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"I am the straw that stirs the drink." -- Reggie Jackson

This is my portfolio page. Please look around and check out my work. Afterwards, I encourage you to reach out and connect for a conversation! (Hopefully over drinks!)



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Eduardo (Eddie) Maisonet, III

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Birthday: July 28
Phone number: 213.537.3873
Website: www.thesportsfanjournal.com
E-mail: ed@edthesportsfan.com


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  • 2014-future

    Fox Sports Digital @ Yardbarker Editorial Producer

    Editorial and digital strategist for FOX Sports interactive media team, focusing on Yardbarker's social media engagement, publisher relations and new media verticals.

  • 2010-2015

    SB Nation @ Senior Writer

    Contributed to the news desk and editorial direction for NBA and college football.

  • 2013-2014

    Google @ Operations Coordinator

    Led onboarding of small and medium-sized businesses onto Google My Business platform.

  • 2009-2011

    Nielsen @ Retail Consultant

    Served as a retail consultant and consumer market researcher with a focus on Kroger and Safeway.


  • 2016

    University of San Francisco San Francisco, CA

    Sport Management Masters Program

  • 2005

    Langston University Langston, OK

    Bachelors in Organization Management

  • 2010

    Media Bridges Cincinnati, OH

    Radio and Broadcasting Certification

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My latest projects

Merry Christmas from ETSF...

Merry Christmas from ETSF...

Merry Christmas from Kenny and Ed from Ed The Sports Fan. I'm home in Oklahoma with the family, and remember that you work hard in life but you work harder for your family. So do me a favor, go open those gifts. celebrate Jesus's birthday, go find some mistletoe and smooch random broads, drink egg nog that's spiked, and get these gifts cuzzo...

I Love You All, Happy Holidays and relax.

Oh, and here's a prediction...

Boston 110, LA Lakers 106


Unsportsmanlike Conduct - 12 Men On The Field...

Unsportsmanlike Conduct - 12 Men On The Field...

DWade + Kobe = A Classic...

12 Men On The Field - Every Monday, Ed The Sports Fan brings you the 12 biggest names over the past week so that you can be thoroughly entertained like when you were 5 years old and you got your first Big Wheel. Oh boy...Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

1. Dwyane Wade & 2. Kobe Bryant – Wade put in 35, Kobe needed 30, however he only got 28. This 89-87 nailbiter between the Miami Heat and the LA Lakers was truly a sight to see. Kobe missed an 18-footer at the buzzer as the ball went halfway in, then popped out. Can't wait for the rematch, but with that game I think the MVP talk will begin. Who's the MVP thus far? DWade? Kobe? LeBron? CP3? Duncan? Rajon Rondo???

3. The Celtics Big 4, featuring the newest member PG Rajon Rondo – I think its safe to say that cats aren't sleeping on Rondo anymore. I had to sit back and think what kind of player Rondo was becoming and it became clear to me after a drink of Makers' Mark on the rocks...Rajon Rondo might be the next Jason Kidd. They both couldn't shoot worth a lick, extremely quick, can run the fast break, plays defense on both guard positions, and is a floor general. Watch a Celtics game and focus on Rondo, he's barking at everyone. Pierce, Allen, and Garnett included, truly amazing.

4. Pound-for-pound Boxing Champ Manny Pacquiao & 5. The One-Man Band Ricky Hatton - Now I know not all of you are big boxing fans, but I know some of you witnessed the Mayweather vs. Hatton melee in Las Vegas (forward to the 1:00 mark to see the "check hook" on Hatton...)

And if you didn't see the Pacquiao vs. De La Hoya fight then go watch it on HBO On Demand. This should be an interesting fight, but expect to see Pacquiao dismantle Hatton. I just want the fight of a lifetime of the two best pound-for-pound fighters of my lifetime in Pacquiao vs. Mayweather. We'll see what happens...

6. Jamie Foxx & 7. Robin Thicke - Fellas, do yourselves a favor and go pick up their CDs asap. As my boy Cephas from WTFMoments.org said, "You may want to get the CD, a box of Wheaties, Gatorade, and some talcum powder..."

8. NY Giants RB Derrick Ward – The winner of the Michael Turner "I was the #2 back in a great offense and am now a free agent and will be a #1 back somewhere else" award. Derrick Ward went for 215 yards on 15 carries, including 3 big runs of 51, 14, and 19 yards in overtime against a tough Carolina defense that set up the big back Brandon "I could play O-Line" Jacobs for the 2-yard TD. Carolina's tough, and I don't think we're done hearing from the Panthers yet.

9. Angels Free Agent Mark Teixera - Just realize that in the next couple of weeks he'll be getting a significant contract of something like 8 years at $24M/year. ($180-190M) from either the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, or Nationals. (ETSF will be enrolling ETSF Jr. in switch-hitting baseball classes when ETSF Jr. is conceived...) The recession will not be affecting the Teixera family.

10. UNC Hustleman Tyler Hansbrough – Congrats to Tyler Hansbrough on becoming North Carolina's all-time leading scorer. Still not a fan, but you do put in work and would love to have you play for Oklahoma instead. However, I will be rooting for you to break J.J. Redick's scoring record, now that's someone I REALLY don't like...

11. Actress Rosario Dawson - I heart me some Rosario Dawson. Its a fact. She's in the new movie 7 Pounds, with star Will Smith leading the way. Go see it on a Tuesday, not a Friday. Its a great movie, but it might be a killjoy on a Friday. Your girl might cry if you see it with her too.

