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Unsportsmanlike Conduct - 12 Men On The Field...

Mama said knock you out...

12 Men On The Field - Every Monday, Ed The Sports Fan brings you the 12 biggest names over the past week so that you can be thoroughly entertained like when Ed makes a top 10 best RB list of all-time (based on stats only) and Ed gets actual hate mail! LOL! (no i'm serious, someone sent me a letter...)

1. Allen Iverson makes the All-Star team – WTF? I know some of these cats got fans like none other (see Carter, Vince & McGrady, Tracy) but come on man. Ivo ain't even getting 4th quarter minutes at this point. The sad thing is, BRUCE BOWEN almost started for the West. He was only 30,000 votes behind. Trust, that would've been the worst All-Star game of all-time. Somebody woulda got check-hooked ala Money Mayweather.

2. To Maryland PG Greivis Vasquez...STFU! – Before getting ready to have the Maryland Terrapins square up in their annual battle with the now #1 Duke Blue Devils. Vasquez decides to tell the nation that Cameron Indoor (where Duke plays) is "his house." Good god...I hate Duke and I ain't that dumb. Final Score: Duke 85, Maryland 44. YO GREIVIS, STFU!

3. Sugar Shane Mosley got sweet on 4. Antonio Margarito Man, this was an annihilation. Defending WBA Champion Antonio Margarito was on top of the world, he had defeated the previous #1 title holder in the world in Miguel Cotto (my dude) and was now getting the respect he craved. Then two things happened, Shane Mosley and a great trainer. Shane's trainer (longtime B-Hop trainer Nazeem Richardson) spotted something unusual in Margarito's wrapping of his hands. They found a hard plastic pad and a plaster paris concoction that when wet, would essentially turn his hands into bricks. WTF! So, they had to re-wrap his hands and get him legal. What then ensued was Mosley wiping the floor with Margarito. Makes you wonder if he's been doing this in the past. Mosley is the new champion at 147.

5. Learn the name, Fedor Emelianenko - I'm not the biggest fan of MMA, I'm a boxing loyalist to a fault. But as the saying goes, kicking ass and taking names has never went outta style. Andrei Arlovsky was his foe, who got dropped almost in disturbing fashion. Emelianenko's 36-second destruction of Tim Sylvia in July left many people wanting to see more, but after Emelianenko's domination of Arlovsky, he left no doubt that might be the best heavyweight in MMA. Don't say I didn't let you know first.

6. The Smash & Dash Battle. Carolina vs. Tennessee – If you didn't see this on the Best Damn! LenDale White went toe to toe with Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart (evidently Chris Johnson couldn't make it) to battle on who is the real Smash & Dash. Evidently, LenDale (my dude) felt he got "swagger-jacked..." oh LenDale lol...check it out...

7. Bucks G Michael Redd, out for the season. - For the Bucks, this is a major blow, as the face of the franchise and #1 scorer have been lost till 2009-10. The Olympian will now face a serious rehab just to make it back for the start of the season, and Milwaukee's slim playoff chances are pretty much dashed at this point. Can we say, lottery bound?

8. Duke vs. Wake Forest, Wednesday night – Game of the week, make sure you get in front of a TV and watch it. You know I hate Duke, lets go Demon Deacons. (What kind of name is that by the way?)

9. Manny Pacquiao signs deal to fight Ricky Hatton - Lot of fight information in the "12 Men" post this week, but this is a good thing for boxing. After initially being whiny about not getting the bigger split, Pacquiao signed the deal to fight Ricky "I bring half of the UK to Las Vegas" Hatton to fight May 2nd. Its gonna be a slobberknocker, might just have to go to Vegas myself. Oh boy.

10. Joe Torre blasts the Yankees - Just the fact that they quoted him saying, "Yeah, the guys in the locker room used to refer to Alex Rodriguez as "A-Fraud" is sheer hilarity to me. Will be buying that book, lol.

11. Is Andrew Bynum really that good? - I think that's going to be the biggest factor in the 2nd half, as he's been balling out of control lately. I still don't see them, the LA Lakers that is, winning it all. I've got my money out East on the Celtics and the Cavaliers winner taking home the 'chip. Am I nuts?

12. Unsportsmanlike Conduct, to the obscene amount of media coverage that will begin this week, SUPER BOWL XLIII – I'm just saying, this past week has been kinda slow. SportsCenter does one or two features per show, nothing over the top for real. But this week here, this week right here? This is gonna be information overload. Larry Fitzgerald this, Ben Roethlisberger that, Kurt Warner here, Troy Polamalu there. On and on and on it shall go, but it'll all be worth it on February 1st. Cardinals vs. Steelers, who you got?

It should be a great week this week, stay tuned for the 1st half NBA review, preparing for All-Star weekend in Phoenix, and Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa. Get at me!



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