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A Note From ETSF About The Top 10 RBs and More...


Who knew...who knew you could get so many people mad at me by writing 2,000 words of research-based information on a website. LOL. I want to apologize to anyone older than 55 years old who happens to read ETSF, and I knew better, but Lenny Moore should've DEFINITELY made the top 10. 4.8 yards per carry, 16.6 yards per reception are a couple of interesting stats to bring up of the all-purpose tailback for the then Baltimore Colts. This has been an interesting experience...

If you don't know, just scroll down to the "Real Top 10 RB's of All-Time" list just below this post. Its a ball-buster. I just wanted to reiterate that the article was based on performance per game on the field. It was tough, in my heart I didn't want to leave OJ Simpson off the list. I did want to leave Emmitt Smith off the list because I've always felt he was overrated. Why? Well look at Edgerrin James and Terrell Davis. They were in similar highly productive offenses who's "offensive lines" and "quarterback play" were at a very high level. All of those teams, the mid to late 90's Broncos & the early 00's Colts had a great balance on offense, just like Emmitt in Dallas, and I believe that had an adverse affect on their rushing totals. In fact, their numbers would suggest that they were MORE productive, thus the placing on the list.

The factor of touchdowns on the list - It was hard to factor touchdowns on the list, and in retrospect I probably should've factored it in more (I'm a man I'm 40...I mean, I'm 25! I make mistakes occasionally) but the touchdown is interesting to rate. In fantasy football, it makes all the difference. LenDale White (my dude) was great in fantasy football this year, but he's not even the best back on his team (Chris Johnson) yet he's the "beneficiary" of the touchdown. Mike Alstott was the same way, yet Warrick Dunn put in all that work to get Tampa Bay down the field. Even Bettis in his later years had Fast Willie putting in that work. Shaun Alexander anyone???

I will put out an additional list on ETSF's 10 most talented backs, because there is a difference. What you saw posted on Friday was sheer yardage (per carry, rushing & scrimmage yards/game) what you'll see below is, "If you could pick 10 backs for your all-time team, who would you take?"

10. Emmitt Smith
9. Gayle Sayers
8. Eric Dickerson
7. Bo Jackson
6. OJ Simpson
5. Walter Payton
4. Adrian Peterson
3. LaDainian Tomlinson
2. Barry Sanders
1. Jim Brown

I say all this and over the last couple of years my thoughts over the running back position has changed. I honestly think the running back position is in talent overload, there are too many athletically-gifted backs in the NFL who can get the job done and I'm not sure if I value them the same way as before. When Pierre Thomas can be a better back than Reggie Bush, period, then that makes me scratch my head. When Mewelde Moore can be just as productive as Willie Parker, it makes me scratch my head. When Tashard Choice can be equally productive as Felix Jones and Marion Barber...you get my point. I'm gonna get back to you on that topic.

Oh, and I'll tell you right now...I wouldn't take Jerry Rice #1 at WR (Randy Moss) and I think Deion Sanders is the best defensive player of all-time. Yeah...I said it.




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