12. Unsportsmanlike Conduct, Talking Down On the Family, 15-yard penalty...The Media (FOX) Coming Down on Detroit Free-Press columnist Rob Parker – After another horrible 42-7 defeat against the New Orleans Saints, the Detroit Lions fell to 0-15. As is customary, Lions head coach Rod Marinelli had his Coach's press conference after the game. Detroit Free-Press columnist Rob Parker for months has berated the Lions for Marinelli hiring defensive coordinator Joe Barry, who happens to be his son-in-law. Barry's defense has been THE WORST since he's been there.

Well, at the press conference, after asking Marinelli some tough questions about the game, especially about the defense. Asked a funny question, which was a joke, to Rod Marinelli.

"Do you wish your daughter would have married a better defensive coordinator?"


That is classic. Rob Parker, you are my dude for life. You should've seen Marinelli's face. He looked like he saw the Undertaker come from the ceiling in a steel-cage match. Now the media has been asking the question, "Did he go over the line?" The real question should be, why are you number one, hiring your son-in-law as your defensive coordinator. Number two, you haven't won a game yet. Number three, why is he still employed?

Terry Bradshaw then calls him, "An idiot, a flat idiot." Are you serious? At least someone's willing to question the moves that the Lions' administration are making. THEY'RE 0-15!!!! EVERYTHING that this team has done recently needs to be questioned. Every move they make, every hire, every acquisition, every trade, every collective breath they take should be challenged.

Anywhere else, the defensive coordinator would have been fired by now if their defense was as bad as the Lions. Then again, this is the same organization who couldn't say bear to part with Matt Millen after years of him driving the franchise into the ground. The fans deserve better, and more of them need to start questioning the Lions like Rob Parker did, and maybe eventually something will change. To me, the funniest part is when Terry Bradshaw calls Rob Parker an idiot. I guess the saying applies. It takes one to know one, doesn't it, Terry? Michael Strahan also spoke out against Parker, saying he should be an "ex-reporter". While Parker might not be the best journalist ever, I'm sure many people would agree that Strahan would be best suited as an ex-TV analyst. What do you add other than amusement from us guessing what we could throw into your gap.

"Dog, I bet I could throw a starburst thru Strahan's gap."

Happy Holidays! -Ed.

When Keeping It "Swirl" Goes Wrong...

When Keeping It "Swirl" Goes Wrong...

I don't really care one way or the other about interracial dating. I happen to prefer black women, but to each his or her own. Like who you like, it doesn't make a difference to me, so long as there's not some underlying self-hatred of your own people fueling the decision to date exclusively outside your own race.

Anyways, I've kept an eye on University of Buffalo head football coach Turner Gill this season, because he's one of only a handful of black head coaches in Division I-A, or whatever they call it nowadays. Watching Mississippi State's Sylvester Croom implode and get canned this year was offset by the historic run of Gill's Buffalo Bulls. He took a perennial loser and in a mere 3 years as head coach, won his conference and has UB headed to a bowl game for the first time in 50 years. Ironically, the Bulls last received a bowl invitation to the 1958 Tangerine Bowl, which they declined because their two black players weren't allowed to play. Talk about symbolism. Go Obama!

Like most mid-major coaches who do big things, I figured this meant Gill would be at the top of the list when some major school had a vacancy. And sure enough, he's already been considered for jobs at Iowa State, Syracuse, and Auburn. He should have a new gig by now. But this being a black man in "post-racial" America, of course it's never that simple.

Especially because Gill's wife is white.

Ya'll know how much I hate quoting stories this heavily, but I need to provide full context. Read it all before commenting.

Gene Chizik deplaned at Auburn-Opelika Airport on Sunday night to find some 200 fans waving pompom, a host of cheerleaders and Mayor Bill Ham, who presented him with the key to the city.

A day later, it was Charles Barkley’s turn.

Having strongly recommended that his old school hire Turner Gill as Auburn’s first African-American football coach, Barkley blasted the Chizik hire as short-sighted at best and, at worst, racially motivated.

“It’s a comment on Auburn. It’s a comment on the state of Alabama,” Barkley said Monday night. “I just feel sadness because you know what people think of the South and Alabama, things like that. And you just hope that at some point that people are going to say we’re going to change this. Or it’s just going to stay status quo.”

But while initial reaction to the hire ran cooler within the Auburn community, Barkley took it personally. Following Tuberville’s departure, he called Gill, who has had a strong three-year run at Buffalo, to discuss the vacancy. In three years, Gill transformed Buffalo from one of the nation’s worst programs into the Mid-American Conference champion.

Barkley subsequently went on radio and television in Alabama to push Gill’s candidacy. “He is a hell of a coach,” Barkley said. “I never want them to just hire a black coach just because he’s black. I wanted them to hire a black coach for two reasons. No. 1, Turner Gill can coach his [butt] off. But also, with those [top-flight] coaches who are in the SEC now, we need a recruiting tool to bring to Auburn. We do need that.”

Jacobs quietly went about interviewing at least eight and as many as 12 candidates for the job, including TCU’s Gary Patterson, Tulsa’s Todd Graham, Ball State’s Brady Hoke and Georgia assistant Rodney Garner, an Auburn graduate. Only Gill and Garner are black.

Chizik was interviewed late in the process. A former member of Tuberville’s staff —- he was defensive coordinator for Auburn’s 13-0 season in 2004 —- he now must regularly compete against a strong stable of SEC coaches. In his two seasons at Iowa State, his only experience as a head coach, Chizik went 5-19.

