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Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Black-on-Black Crime

Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Every Monday, Ed The Sports Fan brings you the biggest storylines over the past weekend so that you can be thoroughly entertained like when you forget to set your clock forward and you're so late for church service that you make it "on time" for the 2:00 afternoon service. Classic.

1. Call The Rivalry On Vacation - UNC Beats Duke...Again - I'm not a big North Carolina fan, and I supremely loathe Duke, but I would always consider this a rivalry. Until now. Tyler Hansbrough just went 4-0 in Cameron Indoor, and indelibly left his stamp on North Carolina history. I would venture to say he is the anti-J.J. Redick. Yet, he's probably just as, if not, more disliked than Redick. Hansbrough's 17 points and 8 rebounds led the way to the 79-71 victory over Duke. UNC as we all know is loaded, and from the looks of it, will be staying loaded with their incoming classes. However, what is up with Duke? Duke is starting to remind me of the Pistons after they won the '04 championship. Like they can turn it off and on when they feel like it. But they can't. Until they get some legitimate posts then they're gonna be forever in trouble. When's the last time they had a Boozer? Brand? Even Shelden Williams? They ain't tough, they softer than Charmin, softer than hot Velveeta, softer than a baby's wishes. You get the point, I'm predicting a 2nd-round KO for the Dookies. UNC? I ain't ready to call it yet. Pitt's looking like my favorite. We'll see...

2. T.O. Goes To The Buffalo Bills (From SB @ klowntimes.net) - WOW!!! That's what folks in the sports world were saying after news broke on Terrell Owens signing with the Buffalo Bills last night. A lot of those same folks are wondering why in the world would Buffalo want him? After all, did the Bills not see what happened not only in Dallas, but in San Francisco and Philly before that. I think the T.O. signing may not be as bad for Buffalo as people may think for the following reasons:

- It's a one year deal. Even though the Bills are obligated to pay T.O. the guaranteed $6.5 million for this season, IT'S ONLY FOR THIS SEASON. The Bills go into this knowing that they would on the hook for the loot, regardless if T.O. behaves or not. The worst case scenario is if T.O. does act a fool, the Bills don't have to worry about bringing his ass back.

- T.O. will be motivated to prove Dallas wrong. Owens has his best seasons in his first years with his teams. In Philly, he scored 14 touchdowns before he got hurt. In his first year in Dallas, he caught 85 balls and scored 13 touchdowns when Bill Parcells coached him. Hell, the season after that he caught 81 and scored 15 touchdowns. Now people are not only doubting that he will be on his best behavior, but that his best years are behind him. Owens, for all his issues, is a hard worker. Look for Owens to try his hardest to prove the critics wrong.

- Buffalo is in dire need of another playmaker on offense. Lee Evans only had 3 touchdown passes. Josh Reed only caught ONE touchdown pass. Owens had 10 touchdown catches last season. One of the reasons Buffalo collapsed down the stretch was because of its inability to score points and move the ball. Owens will be a HUGE upgrade for the Bills offensively. The mere presence of Owens will not only decrease the amount of double-coverages on Reed, but will prevent defenses from loading up to stop the Bills' running game.

In addition to the benefits on the field, Buffalo will also benefit in merchandise sales (when was the last time you saw someone outside of Buffalo rock a Bills jersey?). In short, the Owens signing will not hurt the Bills as much one may believe. Still, I find myself saying one word over and again, even as I type this. WOW.

3. The World Baseball Classic, Watch It... - Just trust me, watch it. When you watch the Dominican Republic play Puerto Rico, its going to be 50,000 islanders having a major salsa fest while sh*t-talk and home runs are exchanged. Besides, I gotta hold down "Da P.R. Baby." Let's get it.

4. Unsportsmanlike Contact, Black-on-Black Crime - Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs. "Sugar" Rashad Evans - I was over my buddy Skinner's house last night watching UFC 96 - Jackson vs. Jardine, and while I was taking money from my boy Don Quixote on the undercard fights, we were prepping for the main event. Rampage ensued to breakdown Jardine over the three-round bout and got an exclamation point knockout to end it. Rashad Evans was doing color commentating the fight and when Rampage is declared the winner, these two dudes head up in the ring. They've already been slated to fight in the 205-pound Light Heavyweight Championship and they're ready to go. I have deduced that in UFC fight history, these two are probably the first two brothers to fight against each other, maybe ever. My man Rampage ensues to say, "All I gotta say is, but its gonna be some BLACK-ON-BLACK CRIME!"

Lol, I don't know if I want to be mad or laugh. I think I'm gonna laugh because that ish was hilarious. Its probably the first time that I've ever been super excited about watching a UFC fight. I'm a boxing loyalist, always have been. However, I'm a Rashad Evans fan, watched him on the Ultimate Fighter series, and he's soft spoken but righteous in the ring. I like Rampage too, and that makes it even better. Looking forward to seeing the matchup.




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