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Bittersweet Symphony

It was probably the greatest time of my life. Yet, after looking back almost 6 months ago I almost feel that my moment in time is now tarnished.

Let me take you back...I was on the precipice of my 25th birthday. (July 28th if you're in the gift giving mood.) I had decided on the perfect young man vacation for my birthday, as there's only one place you can go where shenanigans and tomfoolery are allowed at an all-time high...

Las Vegas.

We had everything we needed: my boys, girls, libation, money, and an agenda of events that was second to none.

It was about to be a real problem in Sin City.

You see, there were a couple of big events going on in Vegas when I arrived late Thursday night, but two were HAYOOGE!

#1. Team USA Basketball's final warmup (Redeem Team) vs. Canada before they went to Beijing

#2. Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito for the WBA Welterweight Championship

I'm not sure if everyone here knows this, but ETSF is half Puerto-Rican. (This explains me being hard-headed...) Thus, I have always been a big-time Miguel Cotto fan. Along with seeing my main man Carmelo Anthony kill on Friday (and getting the invite to the DWade after-party at the Mirage...oh boy), this was a weekend of the ages for me. A Cotto KO of Mexican-bred Margarito and their crowds passion would only fuel the fire even more!

After an intense Friday night (seeing Gabrielle Union repeatedly, seeing inebriated women go above and beyond any "Tip Drill" ever, and somehow getting to my bed in one piece), Saturday night came and it was built up to be a magical evening...

Then it happened...

I was numb...he was giving it to Margarito all throughout the night, yet he somehow withered in the later rounds and couldn't withstand the barrage from Margarito. I thought my dude Cotto had faught valiantly, yet (supposedly) the better man won on that day.

**If you haven't heard this by now, then realize that recently Antonio Margarito just lost the same Welterweight championship against Shane Mosley a couple of weeks ago. There was some disturbing news announced right before the fight.
(From ESPN.com - Former welterweight titleholder Antonio Margarito and his trainer, Javier Capetillo, had their licenses temporarily suspended by the California State Athletic Commission on Wednesday pending the outcome of an investigation into the "plaster-like substance" (turn your hands into bricks) found on Margarito's hand wraps before his fight last Saturday night against Shane Mosley.)**

Although my sadness was briefly forgotten while partying it up at Jay-Z's 40/40 Club in the Palozzo (RIP) and getting it in with my people's and LV connects, I still woke up Sunday realizing that my favorite fighter lost. Didn't feel good.

So, that's it, right? Not quite. So, we were in the taxi heading back to the airport to go our respective ways. My buddy Tyrell was like, "Yo, look at that RR Phantom!" It was hella clean, it had the "Wynn" license-plate on the back, meaning only high-rollers and big time folks ride in those vehicles. So, we get out of the taxi and I see this little kid running around with a "Cotto" jacket it on. Now, there were TONS of Boricuas there cheering on Cotto so no big. I'm getting my bags and my boy Tyrell says, "That's Miguel Cotto."

I turned and looked and sure enough, Miguel Cotto was taking care of his flight arrangements for his family (like 20 people) at the kiosk outside. Now, I remember really wanting to go up to him and just go into "Gooey Fan Mode", you know like you plan on saying all these great things to famous people when you meet up and then you kinda nut up when it actually happens, but then I remembered that this man just got bludgeoned by Margarito 24 hours ago. Miguel's face looked like 98% ground beef. So, Tyrell saw his brother and suggested I holla at him about a picture. I talked to him and he said it would be cool to take a picture, but Miguel must keep his shades on for all photos.

We took the picture, and it was like the perfect cap to my great weekend. However, now I look back, especially after the controversy of Margarito/Mosley and the hand-wrap issue, and I pondered the question.


Cotto, I would have rather saw you victoriously on television than seeing you busted up in real life. Hopefully, there can be a rematch.



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