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Unsportsmanlike Conduct - 12 Men On The Field

Ed Reed = Grown Ass Man = A Striking Resemblance to Kenny

12 Men On The Field - Every Monday, Ed The Sports Fan brings you the 12 biggest names over the past week so that you can be thoroughly entertained like when 3rd-string linebackers make a hit on kick returns and do elaborate celebrations.

1. Ravens All-World Safety Ed Reed – I'm starting to think that Ed Reed is the best defensive secondary player since Deion Sanders. I really can't think of anyone who makes more "plays" than Primetime himself. 2 INTs (1 returned for a TD) yesterday versus the Miami Dolphins helped lead the Baltimore Ravens to a 27-9 victory. Chad Pennington won't be sleeping well for a while. Ravens vs. Titans next weekend, should be a bruise or two dished out in that one. Even Sean Taylor didn't "consistently" make the plays Ed Reed does. Champ Bailey's declined in recent years. Nmandi Asomaugh's gotta keep being the new #1 lockdown corner (Yeah, I said it) before he gets top billing. Is there anyone better? Maybe Brian Dawkins, but that's just my guy...

2. Philadelphia's New Rocky - Asante Samuel – The play of the game in my opinion, as it was a real sucker punch to the psyche of Minnesota and their offense. Okay, maybe the block Chris Clemons put on Tarvaris Jackson (cannot find it on YouTube to save my life) that did it. Truth be told, Minny scored a TD on the next drive, but the momentum had shifted. Eagles vs. Giants, NFC East clash, yeah more bruises dished out in that one.

3. The Lightning Bug Darren Sproles - Remember when I did the article about Who Scares the living daylights out of you when they touch the ball? Yeah, the Colts looked shook when #43 came onto the field for good. (Sorry LT) So does SD lock up Sproles to be their #1 in 2010? Is LT really done? Is he just hurt? I dunno. My feelings on the runningback position are really starting to change...I'll get into that later on. Back to it.

4. 2005 NCAA Football Cover Boy Larry Fitzgerald - I had to put that cover up because I always think about the first dude in college on PlayStation where I could really use him like Randy Moss in Madden. Those were the good ole days...I think the flea flicker (gutsy call by Ken Wisenhunt) to Fitz reminded us on how nice #11 really is. I personally would crack up if San Diego and Arizona made it to the Super Bowl. Two 8-8 Western Divisional champions in the final? I can totally see SD beating Pittsburgh, and its not out the question the Cardinals could step up and beat Carolina. Ben's coming off a concussion, and Jake Delhomme is Jake Delhomme. You keep chucking it to #11, you've got a chance.

5. BC's big time PG Tyrese Rice – And there went UNC's undefeated season, I was having a discussion with Antone from You Got Dunked On and I realized that I'm REALLY REALLY starting to not like UNC anymore. I used to hate Duke, wait...I still hate Duke, but I could kinda get with UNC. They had the cooler uni's, better shoe deal, players had way more swag, and they usually had a grimey player on the squad. Rasheed, Ademola Okulaja, Mahktar N'Diaye, Jason Capel, JULIUS PEPPERS, Ed Cota...anyway, Boston College made them look SOFT. They have big men, but are they intimidating? Have you seen UConn? Pitt? G'Town? OU? Texas doesn't have any big men, but they've got some goons at the forward position. Hansbrough's their guy, but does he strike fear? Rice put up 46 on UNC last year, last night he went off for 25 and MUSCLED North Carolina to an 85-78 victory. UNC still is the best team, but BC might've shown some pieces to the formula. We'll see...

6. Ohio State Freshman QB Terrelle Pryor - Its on you baby boy, you get to play a mad Texas team. You get to save the hopes and dreams of the Little 11 aka the Big 10. You get to go head up with Brian Orakpo. You get to lead a pack of fans who are drinking your kool-aid, forgetting that there is another QB who is also mad that #1. He didn't get to go to Miami #2. He didn't win the Heisman #3. He doesn't get to shoot varmints this week. His name is Colt McCoy of Tuscola, Texas. Good luck TP2, JAG and Buckeye Nation are counting on you.

7. Boston College football coach Jeff Jagodzinski – Boston College coach Jeff Jagodzinski has been told he will be fired if he interviews for the head coaching vacancy with the New York Jets, according to sources. Are you freaking kidding me? This is the same man who recruited, coached up, and delivered #1 pick and rookie of the year, Matt Ryan to the masses. THEN when his wunderkid left, he took 2 freshman QBs and not one person you can name on their ENTIRE TEAM (as a matter of fact, can you name me one player not named Matt Ryan that is in the NFL? Hell, I'll give you Doug Flutie. If you said Matthias Kiwanuka, I respect your gangsta. Name another player...I dare you.) and led them to a 9-4 season. Get the f*#! outta here Boston College, your program isn't that nice, and if you fire him he'll take his players with him. Good luck.

8. Bush & U.S. Opens $592M Embassy in Iraq - (Scratching head) Where the hell did we get $592M for an Embassy? Are you serious? Did the NY Yankees pay for that too? I'm not going to politick, but what I will say is when we can start spending $592M on more education, inner city restoration, and cures of cancer, then I'll be quiet. Dammit.

9. The Resurgence of Suns C Shaquille O'Neal - If you haven't been paying attention down in Phoenix, the big fella is balling. No, for real. Check out his numbers for December...22.6ppg, 10.1rpg, 65% FT, 1.8bpg...do you see that? He hasn't done that since LA! Phoenix has won 4 of their last 5...I'm just saying, Phoenix could be tough if he can keep this clip up.

10. The Creator of Fantasy Basketball - I don't really have anything to say, just that all my teams are struggling. Carlos Boozer, your knee better be ready to fall off, that's all I'm saying.

11. The STFU award winner for the week, OU defensive back Dominique Franks. Ok dude, I love some bravado. I respect that type of gangsta. If it was Jermaine Gresham, or Iglesias, or Chris Brown, I woulda loved it. However, in my heart I know that stopping Tebow will take a mountain effort. Tebow aka the master of the 5 yard run. Oklahoma sophomore cornerback Dominique Franks said during interviews with the media Sunday morning at the Harbor Beach Marriott Resort & Spa that Tebow would have been no better than the fourth-best quarterback in the Big 12 this season. Franks, I know your people up in Tulsa, and you can play. So I respect your gangsta, just come and play on Thursday. We need you famo.

12. Unsportsmanlike Conduct, Throwing a pick-6 interception then getting lambasted at the goal, 15-yard penalty...Minnesota QB Tarvaris Jackson – Got damn. Not only did you throw the pick-6 to Eagles CB Asante Samuel (he knew the play better than the WR) but you were valiant in your effort to try and prevent Samuel for scoring. But jeez...did you not see big ass #91 coming straight at ya? Chris Clemons did the Razor Ramon move on you. What was that, the Razor's Edge? Jeez!

Got damn...found the clip (courtesy of Tirico Suave)

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