party vehicle, the six-bed tour bus that once belonged to Whitney Houston). By the time the Cowboys arrived for check-in at The Buttes, the team's first-class, $285-per-night hotel, on the Sunday before the game, the lobby was filled with tacky high heels and legs that stretched from Minneapolis to Mahopac.

The author understands that it's easy for us to look down our noses at their behavior even as we rather hypocritically envy them. Pearlman does not fall into that trap of being judgemental; he lays out the facts in a fair manner. In my opinion, Nate Newton steals the show with his quotes. Regarding the White House, he says, "we were trying to be responsible and run around with whores in private and we get ripped for that". On the eve of Super Bowl XXX against the Steelers he remarks, "the police met with us and told us which places to stay away from. We wrote them down and made sure we hit those spots".

Because it's not merely a sex and drugsfest dialogue and includes plenty of football, I can recommend this book to NFL fans. It's a must read for members of Cowboy Planet.


Ed The Sports Fan Interview on UrbEvents.com

Ed The Sports Fan Interview on UrbEvents.com

**Interview of Ed The Sports Fan - Taken from UrbEvents.com**
By Seattle Slim for Urbevents
Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Seattle Slim (SS) - When did you start your blog, and what inspired you to get into sports blogging?

Ed The Sports Fan (ETSF) - EdTheSportsFan.com was created in February of 2008 while I was at a crossroads in my life: I decided to make a major career move, to move from out the suburbs to downtown, and really refocus what I was doing with my life. ETSF was born because sports are something I truly love, and it just seemed like the right thing to do.

SS - Which athletes are your favorites?

ETSF - Donovan McNabb, he’s been probably my favorite athlete since he was at Syracuse. Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson, former Langston University football player and by far the most fun-having athlete maybe ever. Manny Ramirez is just the homie, gotta love a dude that wears his uniform 2 sizes too big, takes cell phone calls during games, has the grimiest dreads to ever spawn out of a helmet, yet is one of the greatest hitters in my generation. That’s my guy.

SS - Which ones do you love to hate?

ETSF - Kobe Bryant, without a doubt. He played Shaq on so many levels, tried to rap, changed his number to #24 so his number could be one higher than Jordan’s, was ridiculously cocky and mimicked every Jordan move. Just never set well with me. However, I’m not a hater, dude is still ridiculous.

SS - Who do you wish would just go away?

ETSF - Originally, I would’ve said Brett Favre because the media is kinda ridiculous with uber-attention for their stories. Last month I would’ve said Michael Phelps, but the reality is that they both are superstars and are performing at high levels. Someone who’s not performing on a high level....probably Shaquille O’Neal. That’s my homie, even when he played for the Lakers (I hate the Lakers) because dude is just real cool. Can’t hate on a dude that breakdances, wants to be a cop, and had his own video-game. “Hey Kobe, tell me how my a** taste!?!?”

SS - How did promoting your site go for you? How did you do promote it?

ETSF - My promotion went as far as emailing my core group of family and friends. I will tell you something; the best people who can promote for you are people that really care about who you are and/or what you do. After that I did some additional posting on Facebook and Myspace, and that helped give me broader appeal. I must be doing something right, just last month Ed The Sports Fan was honored by the Black Weblog Awards for Best Sports/Recreational Blog in 2008, so its really been a blessing thus far.

SS - What are some of your favorite sports oriented news stories of the year so far?

ETSF - Without a doubt Usain Bolt at the Olympics. People aren’t supposed to do what he did last month and he’s only 22! He could easily come back in 2012 in London and wreck shop again. Other than that, people would be surprised the amount of sports I keep up with. It’s easy to keep up with the big 3 (baseball, basketball, football) but I’m a huge European Soccer Fan (Go Arsenal!) a huge boxing fan, and even an avid hockey fan. I am Mr. Versatility. (lol)

SS - Are there any perks to writing a sports blog?

