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The Super Bowl...Choose Up!

Mac-Five, Ray-Ray, P. Rivers...who you got?

After the NFL whittled down its original 12 participants to the Elite Eight, I started to mentally breakdown who's going to make it to the Super Bowl. First thing I did was ask a couple of my close friends (both offline and online) and here are their predictions.

Antone - Titans vs. Eagles (Heavy Run vs. Heavy Pass)
Cephas - Ravens vs. Giants (Rematch of SBXV)
J. McFly - Titans vs. Giants (Both #1 Seeds)
Ken - Steelers vs. Eagles (Battle of the Keystone State)
S. Walton - Chargers vs. Panthers (LT & Sproles vs. "Smash & Dash" Williams & Stewart)

I respect all of what these folks say, but I keep looking at these teams and I just don't like any of them. Being a Donovan McNabb fan for the last 12-13 years, (Like, ever since he was a young QB at the 'Cuse and hooping wearing #24 for Jim Boeheim) I looked at their path of games to the championship and had a startling realization...

Philly has their best chance to bring a Super Bowl home this year, ever.

You don't believe me? Oh well let me paint the picture for you my friend, I'd be more than happy to. However, I advise you to take emotion out of it, just be honest and be subjective. Let me make my case...

Did this dude come out of the sky?

I mean, think about it people. Does Philly fear the NY Giants? They've already beaten them once in the Giants house, plus the Giants look nowhere of the fearful team they were when they had #17 out there pulling everything in within a 12-foot radius. As long as Jacobs doesn't do as much as All Day did last week on the Eagles, and its gonna be COOOOOOLD in New Jersey. Eli's gonna have to be money to beat that swarming Philly defense. If Philly plays Carolina or Arizona, they would be THE FAVORITE. Chalk that up.

Now, as bad as Philly has looked this year, they've already beaten the Steelers. Baltimore MOLLYWHOPPED the Eagles, but I think that Ravens game was the greatest thing that happened to McNabb in '08. Mac-5 looked like he was on cruise control after getting off to a pretty good start (5-3 in first 8 games). B'More roughed him up and he got benched.

McNabb's after benching - 241 yards/game, 11 TDs (1 rushing), 1 INT, 5-1 Record

Tennessee & San Diego are both interesting battles vs. Philadelphia, but I'd like the Eagles chances. Crazily enough, I like the CHARGERS to come out of the AFC. Who is the best QB left in the AFC? Phillip Rivers. That alone gives them a very good shot. Big Ben's coming off of a concussion and you don't know what your gonna get from Ben at this point. B'More has rookie QB Joey Flacco, and Tennessee has Kerry Collins. Yeah, I don't fear them either.

So, I say this lines up perfectly for Philadelphia. They have arguably the hardest game in front of them right now, and they've beaten them before. Plus, they've got the "Nobody believed in us" card which has proven to go great lengths in determining champions. (See 2008 SB Champ NY Giants) With Westbrook healthy and scaring the daylights out of offenses, he's now becoming the Big Decoy. Chris Clemons Razor's Edging/Chokeslamming opposing QBs, and DeSean Jackson tossing footballs at the opposing coaches, the Eagles are GOONS! You need that in cold weather and pressure-packed situations. Pressure busts pipes, and I've made my decision.

Super Bowl 43 - Philadelphia vs. San Diego, Eagles win 24-20.




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