“They didn’t expect anybody to call them out on it,” Barkley said. “But they don’t have the guts to say to me, ‘This guy is a better coach than Turner Gill.’ Ain’t no way they can say that with good conscience.”

Of the 119 programs that comprise Division I-A football, only four schools employ African-American head coaches: Buffalo, Houston (Kevin Sumlin), Miami (Randy Shannon) and New Mexico (Mike Locksley, hired Dec. 8).

Barkley said he discussed Alabama politics, race and sports history with Gill. He also dismissed that Gill’s mixed-race marriage should have been an issue and he wonders now if in the final run, Gill ever had a chance.

“I don’t know the answer to that,” he said. “But I got to tell you, if you just put their resumes side by side, it’s not even fair.”

According to Charles Barkley, Turner Gill himself had concerns:

“We talked about the whole race thing in Alabama,” Barkley said. “I told him it’s there and it’s going to be anywhere you go. I told him you can’t not take the job because of racism. He was worried about being nothing more than a token interview. He was concerned about having a white wife. It’s just very disappointing to me.”

Also, Mark Schlabach, ESPN College Football Writer, reported two SEC coaches specifically told him that Turner Gill wouldn’t get the job because of his white wife.

Dammit Jammal & Jill...

I suppose Barkley has a great point here. On paper, there's no comparison between the job Gill's done at Buffalo and the lowly results Gene Chizik got for the Cyclones. But we all know jobs are seldom granted based on what's "on paper".

Chizik had the benefit of having been a coordinator with the school during an historic season a few years back, and likely was well regarded by school administrators who are willing to overlook his middling results as a head coach. And as for Barkley's assertion that having a black coach would help attract better black recruits, I only have two words: "Sylvester Croom".

Beyond all that logic, I wonder if Barkey's perhaps onto something with that whole "the white wife isn't helping you" thing.

It's common knowledge that Harold Ford's Senatorial campaign was deep sixed partially because his Republican opponent ran ads alleging that he was a playboy who loved himself some white chicks. Never mind the fact that Ford did indeed love himself some white chicks and even went on to marry one shortly after the loss, the point was made. And most black folks agree that Barack Obama would be a pencil pusher at some menial civil rights law firm if he weren't for the street cred his wife gave him. So why's it such a stretch to assume that in The Deep, Dirty Souf, an "uppity Northern" coach with a white wife might catch an "L"?

I'm not sayin' Barkley's onto something, but I'm not sayin' he ain't. What say ye'?

Question: Does Charles Barkley have a point? Could Turner Gill have indeed missed out on the Auburn job because of his white wife? Are you "down with the swirl" or do you like your coffee black and your milk... uhhmmm, milky?

Big thanks to my main man at Average Bro for the help with this article, check him out. He wants to write about sports, I know he does!

Tidbits On Ice...

Tidbits On Ice...

**Your weekly "On Ice" segment by ETSF Featured Writer Kenny Masenda**
Will someone tell Terrell Owens to shut the *bleep* up??? Did he miss The Rasheed Wallace (good game, both teams played hard) Media Etiquette Seminar??? I’ve had as much as I can take of this brother. When he was brought here, it was with the intention of helping the Dallas Cowboys win the Super Bowl. Last time I checked, we haven’t won anymore playoff games with him than we did before. On top of that, the remnants of his deeds in Philadelphia, when he stabbed The Great Donovan McNabb in the back are intensifying. He even called out Jason Witten, one of the most selfless players I’ve ever seen. Are you freaking kidding me?!?! Don’t get it twisted; all is well this week, because they won, but if they drop this one to Ray-Ray, Ed Reed and the Ravens, it’ll start up again. Try this on for size: be seen, and not heard. Shut the hell up, catch the damn ball when it’s thrown your way (we won’t even get on drops), and help my team win.

The Texas High School Football State Championship is finally here. I don’t know how many high school football fans frequent the site, but I’ll go on record and say that Texas has the deepest talent pool of any state in the country, as it pertains to high school football. The 5A state title games will be played at Reliant Stadium this weekend (home of the Houston Texans), and I’ll be making the four-hour drive from Dallas to take it all in. There’s nothing quite like it (and two Dallas-area schools, Wylie High School and Allen High School, will represent).

The last two weeks of the regular season is MUST-SEE TV. Division championships, wild cards, and home-field advantage are all up for grabs. Will Favre lead the Jets to the AFC East, or can Miami find a way to complete one of the greatest turnarounds known to man? Will the Broncos find a way to complete a monumental collapse, and allow San Diego to win the AFC West, despite going 8-8??? Can the Ravens make it back to the post-season? Will the Giants be able to emerge from “The Plaxico Fiasco” and keep a strangle-hold on the top seed in the NFC? What about the Vikings, Bears, Cowboys, Falcons, and others? So many questions, yet so little time…

Be easy.

We will have our MVP Debate Series again for the NFL, as we debate on the best players in football. Kenny, Ed, and a featured guest writer to be named will do a 3-part series giving our debate on who should win the MVP this season.

Also, start thinking about what you want for Christmas...have a happy holidays from Ken and Ed! Godspeed!

Amare Stoudemire Will Not Be A Sun in 6 months...

Amare Stoudemire Will Not Be A Sun in 6 months...

Read it for what it is...Ed The Sports Fan's guarantee in 2009, Amare Stoudemire will not be a Phoenix Sun when the 2009-10 season starts.

The sad thing is, its as much the Suns fault as it is Amare's fault.