ETSF - Evidently, there are possibilities to make money in blogging, but that’s not really a goal of mine as of now. (But ETSF does like making money, advertising is welcome!) I have been afforded some perks occasionally (tickets, insider information, etc.) but as of now everyone just wants me to be in their Fantasy Football league. I think they feel like if they beat me they’re validated! (lol)

SS - Does writing your blog become overwhelming?

ETSF - Nope, I don’t allow it to. I have a full-time job from 8 to 5.

SS - How do you figure out which stories to write about?

ETSF - I usually just write when I feel compelled, that’s about every 2-3 days. I’ve seen some of my peers that blog 2-3 times a day and it baffles me, I’d rather put a couple of quality articles up and let people mull them over vs. regurgitating national stories, random youtube clips, and reckless banter for people to read. Eddie Maisonet is Ed The Sports Fan; I don’t try to disconnect the two. So it is a real reflection of not only who I am but how I see things.

SS - What's in store for your blog, Ed The Sports Fan?

ETSF - In the next 6 months I’d like to include a bi-weekly podcast and let folks see the face of Ed The Sports Fan, the revolution might be televised for real! I’m thinking about overhauling the look of ETSF and make it more of an online editorial blogzine (just made that up) to give a different feel for the readers. Get at me!


Is This Not Why You Are Here? Week 2 in the NFL

Is This Not Why You Are Here? Week 2 in the NFL

**This article is provided by featured writer Kenny Masenda**

Well, as week two comes to a close, we’ve been treated to some good matchups, great individual efforts, controversial calls, the re-emergence of dominant players, and even the fall from grace of others. In my recap, all will be covered, some more than others.

Arguably, the two best games this season have been Chargers-Broncos, and Eagles-Cowboys. Both were offensive shoot-outs, with a glimpse of defense here and there, but for the most part, the scorekeepers kept busy. Philip Rivers did his thing for the Chargers, and Jay Cutler, who I’ve admittedly slept on, led his team down the field, time after time, and in the end, they put San Diego away, thanks to a controversial call by my favorite referee in professional sports, Ed Hoculi, aka Welcome to the Gun Show. Personally, I always thought instant replay was put into the league to lessen the possibility for human error, and to get the call right. I heard Hoculi’s tired excuse, and I don’t blame Norv Turner for being pissed off, because that play pretty much cost them the game. Now, I know people will say “they still had a change to stop them,” but damn all that. Still, the Broncos prevailed, and San Diego’s gotta find a way to get out of this hole they’re currently in.

The other monster match-up was this past Monday, when the Eagles took on the Cowboys. Now anyone who knows me knows I LOVE the Dallas Cowboys, but they will also tell you my favorite player of all-time, The Great Donovan McNabb resides in Philly, so this match-up always creates a conflict-of-interest. I won’t go too deep into my admiration of McNabb, or my love for the Cowboys at this time; I will simply say it was a terrific game, that went down to the wire, and we prevailed in the end. I will say this: Philly fans are off-the-chain. They’re a little crazy, but they are LOYAL. There were so many in Texas Stadium on Monday that it was hard to tell if it was really a home game or not. Nonetheless, my boys are 2-0.

Like I said earlier, Jay Cutler did his thing, as did Brandon "18 catches" Marshall. I know it wasn’t the record, but anyone who catches 18 balls against THIS SECONDARY is a monster, so I’m going to refer to Marshall as "18 catches" until further notice. Other folks making an early mark include Terrell "Eldorado" Owens (I refuse to refer to him by his nickname; I don’t care if he plays for my favorite team or not), who has three TD catches in his first two games. Adrian Peterson, Fast Willie (243 yards in his first two games), and The Explosive Darren McFadden are all in the top five for rushing this season. I also have to give props to Anquan Boldin who, even though he’s hot about not getting his money over the off-season, is performing at a high level right now, for the division-leading (my preseason pick to win that weak-ass division) Arizona Cardinals.

