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The Sweet 16 Rants (Part 1 of 4)

Pitt 60, Xavier 55 - First of all, I watched all of the games yesterday. Those 4 games might've been the worst college basketball games of all-time. My people who reside here in Cincinnati, I feel bad for you. I think there were a couple of suicide attempts last time I checked, but I don't blame 'em. Xavier played like they just went thru bootcamp during half-time then had to come back and play the 2nd half. I swear, was I the only one who thought Pitt was throwing the game? At one point, Big East player of the year DeJuan Blair got the ball in the post, roughly 3-4 feet away from the basket and attempted a fairly easy hook shot on the smaller defender.

I swear this dude put a dent in the backboard.

He hit no rim whatsoever, and the ball ricocheted about 6 feet in the opposite direction. Let me be perfectly clear, Xavier should've won but they played like horsesh*t too. Oh, and as far as I'm concerned, that three that Levance Fields hit at the end of the game does not give him "onions", if you watched that game he had been missing horribly on jumpers all game and mostly hitting long. At the end of the game, dude decides to try a 25 footer with time running out on the clock, he had no choice. Sad thing is, Pitt is my bracket champion. I really wish I had a redo at this point.

UConn 72, Purdue 60 - Watched none of this game, yet just by watching the highlights and past games…UConn is coasting to the Final 4. Yet, I still don’t believe. Purdue was ill-equipped to beat UConn, and Missouri is going to be ready. UConn better ramp it up or its going to be a rap.

Villanova 77, Duke 54 - We had a couple of folks over my house and we were watching this game and I just kept noticing something about Duke that I picked up on last year.

Duke is a mid-major team.

Now before you scream blasphemy and other slurs, curse words, and degrading my mama let me explain. Look at Duke’s team, they are loaded with shooters and they have no big man. In fact, ever since Coach K learned the “Princeton Offense” which focuses on motion, spacing, and fast pace, two things have happened. #1. Duke hasn’t been to the Final 4 since #2. They have not recruited a great big man. Let’s be clear, they haven’t had a good big man since Oklahoma City’s own (and Candace Parker’s own, even though I have no idea how it happened…) Shelden Williams aka “The Landlord”. He might suck now, but Shelden was a dominant force in the low-post and was a guaranteed 15/10/5 blocks a night. Now, Duke has 6’8” Kyle Singler as their biggest player on the court. He’s a helluva player, but on another team he’s maybe a 3 or 4. He’s Duke’s center! I haven’t seen Duke have this little athletic ability since, well…ever. Gerald Henderson is the only great athlete they have. Scheyer’s slow, Paulus is Paulus, Nolan Smith just isn’t good enough, Elliot Williams isn’t seasoned enough, and Singler’s a JV version of Detlef Schrempf.

- quick tangent, as most of you know I hate Duke. However, over the past year I’ve taken a liking (pause) to Gerald Henderson. I hate the clean-cut, goody 2-shoes boys that Coach K would bring in on past teams. So for the record I’ve only liked Corey Maggette, Dahntay Jones, and Jeff Capel. end tangent.

Anyway, Villanova exposed Duke as they simply had better athletes and played exceptional defense. However, I think they play just like Xavier, and if that’s the case then Pitt should find a way to beat ‘Nova. We’ll see.

Missouri 102, Memphis 91 - Due to regionality, I didn’t get to watch most of this game. However, I should’ve been paying more attention when I picked this matchup. When you realize that Memphis lost 3 NBA players off of their squad last year, and they replaced all-world PG Derrick Rose with all-american tweener PG/SG Tyreke Evans, I should’ve been paying more attention. Plus, Missouri plays just like Memphis, running up and down the court with reckless abandon and with similarly athletic players. Plus, they play D. Memphis had no shot, and I should’ve known it. My bad.





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