Its kinda like if you were choosing women to perform in a rap video, and you've got this chick who's been trying to get at you about getting into the video, she's super cute and you'd probably wife her up, but she's more slim-type swimsuit model and yet the directors want you to fill the video with salacious, double-d's, bootie for days, models instead. Obviously, your slim girl would not mesh well with your other 'models' and that could make for an uneasy situation. This is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of what's going on in Phoenix, Arizona right now...

Amare has been salty for years. He felt that his star should sign the brightest out of all the Suns. However, he probably was the 3rd wheel with former star Shawn Marion, and current stars Steve Nash and Shaquille O'Neal. Now, they've let go of Mike D'Antoni, who's style made Amare want to change his name to Jesus Stoudemire. Running and gunning, hi-octane offense with no real responsibilities on defense. What more could you want? Now, Steve Kerr and the Suns decide to bring in Terry Porter. Porter decides to slow the game down and focus the offense around, not Amare, but Shaq. The whirling dervish known as Steve Nash has no clue what to do. "Walk the ball up the court? How do I do that?" Amare's pace of play has slowed and he's sulking again. In a recent ESPN insider note, it was mentioned that he will definitely look to opt-out of his deal and is open to signing with any team in the league.

The Suns need to make this man happy, because you can't replace strong post men like Stoudemire. The Knicks might just say forget LeBron and go sign Amare in 20-09. The Bulls could give Rose the power forward/point guard combo of the ages. Miami is on every free agent power forward in the league. The possibilities are endless. Amare I wish you the best of luck, just keep dunking on people and playing like you don't give a damn.


One of the 5 greatest in-game dunks of all-time. Amare, meet Michael Olowokandi.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct - 12 Men On The Field...

Unsportsmanlike Conduct - 12 Men On The Field...

Yes, Billy Sims finally shut the f*ck up...

12 Men On The Field - In a new segment, once a week I will bring you 12 biggest names over the weekend so that you can be thoroughly entertained like when Jason Witten saw T.O. come to Valley Ranch wearing his #82 Witten jersey. Oh boy...Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

1. Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford – You know they say that controversy sells, and it seems that OU is bleeding the block with it. First the Big 12 Championship, now the Heisman. Bradford is the 2nd Oklahoma QB to win the award, and the 5th Heisman winner in Sooners history. Maybe, Oklahoma can win the National Championship with some controversy as well. I'd probably take it.

2. Former Heisman Winner, RB Billy Sims – Fam, I am one of the biggest Oklahoma fans out there and I enjoy the chanting of Boomer! Sooner! But shut the hell up! When you yell out "Boomer!" roughly 55 times before my man even responds with one "Sooner!" then that's a hint. You almost stole the spotlight from my man Slingin Sammy. Do us all a favor and go drink a tall glass of shut the hell up and see me in the morning.

3. Heavyweight Champion Wladimir Klitschko - Klitschko provided further evidence why he's considered the world's premier heavyweight Saturday, as he retained his IBF, WBO and IBO belts with a textbook display of boxing, breaking down and halting former linear champ Hasim Rahman in the seventh round at the SAP Arena in Mannheim, Germany. Can someone please get Rocky Balboa or Apollo Creed out of retirement? Clubber Lang? (Wouldn't Clubber Lang destroy Drago?)"You Cut Him! You Hurt Him! You See!!! He's not a machine! HE'S A MAN!!!"

4. ETSF Player of the Week, Carmelo Anthony- Dude put up 33 in a quarter, simply ridiculous. Carmelo this week: 36ppg, 10rpg, 4.5apg, 3.0spg, 57% FG%.

5. Dallas Cowboys TE Jason Witten – I would have paid money to see the look on Witten's face when T.O. walked in with his jersey on. Then to hear "Eldorado" say, "Maybe I'll catch the ball more with Witten #82 on instead of #81..." that's hilarious. Maybe he should try to talk to Romo's girlfriend's sister, Ashley Simpson...

"Yeah...I smell like money huh? Plus that double cheeseburger I smashed too huh..." - CC Sabathia

6. NY Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia - Isn't there a recession going on in America? My main man CC "I definitely could start at left tackle for the NY Giants" Sabathia just signed a new deal with the New York Yankees for seven years and $161 million -- at $23 million a season. Okay, I know some of you are not baseball savants, but let me break this down for you another way. There are 162 games played in baseball over about 8 months. This man will actually do his job about 30 times this season. That's it! This means for every start he makes, he makes $766K. $2.88M a month. Over a course of the year, he makes $63K A DAY!!! Let me just say this, $63K hovers near my salary and that doesn't make me feel good about my life. (Going to teach my future kids how to throw a curveball, shoot from three, and how to read a Cover-2 defense...) Get your money CC, I ain't mad at you fam.

7. Tyler Hansbrough – Maybe I'm just a hater, I dunno. Dude is nice, but I watch some of his games and can you really fathom him putting in major work in the NBA? I once compared him against David West, but West was much more fluid offensively. "Psycho T" has been working on that outside shot, but I believe he might be more David Lee vs. David West.

8. Suspended NHLer Sean Avery - If you don't remember the story I did on him before then read this article I wrote to catch up. This is why hockey is failing miserably in the USA. You're telling me that you don't want a great player on your team because he told the public that he thought it was weird other NHL players were dating his "sloppy seconds"? WTF? That is the greatest thing that's happened to the NHL in years. Start a TV show about the shenanigans of the NHL. More fights and more sharing of "da hoes" please? Thanks.