For the fall from grace section, it isn’t so much what his team is doing in real-life, as it’s what his garbage-ass play is doing to my fantasy team. This is to Carson Palmer, the quarterback who I went on record as saying is the third-best QB in football right now. I lost to J. Wiggins, A PHOTOGRAPHER, because you stunk it up in week one. Last week, you were benched, because I couldn’t afford to go 0-2, and seeing as how the Bengals are playing the Giants this week, you’ll probably be on the bench again. It’s already bad enough that I have to continuously defend putting you where I did on my QB list, but THIS?!?! Just…get it together, homie, and quick.

Be easy.

Will someone get Donovan McNabb some help?

Will someone get Donovan McNabb some help?

Putting out an APB for assistance in the Eagles Wide Receiver corps. Be on the lookout for the following...

Kevin Curtis - A perennial slot receiver overachieving as a NUMBER ONE receiver for the Eagles. Currently on IR.

Reggie Brown - Should be a #4 wide receiver masquerading as a #2 receiver for the Eagles. Currently on IR.

Desean Jackson - Should be the perfect slot receiver for the Eagles. However shows lack of focus on taking football with him into the endzone. 6 catches, 110 Yards

Jason Avant - Previous arrests include wearing Terrell Owens #81 Eagles jersey and thinking he was actually Terrell Owens. 2 catches, 28 yards

Greg Lewis - Simply doesn't like to have the football touch his hands. Please consider armed and dangerous with brick hands as he only catches footballs when rifled into his facemask. 3 catches, 36 yards.

Please be advised that Brian Westbrook has been ordained by the City of Philadelphia with a lifetime pass for no arrest. He can piss on little kids in public, he can tip cows, he can get into a car accident with a funeral lineup with no insurance while being under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, ecstasy, and shrooms while a stripper is "servicing" him and cannot be arrested under any circumstances. 18 carries, 58 rushing yards, 2 rushing TDs. 6 catches, 44 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD.

This is a public service announcement by Ed The Sports Fan, if you have any leads please report them to
gokillyourself@wtfmoments.org, thanks.


Collision at the Coliseum - USC v. Ohio State

Collision at the Coliseum - USC v. Ohio State

USC vs. Ohio State...oh boy.

This game has been talked about since LAST YEAR. National title implications are at stake and the 2 teams are coming off totally different types of momentum from their last game.

USC destroyed Virginia, who was a bowl team last year, 52-7 two weeks ago. Seven different Trojans scored TDs. Ohio State squeaked (should've lost) by Ohio University 26-14. Frankly, Ohio State looked ridiculous against a mid-level mid-major MAC squad. Now, #5 Ohio State is gearing up for that cross-country expedition to the Sunshine State where in LA the USC Trojans await. Who'll win in The Collision at the Coliseum?

(wait for it)

(Wait For It)


USC wins 34-27...

But I'm going for Ohio State.

Huh? Yeah...I even have an old Santonio Holmes jersey my boy A. Jones left at the crib couple of years back. I'm gonna wear that #4 Ohio State jersey tomorrow and root for THE Ohio State University. The fact is this, I've learned over the years that when the large majority is going one direction, lean the other way. (i.e. Giants def. Patriots 17-14) My buddy JAG, who is a great dentist by the way
(www.docglenn.com) did give some good insight about last week's near debacle against Ohio..."Tressel knew that Pete and his coaching staff had the week off and would be watching the Buckeye game very intensely. We, I mean they, kept everything vanilla with hardly any blitzes or unusual formations. That's why you didn't see T. Pryor and Wells was kept under wraps." By the way, he's a 2-time, 2-time graduate of The Ohio State University. Bet you couldn't tell huh?

Why then go for USC? Logically speaking, they are fully healthy now that Mark "Dirty" Sanchez is fully recovered from his kneecap injury. Their back 7 is ridiculous and they have as equally a strong of a running game at Ohio State. Their receivers are decent, not like they've had in years past, but still get it done. My concern with USC is their frontlines, they've lost a ton of offensive & defensive lineman in the last two years and that probably is Ohio State's best point of attack. Chris "Beenie" Wells is still hurting from his foot injury after he worked out on it on Wednesday, either Jim Tressel's pulling a Belichek move and keeping it on the low or Wells isn't 100%. We'll see...

