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UF 24, OU 14 - Tebow is Mr. Perfect

I'm going to make this short and sweet, usually I write articles late at night or early in the morning. I knew that I had to put something out, and I've got work to do so I'll be brief.

OU laid an egg, I thought Bradford played really well, fact of the matter is this, OU didn't convert on TWO redzone possessions with the 5-yard line, and the two picks were fluky, they both bounced of the receivers hands.

Florida played really well, but they were beatable last night. Watching Chris Brown run made me wonder what would've happened if Demarco Murray was toting the rock as he has better playmaking ability versus CB29 getting the steady 5-6 yards. Plus, OU had their 4th string middle linebacker in the game (Balogun #10) and missed D. Granger, who would've made a few more plays from DT.

I dunno, you don't miss your thoroughbreads against Baylor, you miss 'em against Florida and Texas, and it showed up in the game. No one will ever bring it up for Oklahoma from this standpoint, but its the truth. Harvin was the man, even at 95%, and I think it would've benefitted the Sooners to have Murray at the same level.

And can we please stop talking about Tim Tebow now, we get it, he's perfect, nephew of Jesus. Superman. At one point in the broadcast they went thru a laundry-list of everything that Tebow's has done, it took like 4 minutes. Look, I'm a God-fearing Christian man, me and JC have a great relationship, so I totally respect his missionary work, and everything. However, let me say this, we are playing football, and to hear the announcer say, "This is the greatest football competitor ever!" I mean jeez, come on. Tim Tebow will have a long career in the NFL and I think he'll be a decent QB. Maybe not great, but he'll be decent. Ok I'm done.

I'm going back to work, there are a lot of Gator fans in Ohio and they somehow all know me! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!




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