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The Sweet 16 Rants (Part 2 of 4)

I swear this has been the weakest NCAA Tournament I've seen in a long time. Its probably just a random year, but it's been no upsets (Arizona does not count) no buzzer beaters, and no GUS JOHNSON calls!

In the Sweet 16 games, there have been 6 blowouts, 1 horribly played close game (Xavier vs. Pitt), and one ugly but competitive game (Kansas vs. Michigan State) and its been poor viewing for real. Anyway, let me know what you think of the games and stay tuned for the weekend games.

Oklahoma 84, Syracuse 71
- I got two words for you all.


Oh, and besides that did you see my dude Blake Griffin do the nasty dunk on the baseline and bust his face in the process? It takes a dude with a mean disposition and total disregard for humanity. Gotta love it.

Louisville 103, Ariona 64 - I'm not really sure what happened, I didn't get to watch any of this game. However, you beat a team with 3 potential NBA draft picks from Arizona (Budinger, Hill, Wise) by dang near 40 points...that's amazing. Lousiville might be a major problem. Jeez-us.

North Carolina 98, Gonzaga 77 - UNC is looking like they are back in rare form, and Tywan Lawson looks healthy. I hope Oklahoma can keep up, this should be a great matchup with the Sooners. Oh yeah, and Craig...I'll take that $10 bet on Oklahoma.

Michigan State 67, Kansas 62 - Michigan State rallied from an eight-point halftime deficit, holding Kansas to 26 second-half points and advancing to the Elite 8. Michigan State reminds me of the Knicks in the 90's, just ugly nasty basketball. I'm going to go ahead and say now that Louisville will roll Sparty (sorry Mel) by 15 points.

By the way, how's everyone's bracket doing? LOL, I guess that wasn't an appropriate question...can Sluggo and Phil hang on to their positions? We'll find out. Enjoy the youtube clip of Blake brushing his face on danger while dunking the ball like a beast that he is.



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