9. Steelers WR Santonio Holmes - Bruh, you know you didn't catch that football in the endzone. Baltimore got hosed.

10. Self-inflicted gunshot victim Plaxico Burress - This message is for the New York Giants...No one fears you anymore, go get Burress' hole plugged up in his leg and get him back on the field. No one fears your offense anymore, and corners are pressing your wide receivers. Thus, more pressure on the QB. Your not going to succeed in the playoffs otherwise. Don't say I didn't warn you...

11. Soon to be former President George Bush – Yesterday, as President Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki shook hands during a press conference in Iraq, an Iraqi journalist got up and threw not 1, but 2 shoes at Bush (courtesy: gossiponthis.com. Unfortunately, he wasn’t hit. Damn his reflexes and damn that journalist’s aim! In all seriousness though, thank God it wasn't something else besides shoes.

12. Unsportsmanlike Conduct, Fighting in Disney, 15-yard penalty...The Dorchester Eagles & Edgewood Eagles – Two pop warner football teams are facing disciplinary action for getting kicked out of a Disney World resort. Their infraction? Fighting in the cafeteria. Both teams were in Florida for the Pop Warner Super Bowl.

The Dorchester Eagles, ages 11 to 15, and the Edgewood Eagles of Rhode Island were booted from their Disney World hotel on Thursday after multiple members of the two teams got into a physical fight in the hotel cafeteria, said Pop Warner spokesman Jason Howarth. As a result, the Dorchester Eagles’ future with Pop Warner may be in jeopardy, he said. [Edgewood Eagles President George] Lindell said the Thursday incident was a continuation of an incident Wednesday at Hollywood Studios, formerly MGM studios, which Disney opened up to all Pop Warner teams and guests for free food, ice cream and rides. Nothing brings debauchery to a town like a Super Bowl. It also turns out that the NFL helped fund the Dorchester team's trip to Florida by giving them a share of $4,000 to help with the costs. Goodell's gonna love this story.

Word on the street is that Jerry Jones has offered them all future contracts.



And The 2008 Heisman Trophy Winner Is…

And The 2008 Heisman Trophy Winner Is…


Article provided by featured guest writer Kenny Masenda aka Soul On Ice

See, this is one of the few times that all of the candidates have a legitimate shot to win the Heisman. This is also one of the few times that I’ve actually liked all of the candidates. In this rant, I’ll do my best to highlight all three of the finalists:

Tim Tebow – led the Gators to a 12-1, and another shot at the National Championship. He’s changed his game from last season, become a more traditional passer, and can make the case that he’s more of a threat now than he was last season. The Gators found a way to beat Alabama, despite going into the fourth quarter behind, and this was without one of their top playmakers, Percy Harvin. Plus, he won the award last year, and something tells me this could be the year we have our first two-time winner, since The Great Archie Griffin.

Colt McCoy – led UT to an 11-1 record, with their sole loss coming in “hostile” territory, in Lubbock, against the Texas Tech Red Raiders. He leads his team in rushing, although I think it has more to say about the lack of a running game at UT (which a couple of my Longhorn buddies disagree with). Nonetheless, he showed up in every big game, made the most of what he had with the talent around him, which compared to OU and Florida is not much (no disrespect to Quan Cosby, one of the best athletes I have ever seen on the high school level, and Jordan Shipley). This team was supposed to be crap, but they have had a great season, largely thanks to him.

Sam Bradford – led OU to ANOTHER Big XII Championship, by THUMPING the Missouri Tigers last Saturday night. With that, the Sooners earned a berth to the National Championship next month. He also leads the nation in touchdown passes, and passer rating as well, but since I don’t know how passer rating is compiled, I won’t make too big of a deal about it. With the exception of the UT game (and even in that one, he still played well), he played BRILLIANTLY in every big game.

I’m glad the folks who put the finalists together didn’t put other people in there, just for the sake of saying “we’ll take four or five finalists,” if they already know the other people have no chance in hell of winning. I DO THINK Graham Harrell (Ennis, TX STAND UP) should have been invited, and still don’t understand how he wasn’t.

I know who I want to win it, know who I feel deserves to win it, and I know who I THINK will get it. We shall see…come Saturday night.

Flashback - Here's Ed's favorite heisman winner ever...sorry JAG

Be easy.

The NBA 1st Quarter Season Review (Already?!?!?)

The NBA 1st Quarter Season Review (Already?!?!?)

Karl Malone ain't got sh*t on me!

Yes, the season is now about 25% complete. With the college football season winding down and prepping for the bowl season, and the NFL's biggest games are upon us now, my focus can begin to shift to the roundball. Hoops, that is. Lets give a run-down of the menu and you tell me if I'm wrong or not. Get at me.

Best Play - Derrick Rose crossing Andre Miller

Best Team - Cleveland Cavaliers (18-3)

I know Boston has the best record (20-2), and the LA Lakers are clinching their division as we speak (17-3) but the biggest statement to me has been made by the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers' 20-point victory over the Raptors was the team's NBA-record ninth straight win by 12-or-more points. Cleveland now sets its sights on another NBA mark. The Cavs have won each of their last four games by 20-or-more points. That leaves them one shy of the NBA single-season record for such a streak, five games, a mark currently shared by the 1977-78 Trail Blazers and the 1970-71 Bucks. Plus, LeBron is playing LESS minutes. The Delonte West and Mo Williams backcourt combo has worked wonders to keep the game uptempo and free flowing, and Zydrunas Ilgauskas has been a rock so far in the frontcourt. Will it last? I dunno, but they are looking mighty tough.

