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Four-Point Play: All-Star Weekend Edition

ONE - Who are the best players who will not be playing in Sunday’s game?

For me, this is pretty easy. Deron Williams, Carmelo Anthony, and Big Al Jefferson should definitely be in this game. How two of these players (Williams and Anthony) make the Olympic team, but not even the All-Star game baffles the hell out of me. The knocks against Williams and Anthony are they have missed time due to injury, but they are both having good years for their respective teams. In the case of Jefferson, he plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves, and we all know how much of a trainwreck they have been this season. Of course, Big Al recently tore his ACL, but before that, he was having a monstrous season. I would also like to see Caron Butler in this game, but the Wizards are probably worse off than the T-Wolves. Until that changes, people will probably forget he exists, but this man is a legitimate top-ten player (maybe even top-five), at his position.

TWO - Who will prevail on All=Star Saturday night?

1. H-O-R-S-E: O.J. Mayo

2. Skills Challenge: Tony Parker

3. Three-Point Shootout: Roger Mason over Jason Kapono.

4. Slam-Dunk Contest: JR Smith over Dwight Howard in the final. Dwight yulllllllllllllllled on everyone last year, but I’m telling you; JR Smith can flat-out fly, and he’ll remind everyone of that on Saturday night.

THREE - Who will win the game, and who will take the MVP?

My pick is the East every year, and I don’t see anyone reason for it to be any different. This game is always exciting, and the players always do their best to put on a pretty good show. It’ll be fun to watch Shaq play the point at spurts, and everyone else throw lobs all over the place, and act a fool. In the end, the East will win, and the MVP will be Dwayne Wade.

AND 1 - Which All-Star Game had the flyest jerseys?

The best jerseys were either these joints from back in the day (but they could have gotten these dudes some longer shorts), or the jerseys from the 1997 game, when Shaq smashed all over the back of David Robinson’s head, and threw up the hooks afterwards. There was also the 2003 edition, which was decided in overtime, after the referees sabotaged Michael Jordan’s farewell game by calling a foul on Jermaine O’Neal in the final seconds, on a Kobe jumper. Here’s hoping this weekend will be another great one.

Be easy.

-K. Masenda


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