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The Top 10 'Active' QBs in the NFL

Revised Top Ten QBs article provided by featured writer
Kenny Masenda

As we bring in the new year, its always good to look at whence we came from. With that being said, Ken decided to rewind and breakout the top 10 QBs in the NFL as of right now. I'm almost sure that there will be plenty of disagreement. Ed already has sent hate mail to the Masenda residence, lol. Check the 10 out and enjoy.

10. Carson Palmer – this may be slightly unfair, since he missed damn near the entire season. I could easily have Warner, Pennington, or Jay Cutler in this spot. However, I honestly believe (when healthy) he is better than all three of them. For that, he will remain right at number ten.

9. Aaron Rodgers – had a good season A.F. (after Favre). Even though they didn’t make the playoffs, Green Bay should have no worries about the future, and a lot of that has to do with this man leading the way.

8. Tony Romo – the saga of Romo continues. When he is good, he’s great. When he’s bad (which seems to happen at the end of the season, year after year), he’s pathetic. Still though, there aren’t too many players who can do the things he can do. He just needs to calm down a bit.

7. Philip Rivers – the difference between him and Romo is summed up in one word: SWAGGER. He truly believes his team can win every game, and the evidence showed when the Chargers came back from the dead, and won their division. If he keeps this up, he can only continue to get better.

6. Donovan McNabb – the resume continues to fill up for The Underappreciated Donovan McNabb. His team was dead in the water, but he led a monstrous comeback, and helped guide the Eagles to the playoffs. Now he just needs to win a freaking Super Bowl.

5. Eli Manning – continues to show the world that he aint no joke. The Giants are atop of the NFC, and one of the few constants has been the steady play of Eli.

4. Ben Roethlisberger – at this rate, I don’t know what it will take for Ben R. to finally get the respect he deserves. He is a winner, simply put. You have to watch football to know why this man is so damn good.

3. Drew Brees – he was 16 yards away from breaking Dan Marino’s single-season passing yards record. In this case, ALMOST DOES COUNT. He loses his top running back, wide receivers, has inconsistencies everywhere else on the offense, but he still got his shine on. If the Saints were better, he’d be in MVP consideration, easily. Plus, he leads one of the LIVEST pre-game introductions I’ve ever seen.

2. Tom Brady – he was hurt this season, and his resume has earned him the right to get a pass. Therefore, he will be no lower than two.

1. Peyton Manning – he is the prototypical quarterback, and in some circles, arguably the best quarterback that has ever lived.

***Is Ken out of his mind? What's your top 10? Let us know at ETSF where you rank the best QBs in the NFL...***


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