Oh and Todd Boeckman, I'm talking to you...don't do what this UCLA QB did...

So, who's your pick of the national championship game? Oklahoma vs. ????????? You know, I still haven't figured out who the Sooners could play in the championship. Oklahoma has 4 tough games this season, Texas, Texas Tech, in-state rival Oklahoma State (look out for Dez Bryant) and the Big 12 Championship game probably versus Missouri. But Oklahoma will be favored in every single one of those games, so I'm doing my best to temper the expectations of getting to the Orange Bowl in Miami this year.

**ASIDE - Praise God the national championship is not in Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl. That God forsaken place has been the annihilation of Oklahoma in the last 5 years. Oklahoma got blown out by USC 55-19 in the national championship. Lost to Boise 42-41 (will anyone remember Oklahoma had a gimpy Adrian Peterson, WR
turned starting QB Paul Thompson, and #1 receiver Malcolm Kelly was out for the game in the first quarter, yet no one remembers this...), then OU got shellacked by West Virginia. Can we just stop playing there all together. If Oklahoma gets a bid to play in that games, they should just 'relieve themselves' on it and tell the committee to kick rocks. END ASIDE**

So...I'm going to go out on a limb and predict the national championship I'd love to see. Oklahoma vs. Ohio State. My home state for 23.5 years vs. the state I currently reside. It would be the greatest time in my life, unless Oklahoma lost, then it'd be the worst time in my life. But you just picked USC....so what? Ohio State will figure it out, maybe...

What do you all think? Leave us a comment and give us your prediction at Ed The Sports Fan.


2008-09 Preseason All-Americans by Ed The Sports Fan

USA Might've Won The Gold, but...

USA Might've Won The Gold, but...

But Rudy Fernandez might've just YUUUUUULLLLLLLLLEEEEEEED on Dwight Howard's neck region. WHY DID I NOT SEE THIS ON SPORTSCENTER AT ALL? Its like it never happened, and for Dwight Howard's sake he's probably thanking God. But not at Ed The Sports Fan, I bring you footage of the dunkage on D-Ho's facial regions. Enjoy.

**Oh, and be ready for the Collision at the Coliseum article tomorrow morning. I will be making a prediction...**


Dear Tom Brady,

Dear Tom Brady,

**Letter taken from my good friends at www.truthmerchants.com**

Dear Tom Brady,

I never really liked you.

Not once.

Not ever.

But when I started this fantasy football league I thought I’d be stupid to not pick you up. Oh how wrong I was. Thank you for stepping up to the plate and showing me that your knee doesn’t bend both ways. While we’re at it, let’s talk about how much your front line hates you, because while they let you eat shit, your back up seemed to do just fine. How dare you not take into consideration my fantasy season.

Now I’m officially screwed.

Ah, bygones. Enjoy your season on the bench you bastard.

Much Love…

-Mad Brady Owner

You Got Knocked the #$!% Out!!!

You Got Knocked the #$!% Out!!!

Its Monday morning and I got work to do, but if you saw the big time MMA bout on Saturday between Rashad Evans and Chuck Liddell, then you saw someone get destroyed. Liddell was pretty much wearing out Evans throughout the fight until...Evans waited for Liddell to throw one too many uppercuts and loaded up on that overhand right. BOOM! Mollywopp'd (what you know about mollywopped?) his ass.

Kinda like what my boy Donovan McNabb did yesterday (361 yards, 3 TDs), don't sleep on the kid...and don't forget that I told you so...I'm headed to work.


Friday's Thanks, Thoughts, and Hate...

Friday's Thanks, Thoughts, and Hate...