Best Player - Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat

2008 Stats - 29.5 ppg, 5.0 rpg, 7.5apg, 2.3 spg, 1.7 bpg, 49.9% FG%
I pretty much had my mind made up that this spot was going to go to LeBron, but I said, "I need to look at DWade, he's just been dunking on folks heads lately..." and what do I find but a man that is outscoring and outassisting (is that a word?) LeBron all while shooting a better percentage than King James. Let me put some of his stats in perspective. That 1.7 blocks per game, he's 9th in the NBA in blocks! Guards aren't supposed to be #9 in the NBA in blocks. Tied for 4th in steals, plus #1 in points and free throws made. Dude is doing it all, and with a 12-9 record he's getting Miami back into the playoff mix.

Best Coach(es) - Gregg Poppovich (Spurs), Jerry Sloan (Jazz)

In Poppovich's case, at 12-8, his entire backcourt has missed a ton of games in the early going, yet the Spurs are steadily leaping on the back of Tim Duncan and the masterful coaching of Pop. In Sloan's case, 14-9, he's had all 3 of his best players miss times at different parts of the season. Deron Williams is just returning, Carlos Boozer is still out, and Mehmet Okur has struggled thru back issues and family problems back in Europe. Kudos for a job well done, watch as they get stronger due to the reps their 2nd-teams have received.

Best Rookie - OJ Mayo, Memphis Grizzlies

2008 Stats - 21.0 ppg, 4.3 rpg, 2.5apg, 1.2 spg, 47.1% FG%
Most people would automatically scream Derrick Rose, I mean JUST LOOK AT THAT YOUTUBE clip??? However, I'm convinced that OJ Mayo is the American Dream. When you can fail the 8th grade ON PURPOSE because you want to dominate your competition more than you already are because you're nice like that? Amazing. Went to USC to get in the L.A. limelight? Amazing...He's got solid numbers for a struggling but up and coming team in Memphis, but they got a steal in the Mayo/Love trade. More importantly, they got a leader. Mayo for ROY.

Oh, and you thought I wasn't gonna focus on the horribleness in the association?

Worst Play - Emeka Okafor considers retirement after a meeting with Dwyane Wade

Worst Team - LA Clippers (4-17)

They need a new coach, as there's no way you should be able to make Baron Davis look ordinary, but Mike Dunleavy has figured out such a way. On paper this team is good, yet they SUCK horribly. Then they make a random, super reckless trade by getting Zach Randolph. Didn't you just trade for Camby? Don't you already have Chris Kaman? I'm confused..."With the 1st pick, in the 2009 NBA Draft. The LA Clippers select..."

Worst Player - Andre Iguodala, Philadelphia 76ers

2008 Stats - 14.2 ppg, 6.6 rpg, 5.1 apg, 42.0% FG%
I'm not sure if its all his fault, but the Sixers need him to step up as 14 points per is not gonna cut it. They're 9-12 and now new acquisition Elton Brand is gimpy. A.I. v2.0, you gotta step up fam.

Worst Coach - PJ Carlesimo (Thunder), Randy Wittman (Wolves), Eddie Jordan (Wizards)

Its easy, they're all fired.



Unsportsmanlike Conduct - 12 Men On The Field...

Unsportsmanlike Conduct - 12 Men On The Field...

How Ed felt after knowing Oklahoma would be playing for the National Championship...

12 Men On The Field - In a new segment, once a week I will bring you 12 biggest names over the weekend so that you can be thoroughly entertained like when you saw Halle Berry "pop off" in Swordfish. Oh boy...Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

1. Sam Bradford – Ed The Sports Fan cast his Heisman ballot (if he had one) for Oklahoma Sooners QB “Slingin” Sammy Bradford, and he feels good about it. Oklahoma claimed the #1 spot in the last BCS standings on Sunday, and are headed to Miami to take part in the 2009 BCS Championship. The Sooners have posted 60+ points in their last 5 games, and say what you want about that defense but they’re on the field a lot because their offense scores so quickly! So who’s gonna have to deal with OU on January 8th…

2. Percy Harvin – Harvin (sprained ankle) did not play this Saturday in the SEC Championship against then #1 Alabama. It didn’t matter. The Florida Gators triumphed without Harvin with a 31-20 win in the Georgia Dome. Now Tebow has one more opportunity to connect with his favorite target, in their hopes of their team winning their 2nd National Championship in the last 3 years and him personally winning his 2nd Heisman in 3 years.

3. Oscar De La Hoya – Go sit yo ass down…

4. Manny Pacquiao – Let me put it to you this way…Floyd “Money” Mayweather needs to sit his ass down and NOT come out and fight this man. Go put your money somewhere before the government uses your “stacks” to bailout the Big 3 in Detroit.

Pacquiao > Mayweather

Now, Ricky Hatton is going probably fight Manny Pacquiao next. Folks, if you would’ve asked me last week if I thought Manny vs. Oscar would be a great fight, I would’ve told you no. Its easy for me to say this now, but I had Manny winning that fight. I got the dough to prove it. But ladies and gentlemen, when the Spring of ’09 rolls around and you start hearing the promos of Pacquiao vs. Hatton. Go spend that $60 and watch the fight. Trust me. Pacquiao KO Hatton in Round 9.

