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The Four-Point Play (The Wade-Aid)

ONE - Reunited and It Feels So Good (Yeah Right): Will He Help Boston Repeat?

Stephon Marbury and the Knicks finally ended their marriage, and he’s ready to join Boston…I mean, any team that will take him on. Alright, let’s be for real here. He’s going to go to the Celtics. KG has signed off on this deal (hey, Marbury juiced him before, and one of the key factors in this working would be if Garnett would be willing to play with him again, in my opinion), the other players are cool with it, as is Doc Rivers. Steph has a huge chance to make a lot of people owe him a big apology for writing him off, or to justify their dislike and utter disgust with his antics. We shall see.

TWO - The Last of a Dying Breed: Is It The End of an Era in the NFL?

In the last ten days, we’ve seen the release of Fred Taylor (Ed is silently weeping right now), Marvin Harrison, Warrick Dunn, and Derrick Brooks, and all for various reasons. I still think all of them have something left in the tank, and even if they aren’t the forces of nature they used to be, they can still contribute a lot to a team. Personally, I’d like to see Harrison end up in Philadelphia, so he can catch passes from his old college QB, but I haven’t heard his name come up much, in terms of going out there.

THREE - How Long Will This Number One Team Remain Number One?

This is getting completely ridiculous. Every time people want to show Pittsburgh some love, they’ll do something to justify people having no faith in them during tournament time. They recently lost to Providence, which means another Big East monster, Connecticut, will be the number one team in the land again. At this point, being ranked number one means nothing to me. Once we find out who the four number one seeds are, then I’ll become interested again. Until then, it’ll be nothing more than the team who just happens to get the most votes.

AND ONE - The Art of Self-Promotion: Is Dwayne Wade a Genius?

By now, we’ve all seen Dwayne Wade and his many band-aids that he wears on his face. Honestly, I don’t ever remember seeing him get cut, bleeding, needing stitches, or anything like that. However, since I’m a huge Wade fan, I won’t scream “fraud,” or attempt to pull his card. This dude has a different band-aid on for every game, and every occasion. Hell, did you see this man at the All-Star game??? He had a different one for each outfit! On top of that, the fans have gotten into it. Lil’ Wayne was at a Heat game with a “Wade-Aid” on, and on top of that, Wade is playing at a high level. I think it’s safe to say he can add Band-Aid to the list of his endorsers. If they don’t pick him up, we may just start a line of band-aids on the site, and get him to be our spokesman. Besides, crazier s*** has happened.

Be easy.

-K. Masenda


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