This has been a crazy week here at ETSF, but its September and its cooling down and football is now in full effect. Its Friday and I want each and every single one of you to get on your knees and praise Jesus for all of the greatness that is around us. Like it or not, we have the first ever person of color as a final candidate for the United States presidency, the first ever female as a final candidate for the United States vice-presidency, gasoline prices eased for the fifth straight day in the U.S., and Ed The Sports Fan was the winner (Judges Vote) for the Best Sports Blog in the 2008 Black Weblog Awards. Life is good, lets get into the new segment called "Thanks, Thoughts, and Hate..."

Thanks - First to all of my readers and supporters who voted for Ed The Sports Fan since my start in March of '08. I'm a movement by myself, but we're a force when we're together. Lets get it...To Brandon Jacobs, for literally making me come out my seat and make a Ric Flair noise (WOOOOOOOO) when he FLATLINED hard-hitting Laron Landry last night in the Giants-Redskins game. Amazing Jacobs is (6'4", 270 lbs) in that he was NUMBER THREE on Auburn's depth chart behind Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown before transferring to So. Illinois...To the University of Oklahoma's schedule makers, for scheduling the Oklahoma vs. Cincinnati game while I live in Cincinnati. Do you know how many people are talking to me now? They're all like, "UC's gonna beat OU, just watch." Do you all know how mad they're gonna be
(Rick I hope you read this you fruitcake) when OU stomps their hopes and dreams with our beastly O-Line, power run game, and devastating defense? They'll feel befuddled, hoodwinked, and bamboozled. OU 31, UC 10.

Thoughts - Tatum Bell stole Rudi Johnson's luggage after Rudi Johnson stole Tatum Bell's job? Classic. Tatum's a man of action, and he decided to have his revenge immediately, by allegedly stealing the luggage of the man brought in to replace him. Nice work, Tatum Bell. You just tarnished your reputation, became a known thief, and made it borderline impossible for you to get another job in the NFL...Daunte Culpepper retired from the NFL on Thursday, After a near-MVP season in 2004, Culpepper never rebounded from a 2005 knee injury and struggled to find a quality gig the next 2 years. I hope he comes back to the league so that I can see him "get his ROLL on" in the endzone one more time...Chad Johnson (former Langston University football player) legally changed his name to
Chad Ocho Cinco. For the record, I love it. I wish people would have more fun in life, the Bengals roster is in shambles, players in jail, no hope for the future, and yet Chad steals the news and lets those "issues" fly under the radar. I'm buying the 2XL #85 Ocho Cinco jersey on sight.

Hate - I hate the Yankees, period. I don't think I've ever rooted for them. And over the last week, I've seen more useless home runs from Alex Rodriguez that I will now label him "The Biggest Fraud in the World." Why? Because he hits the most non-game-impacting (just made that word up) home runs ever, and makes no difference in games unless he messes up. Note that this has nothing to do with money, because I'm all about getting money. But since '04, the Yankees have gotten progressively worse, good for them...I hate the fact that if Chris "Beenie" Wells is hurt, and Ohio State goes into the game with USC and he's not claiming to be 100%, that if Ohio State loses that they will lean SO MUCH on the injury as to why they lost that it'll piss me off. Buckeye fans, you've got a loaded squad and have more experienced players, go in there and win. Period.

Folks enjoy the weekend, and when you watch the Sooners, think of Ed, because he'll be reveling in victorious praise and adulation for his Sooners. Godspeed.


The Top 10 Runningbacks in the NFL, We Think...

The Top 10 Runningbacks in the NFL, We Think...

Note...this is not related to fantasy, this is simply how great the runningbacks in the NFL are as of today. Ed The Sports Fan wants to thank Stefan Ming from The Sports Flow and Antone at All Hip Hop Sports along with our featured contributor Kenny and myself have compiled our own top 10 runningback list in our own minds. Ranked them 1-10, and came out with our certified list. There are some mild surprises and old reliable is #1 still, but #2? #3? We'll see...