5. Brian Westbrook – That game yesterday is the reason why people still believe in Westbrook, McNabb, and the IGGLES. The NY Football Giants looked horrible. Washington lost too. So did that team in North Texas…

6. Eldorado – Terrell Owens that is, his Dallas Cowboys fell flat by the hands of Big Ben and the Steel Curtain defense from Pittsburgh. Did Romo throw another interception? What was that Jay-Z line? “Well it was all good just a week ago…” The owner Jerral “Jerry” Jones just accused the only Cowboy that I will give ultimate respect, Marion Barber III, that he is soft??? They call this man “The Barbarian” and you just called him soft? We all saw Della Reese in Harlem Knights, that pinky toe will mess you up for real. T.O. went bonkers on the sidelines again, I’d love to see Greg Ellis just clothes line the bejesus out of him. Wouldn’t you enjoy that?

"LeBron, wherever you go you got me right?"

7. Stephen Curry – Dude was off the chain on Saturday, with LeBron James sitting courtside watching his every move. Curry then went into “I Don’t Give A F*ck” mode in a critical non-conference win Saturday over a very good North Carolina State team in Charlotte. Curry scored 44 points, converting 15 of 33 field goals and 10 of 13 free throws, dished out three assists and had three steals. WTF.

8. Alex Rodriguez – You decide to play for the Dominican Republic in the 2009 World Baseball Classic? Have you ever even been to the Dominican Republic? Can you find it on the map? WTF…

9. Colt McCoy - Texas Longhorns quarterback Colt McCoy will return for his senior season, the Austin American-Statesman reported Monday on its Web site.
"I'm not going anywhere," McCoy told the newspaper. "I'm coming back because we have a solid coaching staff," McCoy said. "And I'm coming back because I feel like I can develop the young receivers we have."


10. Michelle Wie – Someone tell me how you make $20 Million in endorsements and yet you just got qualified to play golf in the LPGA Tour? That’d be like you winning the NASCAR championship and getting $20 Million but you don’t have your drivers’ license yet. WTF…

11. Donald Brown – The UConn tailback finished #1 in the nation in rushing with 1,822 yards. I just felt like this should be recognized.

12. 12 men on the field, 15-yard penalty...Derrick Rose – My main man’s NBA career is off to a phenomenal start. The number one overall pick is averaging 18 points and six assists so far in his rookie year, he's already become the leader of his Chicago Bulls squad, and his highlight reel moves are electrifying crowds across the land. It seems the only thing that can stop this wunderkind is the sinister threat of raw unsliced produce.

Derrick Rose isn't practicing Monday after needing 10 stitches to close a gash in his arm. The Bulls said Rose suffered the injury when he rolled over onto a knife he was using to carve an apple while in bed. Rose shouldn't miss any time, but that has to go pretty high up on the exalted list of bizarro athlete injuries. Maybe not as bad as throwing out your back while putting on socks, but it's close.



The State of Michigan Gets Traded to Canada...

The State of Michigan Gets Traded to Canada...

So, here's my plan that I hatched during an unfathomably depressing Thanksgiving game in Detroit: If the state of Michigan were a struggling athlete, we'd say, "Man, he needs a change of scenery." Well, why can't we give Michigan a change of scenery? What if we sold Michigan to Canada since it's right on their border?

Think about it. Canada gets the spiritual lift of purchasing one of the 50 states, as well as musicians like Kid Rock, Bob Seger and Eminem, a second NBA and MLB team, two Big Ten schools, another NHL team, its first NFL team and, of course, more territory. Canadians would be flying high ... so high they wouldn't even mind that they were now involved in the WNBA. Meanwhile, America would escape billion-dollar buyouts for the car companies, and if we need a 50th state, we can always use Puerto Rico as long as it doesn't put us over the luxury tax. Michigan natives get universal health care, a fresh start and a chance to feel like they're spending more money than usual with the Canadian dollar. Everyone wins! I'm a genius. Just wait until I become Sports Czar and I talk my man Barry into this.

*quote taken from ESPN's Bill Simmons*

The Best Player in College Basketball - Blake Griffin

The Best Player in College Basketball - Blake Griffin

Wayman Tisdale v2.0...

That's what the locals say about him.

Strikes fear onto players on the football team...

That's what players on the Oklahoma Sooner football team say about him.

He's the rawest light-skinned dude to ever come out of Oklahoma since me...

That's what I said about him.

Okay, lets calm down a bit. My point is, Blake Griffin is the best player in college basketball today. At 6'10", 251 pounds, dude is rock solid, fundamentally sound, and has a mean disposition. It must be something in the water in the Big 12 conference, because it looks like the best player in the nation will again come from the Big 12. Kevin Durant 2 years ago, and Michael Beasley last year (no, not you Tyler Hansborough), Blake Griffin has all the physical parts of the game that Durant and Beasley never possessed.

A post game. A mean post game, plus a rebounding abilitiy that is second to none at this point in the season. Griffin is currently averaging 25.7 ppg and 19.2 rpg. What??!? Dude's essentially putting up 26 & 20 per night, and propelling the Sooner Nation to a potential Final Four selection. Look around college basketball today, who matches up with him? Hansborough? I doubt it. Luke Harangody? Ehhh... Haseem Thabeet? He might get his limbs broken.

Lets not forget that Griffin could've been a top 5 pick LAST YEAR, but chose to play out another year in Norman, to play with his brother Taylor. He's a hometown kid, grew up in Oklahoma City and he loves it there. Wouldn't be ideal, for the Oklahoma City Thunder to get the #1 lottery pick and give Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook the postman they might have for the next 10-15 years? Yes potentially...

However, I don't want to place Griffin up on the pantheon just yet. His free throw shooting could be a lot better, only at 60% in his Oklahoma career, plus his defense is like Mr. Michael Beasley's. Great on the weakside, not that impressive one-on-one. I'd like to think he tries to get out the way so he doesn't accumulate fouls, but I'd be lying, he needs to work on his defense, ASAP. His jumper is suspect too, but he's got good form, and with more work he could be deadly from 15-17 feet.

