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The Four Point Play

On their way to the 1999 Finals, the Knicks benefited from what some people still call one of the worst ref calls in basketball history. In the closing seconds of Game 3 of the conference finals, Larry Johnson knocked down a game-tying triple over Antonio Davis, who was whistled for a foul that was questionable to say the least. Knicks win in 6. Ken and Ed wanted to ask the questions that will really make you think. Believe it or not, we don't always know what the hell we're talking about either. Remember, this website IS NOT ESPN. We love and worship ESPN, but that's not who we aspire to be. (however, please put us on Around The Horn, Pardon the Interruption, Cold Pizza, etc.) We are here to DELIVER ORIGINAL, THOUGHT-PROVOKING CONTENT and hopefully leave you entertained in the process. What that said, enjoy the 4-point play by Kenny Masenda.

ONE - Who will be the real unsung heroes Thursday night? The OU Wide Receivers...
All week long, I’ve heard the typical talk about The Heisman winners Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford, the Florida defense, the OU running backs, and the two head coaches, but what’s been missing is the potential impact the OU wide receivers could end up having on this game. Juaquin Iglesias, Manuel Johnson, and Ryan Broyles were three of the best receivers in the XII (not named Crabtree, Bryant, and Macklin), and they have all had standout performances in games this season. I know, I know; people want to be quick to remind me about Florida’s huge threat, Percy Harvin. He’s good, don’t get me wrong, but do not take the Sooners receivers lightly at all. They could end up giving Florida’s secondary all sorts of hell, and end up making a huge impact in this game.

TWO - Did you see Lil Wayne on First Take? Oh God...How'd he do? Not bad...
Initially, I didn’t too much care to look at this, but then I got to thinking: how many rappers have had the opportunity to go on ESPN for an extended period of time, and debate sports with one of the best journalists in the field, The One and Only Skip Bayless? (from Oklahoma City, thank you. -Ed.) I looked at a couple of segments and came away impressed with Wayne’s performance on First Take. He made good, valid points, elaborated on them, and stood by them. For cats who have ever visited any type of barbershop (really hope you go the barbershop one in awhile), we’ve heard it before, because Wayne's just delivering the point of view that middle-aged white America doesn't necessarily jive with. I might not agree with everything Mr. Carter said, but I still give Wayne the ETSF Seal of Approval (pending final say from Ed).

THREE - Is that the 40 Minutes of Hell? Arkansas basketball is back...
Nolan Richardson (the original mascot look-a-like) ain't walking through that door, but they don’t need him to, after the Razorbacks thumped Texas on Tuesday night 67-61. Earlier this season, they knocked Oklahoma out of the ranks of the unbeaten as well. I don’t understand how this team still isn’t ranked, but it should change in a hurry. Do yourselves a favor, and watch them play ball, and watch out for Michael Washington. He WILL DUNK ON YOU with no warning (ask Damion James). He gets extra hood points for wearing #00, not everyone can pull that off effectively. Check out the gunner on the outside, Oklahoma's Mr. Basketball Rotnei Clarke as well, how he got out the Sooner State is beyond belief to me.

AND 1 - What should I look for this weekend in the NFL Playoffs? Pick all the upsets...
I think if Baltimore can jump on Tennessee’s ass early, they will win. Kerry Collins would have to start throwing the ball, and there’s no need for me to even elaborate on what will happen if it’s anywhere near The Great Ed Reed, or any of the secondary. Baltimore's run game (both offensively & defensively) is on par to Tennessee, and it might be a detriment to get two weeks off. Also, this stems from the fact that I simply do not believe in the Titans at all. Take the Ravens. In the other matchup, Pittsburgh will prevail over San Diego. Ed thinks otherwise, as Ben's concussion and San Diego's hot streak make it tough not to take the Bolts. Ed asks the question, can the offense really practice on all cylinders while #7 is out? Ken says Steelers, Ed says Chargers. On the other side, Ken says Carolina will KILL Arizona, Ed says Arizona squeaks another one out. Who would you rather have, Smash and Dash? (Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart) or Turn and Burn? (Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin) In the final game, the games will hinge on which QB can play their 'A' game. We both like Mac-5, Eagles prevail over the Giants.


Be Easy.

-K. Masenda


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