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The Four-Point Play

1. From Ashy to Classy: Who has the edge between Whisenhunt and Tomlin?

Something needs to be said for the fact that Ken Whisenhunt has resurrected a football hellhole and turned them into a Super Bowl contender. Even while I’m typing this, I am still amazed that the Arizona Cardinals are one win away from hoisting the Vince Lombardi trophy. Is anyone else outright flabbergasted by this???? Whisenhunt is pretty familiar with the Steelers, since he worked for Pittsburgh for six years before going to Arizona. The only reason it doesn’t matter (too much), is because it was on offense, and the Steelers aren’t exactly known for blowing people away on that side of the ball. On the other hand, I love what Mike Tomlin is doing right now in Pittsburgh. Their swagger is on par with the many of the great teams of the past; they just flat-out intimidate their opponents, and that’s a reflection of their head coach, who is live, 24/7. He’s a player’s coach, gets on their asses as soon as they mess up (Dallas, are you reading this????), and keeps his players humble. Tomlin was brought in to replace Bill Cowher, and that contributed to Whisenhunt (who was the offensive coordinator under Cowher) going to Arizona to replace Denny Green. Believe me when I say both of these coaches know exactly what they’re doing.

2. Surprise Pick: Who is the dark horse in college basketball right now?

My dark horse to win the tournament right now is the Louisville Cardinals. I’ve seen this team a few times this season (recently against #1 Pittsburgh), and they got it all. Please do yourselves a favor and watch them play. Their numbers don’t scream superstar (their leading scorer averages 14 points a game), but they have tremendous balance, solid players (namely Earl Clark and Terrence Williams), and Rick Pitino as the orchestrator of it all.

3. My First-Half MVP is Dwayne Wade: Who’s Yours?

With all due respect to LeBron James, he is not the first-half MVP. That honor goes to none other than The Great Dwyane Wade (and yes, I am calling him great. When you channel your inner-Jordan, and lead a team to four straight wins in the Finals, you are great in my eyes, but we can elaborate on that another day). His supporting cast is nowhere near as good as LeBron’s, but not only are the Heat in the playoff hunt, they have already passed their entire win total from their God-awful previous season. He already has the complete package offensively, and has committed himself to playing defense this season. I’m not saying this Miami Heat team will win it all, but they’ll make it rough on anyone in the playoffs, and that has a great deal to do with the play of Wade.

AND ONE - Brother President: What did this moment mean to you?

January 20, 2009 was a great day for all Americans. I, along with many other citizens, feel this country is headed in a new direction, one with promise, hope, and better days. This man is smart, calculating, bright, level-headed, and has surrounded himself with people with tons of experience on Capitol Hill. On top of that, our new commander-in-chief is fly, and he’s got a BAD first lady.

Be easy.

-K. Masenda


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