So what are we really saying here? I can say that Oklahoma is a LOCK for the Sweet 16 this year, and with the right matchups could be in the Final Four. I can say that Blake Griffin is a LOCK to be a top 2 pick in the 2009 NBA Draft. Between Blake Griffin, Obama, and myself...we bringing back light-skinned dudes. Just how I like it.

Who are the other player of the year candidates? Leave your comments or e-mail me at ed@edthesportsfan.com, get at me!


Sean Avery Runs These Hoes...

Sean Avery Runs These Hoes...

“I just wanted to comment on how it’s become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds. I don’t know what that’s about. But, enjoy the game tonight.”

The most contemptible man in the NHL, Sean Avery - a racist, a punk, and an incessant self-promoter - uttered the above quote with the cameras rolling a few hours before his Stars were going to take on the Calgary Flames. A guy from the Flames, Dion Phaneuf, dates actress Elisha Cuthbert, Avery’s ex. The NHL then swiftly decided that his statement was "crude and unjust" and slapped him with a suspension, as its considered "conduct detrimental to the league."

Me personally, I think this is some of the coolest ish to happen in the NHL since Jarome Iginla became the first person of color to lead the NHL in scoring. When I first heard this on ESPN I thought I was watching BEEF IV or something. Could you imagine if Carmelo and LeBron had that exchange about LaLa? LMAO!

Two thumbs down to the NHL and commissioner Gary Beckman. Hey Gary, you ever heard of the 1st Amendment? You know, Freedom of Speech? Yeah, that one. What did he really say that was so bogus. I've heard worse from baseball players complaining about getting bean-balled in the head.

Besides that, if Dion Phaneuf or any other person in the NHL gotta problem with Sean Avery, then guess what they get to do? Throw Hands!!! They can actually settle that sh*t on the ice! There's tons of players that don't like each other, but they can't do ish about it. Not in hockey, I feel like if hockey let just a couple of hood dudes in the NHL, and it didn't compete with the NFL and NBA, I'd watch it more. Yes, I do watch the NHL now (via Versus network) and I'm a huge Philadelphia Flyers fan.

So Sean Avery's suspended and everyone's mad. Except probably Sean Avery, he's probably cracking up and thinking about all the naughty things he did with Elisha Cuthbert and then Dion Phaneuf kissing her in the mouth. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!



College Football Fans...Check The Resumes

College Football Fans...Check The Resumes

Okay, I have to defend myself, my favorite team, and the state of college football all in this one. College Football and the nation are up in arms over what's transpired on this Thanksgiving weekend. Many of you are probably just as upset as the pundits in the media. Well guess what...

I am upset too.

I'm upset that you're upset. I hate that it had to come to this. So I'm going to take a hard line and TRY to call it down the middle. Take the name away from some of these teams and take the emotion away from how you truly feel. Alabama is the only team in the nation that has no doubts on where they stand and they deserve (pending the SEC Championship. However, these are some emotional times this week. People are upset, frustrated, and downright lucky. Is the system showing favoritism? How much do you honestly factor in head-to-head matchups? Check the resume on the teams below as I've given you their accomplishments only, no names. You tell me who's the most deserving of anything.

Team A - Current record, 10-1. Defeated 3 teams currently in the Top 25 this season all by at least 14 points. Nonconference schedule includes victory against a BCS team currently ranked #10 in the nation. Pending one game this Saturday, will become a BCS Conference champion. Only loss came to a team currently unranked who is tied for second in their conference with an 8-4 record.

Team B - Current record, 11-1. Defeated 2 teams currently in the Top 25 this season, both of which by 30+ points. Nonconference schedule includes 3 victories against bowl eligible teams, 2 from BCS conferences. Pending one game this Saturday, will become a BCS Conference champion. Only loss came to a team currently ranked #22 and finished second in their conference's division with an 8-4 record.

Team C - Current record, 11-1. Defeated 3 teams currently in the Top 25 this season. Nonconference schedule includes 3 victories against non-BCS conferences. 2 non-conference victories are against bowl-eligible teams, one being a victory against a 6-6 BCS team. Only loss came to a team currently ranked #7 and finished tied for 1st in their conference's division with an 11-1 record.

Team D - Current record, 11-1. Defeated 4 teams currently in the Top 15 this season, all wins by 20+ points. Nonconference schedule includes 2 victories against teams currently in the top #15, one being a BCS conference champion. Pending one game this Saturday, will become a BCS Conference champion. Only loss came to a team currently ranked #3 and finished tied for 1st in their conference's division with an 11-1 record.

Team E - Current record, 11-1. Defeated 2 teams currently in the Top 25 this season. Nonconference schedule includes 2 victories against teams in BCS conferences. Only loss came to an unranked team that finished 4th in their conference with an 8-4 record.

Team F - Current record, 12-0. Defeated 2 teams currently in the Top 20 this season. Nonconference schedule includes 2 victories against teams in BCS conferences. Undefeated. Defeated the same team that Team A lost to this season, who has an 8-4 record.


Maybe you can figure out, maybe you can't. But look at the resumes of these teams, and you tell me who's proven the most. I understand you can't control your schedule, but if the system benefits those who have a stronger strength of schedule, then you've got to be proactive. Can you figure out the 6 teams? Please comment below and let the arguments truly begin. Be easy.


A) USC B) Florida C) Texas D) Oklahoma E) Penn State F) Utah


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