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Just Grow Some Balls Already...

Remember when you've been to your local speakeasy/lounge/nightclub/gathering place/watering hole/bar mitzvah/birthday party/place where you cut a rug and you were with your guys, and your one buddy would always be eye-gouging a chick? Come up to you and say, "Fam, do you see the yellabone chick with her breasts falling out of here tube top? I'm gonna get at her." Yet, at the end of the night some lame who probably has no business getting at her, not only talks to her, but gets the number and heads home with her for the evening and your boy is dumbfounded. (Note - Ed does not condone bringing home bustdowns/jumpoffs/skee-o's/yamps without mutual consent and wrapping it up TWICE) Its almost like the dude was so lame that he wasn't, he didn't know any better that he probably wasn't in the girl's league, but he had the confidence to make the move, and he reaped the benefits. So to speak. LOL.

The point is, like your boy, some of these sports organizations need to grow some and make some moves. Check that, make some educated decisions. Look at the Phoenix Suns, I was reading an article from ESPN's John Hollinger about Steve Kerr, and he mentioned that Kerr's initial vision of what he wanted the Suns to look like just wasn't working. You know, dumping it down to Shaq, milk the 24-second shot clock, and get the highest percentage shot. Yet, that "style" wasn't fit for his personnel. Kerr had the balls enough to trade for Shaq to fit his wanted style, now he makes the move to let his team flourish and go back to the Seven Seconds or Less offense. What happened? The Suns put up 140 last night on the Clippers. I know that the Clippers weren't 100%, and Zach was trying to knock MF's out, but who cares. Amare might come back to form, and Shaq might be beastly for the rest of the year. We'll find out.

So who else needs to just "grow some"? Well for starters I'd look at Cleveland, somehow they feel extremely comfortable with their team, and rightly so. They have the 3rd best record in the league, yet they continue to have a major weakness at the 2-guard position. With Wally Szczerbiak's expiring contract hanging out there, why not go improve at the wing and get another scorer like a Vince Carter or Richard Jefferson? Cleveland is horribly reliant on their main guy, LeBron, and none of the other great times are like that. Make the move and get another guy!

Portland, its time to grow some. You have the most young talent in the league, but you all are scaring me. If you don't make a move or two to improve your team, your going to turn into the 2006-2008 Chicago Bulls. Full of young talent, balked to making some major moves (KOBE), and ended up realizing that their talent were no more than B+ players at best. You have the chance to go get Amare, go get him! You too could use some veteran leadership at the wing, go get a Richard Jefferson or a Vince Carter. You all could make a serious run at this thing, don't let it slip away.

We just talked about them earlier, but Chicago needed to grow some a long time ago. With GM John Paxson at the helm, they had amassed some of the best young talent in the league, Luol Deng, Kirk Hinrich, Ben Gordon, Tyrus Thomas, Joakim Noah, Thabo Sefolosha, and now they have the uber-talented Derrick Rose. Yet, they waited so long to see their talent mature is that now they still have no type of post game whatsoever, they have too much personnel on the wings, and a logjam at PG with Hinrich and Rose. Why not package Hinrich and Ty Thomas to get Amare? Send Hinrich to Miami for a Daequan Cook and a pick? Chris Bosh would look really good in the Bulls uniform. Plus here's another question, why are the Bulls a half-court team? You have one of the most talented, athletic young floor generals ever since J. Kidd hit the court in the mid-90's, yet you want to plod up and down the court and set up the offense? You have athletes, let them boys run and get up and down the floor. Its almost insulting to watch.

Am I overreacting? Who else needs to just "grow some" and make a bold move? Let us know your thoughts!



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