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Deron Williams is the best point guard in the NBA, period.

With the above title for this post, there’s sure to be plenty of disagreement, and for good reason, but in my opinion, he’s not only the best point guard right now, he’s been the best point guard in the league for the past two seasons. The fact that he has yet to make an All-Star team sickens me to the core, and it makes me wonder, more and more, what the hell the coaches are looking at, as justification for him not making one.

He is the true definition of point guard. When you watch the Jazz play, everyone is involved, and it starts with Williams leading the show. He has the freedom to call his own plays, yet everyone on offense touches the ball, which is very much taken for granted. There’s no doubt in my mind that he could play in a faster system, a la Phoenix, New Orleans, or even Dallas, but he still excels in a half-court setting.

His handles are top-notch, yet grossly underrated. He’ll cross you up in a second, pull-up on the drop of a dime for a jumper (he arguably has the wettest mid-ranger jumper of any point guard in the league), blow by and dunk on you, or anything else you like. He can literally score in just about any kind of way, and it starts with his ball-handling. There aren’t too many tricks, and he’s deceptively quick, so you may never see it coming, until there are two or three more points on the board.

This man can literally see everything on the basketball court. Once again, it isn’t so much flashy as it is purely efficient. He may have the highest basketball IQ of any player, every single time he steps out on the court. If it’s time to pass, he’ll do so, and he’ll get it to someone where they are in perfect position to do nothing else except score. It’s impossible to not be a better player with this dude, because he’ll make the game that much easier for you. If you think I’m lying, watch a Jazz game, and see cats like Ronny Brewer, Paul Millsap, and Mehmet Okur (dare say, Carlos Boozer) get off, and while they are all good, solid players, I think that Deron Williams makes their jobs much, much easier. Watch the last two Jazz runs in the playoffs and see how no one player, or any scheme, could slow this man down. Simply put, Deron Williams is a grown-ass man.

Like I said at the beginning, there is sure to be disagreement among the people who think Chris Paul is better, Nash is better, Tony Parker, and Chauncey Billups, and that’s perfectly fine. In my opinion though, the best point guard in the league resides in Salt Lake City.

Be easy.

-K. Masenda.


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