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Unsportsmanlike Conduct - step your game up

Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Every Monday, Ed The Sports Fan brings you the biggest names over the past week so that you can be thoroughly entertained like when you heard Chris Brown smacked Rihanna. Chris probably confused her with several pop-lock moves then gave her a ferocious backhand while popping in a piece of doublemint gum. LMAO.

1. A-Rod tests positive for having gobs of money & steroids... – If you haven't heard, according to a report by Sports Illustrated, Alex Rodriguez tested positive for anabolic steroids in 2003 -- the latest revelation in baseball's steroids saga. Personally, I'm not surprised. Look at what Barry Bonds did, dude was probably the best player in baseball battling with Ken Griffey in the 90's for supremacy. Then Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa come along hella juiced up and started taking his limelight. Bonds said ok, I'm gonna show you how nice I am. I think Alex did the same thing, and he did it on the precipice of signing that 10 year/$252M contract. Dude hit .298 with 40+HRs and 120+RBIs, locked that money up and hasn't tested positive since. Smart but dumb move on his behalf, but I wouldn't be surprised if he started suing somebody like white folks did against OJ in the past 10 years. The test samples were ANONYMOUS, so how the hell do we find out about A-Rod? I dunno...

2. Kobe imitated Jordan's flu game, but wait...is that...Lamar Odom??? – Kobe Bryant was sick. The Cleveland Cavaliers just looked it. With Bryant suffering from the flu, Lamar Odom scored a season-high 28 points - 15 in the third quarter- and Pau Gasol scored 18 as the streak-busting Los Angeles Lakers dominated the second half and handed Cleveland its first home loss this season, 101-91 on Sunday to complete a 6-0 road trip. Bryant was not himself. The superstar vomited before the game, shivered with chills throughout and needed intravenous fluids at halftime. Who he think he is, Jordan? (Oh yeah, he does think he's Jordan, my bad...) But L.O. stole the show, completely beasting the Cavs frontline last night. My thing is, why does he not play like that all the time? The Lake Show have staked their claim as the team to beat in the League.

3. The Darkhorse to win it all, the San Antonio Spurs... – Just when you thought you could throw dirt on them boys, the Spurs clawed back from the dead earlier this year to become relevant again. Now, they are in the elite team discussion, after whooping up on the C's with a 105-99 victory. First off, I haven't seen Matt Bonner since those all-white boy teams that Florida put on the court back like 4-5 years ago. (Matt Walsh, Bonner, David Lee, Teddy DuPay...you don't remember?) Anyway, dude dropped 23 on KG and Co. and I think might have slightly exposed Boston's D. By having a frontline being able to hit those jumpers from the flanks, there's less congestion in the middle, something "The Big Fundamental" was able to take advantage of. Plus, Roger Mason might be the best free agent acquisition of the year, as he's hit 4 game winners for the Spurs this season. The ETSF power rankings as of right now. 5. Magic, 4. Cavs, 3. Spurs, 2. Celtics, 1. Lakers...am I wrong?

4. The 2009 Pro Bowl was also known as the "We get to throw to Larry Fitzgerald" game... – Man, the QB's from this game smiled so hard when Larry was on the field with them. Drew Brees was just like F it and started flinging it down the field towards #11. He brought one down for a 46-yard TD. Eli Manning was like F it, throwing the fade to #11. Brought that one down for a 2-yard TD. I still say Moss is better, but Fitz is killing the game right now. I wonder if he'll restructure that deal to keep Anquan in AZ? I say he tries, but it doesn't matter...Anquan's outta AZ. Gut says he goes to either Philly or Seattle.

5. Duke vs. North Carolina...Who You Got? – Ok, here are a couple of things about this game. Ever since Tyler Hansbrough's been at UNC, my hate level for the Heels has steadily risen. I just feel like the love swoon over Mr. 50 is ridiculous. How the hell did he get player of the year over Michael Beasley? He's probably gonna rob Blake Griffin again this year too. Now realize, I hate Duke even more than UNC, but I'm gonna admit this publicly for the first time minus a couple of text messages. Gerald Henderson is the best 2-guard in the country. (Steph Curry is a 2-guard in a PG's body, so he's a PG for now.) I've been watching him play for 3 years now, and he's come into his own. He makes every big play for the Dookies and I'm not sure if UNC has anyone to check him. My gut says UNC, but my mind says Duke. Final Score, Duke 77, UNC 74. By the way, what's your favorite Duke/UNC memory? I'll take Mr. Stackhouse reversing on like 3 Duke defenders, Dickie V having an aneurysm, and Stack strutting on them boys afterwards. Classic.

6. Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Expanding Your Horizons - USA vs. Mexico in a soccer showdown... – Ok look, I know a lot of you people are like what? Soccer? I'm a big fan of soccer, and this is a rivalry that goes pretty deep. If you watch this match on Wednesday, realize that it will be played in Columbus, Ohio and most of the crowd will support Mexico. Realize that the hood is well represented. DaMarcus Beasley, Oguchi Onyewu, Marvell Wynne, Ricardo Clarke, and my main man Jozy Altidore will all be representing for the darker shades on Wednesday. Plus, my dude Clint Dempsey is probably the most hood dude on the team, as he put out a decent rap video with Big Hawk (Houston stand up) called "Don't Tread."

You might be bored after 6 minutes, but what the hell else are you gonna do on a Wednesday night before the Duke/UNC game at 9pm? Plus, soccer looks really good in HD. So check it out, and watch as "El Tri" aka the Mexican national team fouls Team USA more than Bo Outlaw does in a 5-minute time span.

Oh, and one more thing. Hope you checked out "Swagger Like Us" on the Grammy's last night. That ish was phenomenal. M.I.A. was prego as hell, looked like a fetus was gonna fall out any minute. Kanye was rocking the shag deluxe, and I'm sad for T.I. because he's going to jail real soon, and its his song but he's got probably the wackest verse on it. Oh well. Check the video folks.

Anything I forget? You got your Valentine's Day plans locked up yet? I'll keep you posted on what to and what not to do...lol



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