#10. Fred Taylor, Jacksonville Jaguars (9th pick in the 1998 Draft)- A veteran running back and team captain who ranks among the NFL's all-time best, its a wonder that he's only been to ONE pro bowl (2007) and has shaken one moniker "fragile" for another moniker in "steady". Dude is a load at 6'1", 230 pounds and still can go step for step with his backfield mate Maurice Jones-Drew. Just like former Jag Jimmy Smith, he's going to go down as an all-time great but hopefully not become another afterthought, because he "puts on for his city and for the state of FLAWDA...His 4.7 career yards per carry average ranks 3rd all-time, behind only Jim Brown and Barry Sanders and his 85.5 rushing yards per game average is 6th all-time. Ahead of him are Jim Brown (104.3), Barry Sanders (99.8), Edgerrin James (92.9), Roger Craig (90.8) and Walter Payton (88.0).

#9. Marshawn Lynch, Buffalo Bills (12th pick in the 2007 Draft)- From free-wheeling the medical cart after his last game at Cal, to getting hyphy in Buffalo, the boy goes dumb. (tell me where to go, da duh da duh da duh da duh...) If "Purple Jesus" didn't declare for the '07 draft, Lynch would've easily been a top 5 pick. In just 13 games (?) he finished a successful rookie season with 1,115 total rushing yards and seven touchdowns. If he would just decide to stop getting into hit and runs and start hitting the hole and running...the NFL's gonna be real dumb on Marshawn real quick.

#8. Larry Johnson, Kansas City Chiefs (27th pick in the 2003 Draft)- LJ aka "Its the Roc!" is back and healthy, just one year removed from his second straight season of over 1,700 rushing yards. In 2007, Johnson was only able to play in eight games, but he was able to eclipse the century mark in rushing yards in three contests. Larry goes 6'1", 230 pounds and he runs mean. He's shown that he can put up numbers in a 2-back system (Priest Holmes) and with a very good but aging O-line, and put up numbers with a ZERO passing attack. So why would you doubt him now?

#7. Marion Barber, Dallas Cowboys (109th pick in the 2005 Draft)- His power running back style has earned him the nickname "Marion the Barbarian" and he has been the league leader in breaking tackles, which seems to reflect his personal mantra of "hit or get hit." From the words of Kenny Masenda (who ranked him #10), "As someone who is a DIE-HARD Dallas Cowboys fan, I have caught much flack for having Marion Barber ranked #10 on my top running backs list. In defense of my selection, here's exactly why I have him where I have him. He was #2, and while people are quick to jump on Julius Jones and call him trash, the bottom line is you still had to game plan for two backs. Bottom line is everyone else above him is the feature back in their offense. It's through no fault of his own, because when he got in the game, he did produce. If Barber is able to produce as the lead back this year (which I'm pretty damn sure he will), then he will move up, but until then, he's right where he needs to be."

#6. Joseph Addai, Indianapolis Colts (30th pick in the 2006 Draft)- Probably one of the most underappreciated runningbacks in the league, Addai keeps the Colts offense a well-oiled machine. With 2 1,000 yard seasons under his belt, and while being injured last year, take his game to the next level. A phenomenal pass catcher, blocker out the backfield, and a great between the tackles runner, what more could you want? Well, one contributor...F it, Kenny said he ain't in the top 10. I have a problem with that and I HATE THE COLTS! Sorry, I had to let that out...

#5. Clinton Portis, Washington Portis (51st pick in the 2002 Draft)- Portis is known for often wearing various costumes at Thursday press conferences that represent fictional characters he has developed, including personas such as "Southeast Jerome", "Coach Janky Spanky", "Bro Sweets", "Choo-Choo", "Sheriff Gonnagetcha", "Dr. Do-itch Big," and "Dolemite Jenkins." Those characters are THE TRUTH! Spoken word from Antone, "My intial reaction of Clinton Portis was that he was old and didn't score a lot of TDs. After taking a closer look, I saw that Portis is just about to turn 27 and has scored more than 10 TDs in 4 out of his first 6 seasons. With an average of 92 yards per game rushing over his career, which is almost 1,500 yards a season, Portis is the most underrated running back in the NFL today. A new offensive system in Washington has Portis primed for a monster season and some of the respect he so rightfully deserves."

