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Quit Hating: The Ben Roethlisberger Story

“I got two of ‘em; they can’t tell me nothin’!”
- Ben Roethlisberger, post-game celebration.

The game of football can be a strange one indeed. Sometimes, I think the game has been ruined by an activity that millions of people love to engage in, but one that doesn’t tell the whole story…none other than fantasy football. See, in fantasy football, people who really don’t know a damn thing about football can participate. They don’t have to watch the game; they just go off of numbers, since the goal of fantasy is to get the most yards, touchdowns, catches, etc. I say all of that to say there is a reason why Ben Roethlisberger may never be at the top of the fantasy list, but there is a reason why he is on a list that truly matters, and that list is ELITE and GREAT quarterbacks. That’s right; I’m saying it right now: Ben Roethlisberger is an elite quarterback and has been for a long time, hence the title of this article. Simply put, people need to quit hating.

Next to Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick (in his heyday), no one does a better job of buying time, and extending a play than Big Ben. He is also willing to take the hits, which some quarterbacks simply will not do. A lot of credit should also be given to his offensive line, for the fact they all have to be in sync, in order for him to make these plays. I’ve seen Roethlisberger beat my team on two separate occasions, as well as do it to damn near everyone else’s since he’s been in the league. In a two-minute offense, there may not be anyone I would trust more to win the game for me than Big Ben (the only other one that immediately comes to mind is Tom Brady). This man is a top-five quarterback, and if you think otherwise, you either (a) are a hater, (b) don’t know s*** about football, or (c) possibly both.

Stop looking at passing yards, touchdown passes, and quarterback rating (what the hell is quarterback rating anyway???), and watch the game for 60 minutes. This man is a winner, and has now not one, but two Super Bowl rings. The “game-manager and bus driver” references do not apply to a quarterback who has shown he can do everything on the field. My only hope is he doesn’t hop on any motorcycles, a la 2006, and do anything crazy and stupid. If not, we could end up seeing the same result next season, and a huge part of that will be due to the play of Big Ben.

Be easy.

-K. Masenda


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