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The Four-Point Play (Slam Dunk Edition)

The Four-Point Play by Kenny Masenda is a weekly Q&A that intends to spark converstaion, laughter, and all out chicanery amongst our readers. Sit back, and enjoy the And One like Styles P rapping in KG's original commerical.

ONE - What is the legacy of The Great Tony Dungy?

I’ve heard plenty of opinions regarding Tony Dungy, and after listening to as much as I could, I came to the conclusion that there are few people who have been as successful (in my era of watching football) as Dungy. In 13 seasons as a head coach, 11 of them included trips to the playoffs. He resurrected Tampa Bay from a football hell, and pretty much gift-wrapped a Super Bowl for Jon Gruden, upon his departure. Then he went to Indianapolis and turned their joke of a defense into a competent unit, and won a Super Bowl. On top of that, he was able to make sure Jim Caldwell was named the next coach (that’s JUICE), and he did it without being demonstrative, and drawing attention to himself. Dare say, instead of calling him great, I may have to start referring to him as The Underappreciated Tony Dungy. He’s a great coach, and an even greater man.

TWO - Who will represent the AFC and the NFC in the Super Bowl?

Last week, I went on record, on this site, and picked the Steelers to face the Eagles. Right now, that match-up can still take place; however, I don’t like how it may have to turn out. I truly am one of those people that think it’s pretty much impossible to beat a team three times in one season (as Pittsburgh will have to do this weekend), but after hearing Mike Tomlin (doesn’t he look like Omar Epps???) say “I personally don’t subscribe to that type of hocus-pocus,” it calmed my nerves. I LOVE the Ravens defense, especially Ed Reed and Ray-Ray, but I think the buck stops here Sunday night, and Pittsburgh advances. As for the NFC, this matchup truly scares the hell out of me. The Arizona *bleeping* Cardinals are one win away from the Super Bowl, and I’m hearing all sorts of “destiny” talk, which I have to admit, has some validity to it. Plus, the game is in Arizona, so that concerns me even more. HOWEVER, I don’t think Andy Reid is allowing his “Fear the Beard” movement to be in vain. He’ll coach ‘em up, Jim Johnson will bring the pain on D, and the Eagles will advance. Speaking of Philly…

THREE - Is it a violation of fandom to wear the jersey of your favorite player if he’s a part of a bitter rivalry?

Anyone who knows me knows I’m arguably the biggest Donovan McNabb fan on the planet (Ed will probably disagree). With that being said, I’m also a die-hard Dallas Cowboy fan. Now, is it a violation to wear a McNabb jersey, even though I am a Cowboys fan? I used to have the Syracuse joint, and have contemplated getting the authentic McNabb jersey. I’m telling you right now: if the Eagles make the Super Bowl, there is a strong possibility that I’ll be purchasing that authentic joint.

AND ONE - How do you plan on ringing in the coronation of Brother President?

Next Tuesday marks the beginning of a new era; for now, I won’t elaborate on how much this moment means to me personally, but I do hope everyone rings in The Coronation somehow. For me, it may end up being at the plantation, but best believe my monitor will be locked on CNN.com; worst comes to worst, I can always take a half-day off.
Be easy.

**20-second timeout by Ed**
Ken and I were recently contacted by the "higher-ups" to do a feature on this years crop of Slam Dunkers in the 2009 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. This year fans can choose from three rookies -- Rudy Fernandez, Joe Alexander and Russell Westbrook -- to compete as the 4th dunker against Dwight Howard, Rudy Gay, and Nate Robinson. Fans can vote at the following link (ends next Wednesday, Janurary 14): http://www.nba.com/dunk

With time running out, these young players are doing whatever it takes to the support of their fans -- check out these videos below.

Rudy Fernandez Shares a Bilingual Dunk Ballad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPgo9feKJxY

Joe Alexander Tells You Why He's the Flying Buck: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHGV9FMUK4I

Russell Westbrook Shares His Get-Out-And-Vote Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UY80hvJ0vFE

Check out the complete NBA Sprite Slam Dunk playlist for more videos of the rookies: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=4EA849417E2A5752

Ed is officially endorsing Russell Westbrook (OKC stand up!) to not only be the final contestant, but to win the Slam Dunk contest, Ken who do you got? ETSF Readers, who you got to win it all?

-K. Masenda


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