#4. Steven Jackson, St. Louis Rams (24th pick in the 2004 Draft)- Although he's been nicked up for the last couple of seasons, he's now had three 1,000 yard seasons, and he's not a fun player to tackle. At 6'2", 235 pounds and the ability to catch the ball out the backfield, you better tell those NFC West DB's to get out the way, quick. If Bulger gets his act together, and Mr. Holt continues to do what he does, then a HUGE season could be coming out of #39...but he couldn't crack the top three.

#3. Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings (7th pick in the 2007 Draft)- Rookie of the year? Check. Single-game rushing record? (against the San Diego Chargers no less...) Check? New nickname? (Purple Jesus) Check. Future goals...rush for 2,500 yards. Wow. Be one of the all-time greats...getting there. Stay healthy for an entire 16? Working on it. All Day, I mean...Adrian Peterson is the truth, there's no other way of saying it. If the man is healthy then God please bless the opposing defense on Sunday. His rare talent as both a great breakaway and power runner has often raised comparisons to past legends, including Eric Dickerson, O.J. Simpson, Bo Jackson, and Jim Brown. As an Oklahoman, we stand up and salute you #28. Thank you.

#2. Brian Westbrook, Philadelphia Eagles (91st pick in the 2002 Draft)- Westbrook cemented himself as one of the top backs in the league in his 2007 campaign. He had over 100 yards rushing and receiving combined in twelve of the fifteen games that he played. His 1,333 rushing yards were a new career high and his 2,104 yards from scrimmage led the NFL. Westbrook was named to his second Pro Bowl and first All-Pro team, after setting a new franchise record with 90 receptions. I personally rated him the #1 back in the NFL. Why? Because compared to LT, there are less offensive weapons around Brian, and Westbrook still wrecks in the return game. The man might catch 100 balls out the backfield this year, and I'm predicting right now that Westbrook goes 1,500 & 1,000 in rushing and receiving yards. It would be tough, but let me ask you this...would you be shocked if he did do it?

#1. LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego Chargers (5th pick in the 2001 Draft)- LaDainian Tomlinson has proven himself worthy of the title as the NFL’s best player. Year after year he has consistently gotten better. In just seven seasons, L.T. is already the Chargers’ all-time leading rusher, has been named to five Pro Bowls and has rushed for 1,200 yards in all seven of his NFL seasons. He can run it for a TD, he can catch one for a TD, he can THROW one for a TD, is this not why you are here? Are you not entertained? It will be very interesting to see how he starts to hold up as he just turned 29 in the off-season and has a lot of tread on those tires after running all up and down the state of Texas in high school and in college at TCU. Could he make a run at Jerry Rice's TD record? Could he make a run at Emmitt Smith's rushing yards record? (I hope so) Will he get his ring? I dunno, but I think LT's gonna do fine in the "where's my motivation" department.

Here is the final breakdown of the runningbacks.

**Sidenotes - Kenny voted Willie Parker #5 on his rankings yet not a vote from Antone, Stefan, or Ed...Marion Barber had the biggest difference in voting, from 5th (Ed) to 10th (Kenny)...interestingly no love for Jamal Lewis (2,000 yard rusher, former single game rushing record holder), Edgerrin James (11,000+ rushing yards), Darren McFadden (could be next Peterson, Lynch), Maurice Jones-Drew (Westbrook 2.0), or Ryan Grant (had as big a 1st year as Marshawn Lynch)...Would Shaun Alexander or Rudi Johnson make this list 2-3 years ago?**

Ok folks, this is our list. Doesn't mean you should agree. You DEFINITELY shouldn't agree, but give us your feedback and we'll get ready for some NFL football on Thursday night!



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