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Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Chalk It Up...

Every Monday, Ed The Sports Fan brings you the biggest storylines over the past weekend so that you can be thoroughly entertained like when you saw Memphis losing to Cal-State Northridge with 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter and immediately realizing that your bracket might go up in flames. Oh boy.

1. My Bracket Is Now A Coaster, Should've Picked All Favorites... - Here are some thoughts me and SB had about the 1st two rounds of the NCAA Tournament...

The Big East is what we thought it was. The Big "Beast" lost only twice in the NCAA tournament. I mean, six of out the remaining 16 teams are from the Big East! So much for my ramblings on the ACC being the better conference. Speaking of which...

The ACC was NOT what we thought it was. Only UNC and Duke are in the Sweet 16. Maryland got it's ass kicked by Memphis. The other ACC teams didn't even make it out of the first round. Wake Forest didn't even bother to show up against Cleveland State, thus torpedoing my bracket (I had Wake in the Final Four for some reason), Boston College quit in the second half against USC, and Florida State and Clemson had no business losing to Big Ten dregs Wisconsin and Michigan respectively. I guess the ACC was a bit overrated after all.

Arizona bailed out the NCAA Selection Committee. The NCAA Selection committee covered their own ass in pairing Arizona against Utah in the first round. UTAH??!!! I mean, who was the 5th-seed and who really was the 12th-seed? Are you kidding me? Look for Arizona's run to come to a resounding THUD against Louisville in the Sweet 16.

The Play-In Game is played out. Someone needs to take this concept out back and shoot it. I mean, do we really need the Play-In Game? It's nothing more than an embarrassment and a money grab for the schools involved and the NCAA. And despite what the NCAA is telling everyone, the Play-In Game is NOT a part of the NCAA tournament!

2. Jay Cutler vs. The Denver Broncos - Ok look, at this point the dissension between Broncos' QB Jay Cutler and the Broncos organization is in a tailspin. Its like a relationship with your girlfriend and she openly tells you that she really wants to try and pursue a relationship with her previous boyfriend (Matt Cassel) the comes to find out that she's re-married (to the Chiefs) and now says that she wants you and only you. ARE YOU NUTS, if that happened to me she'd get 86'd to the curb ASAP. Cutler's never going to buy into Denver now, and if your a Broncos' executive thinking long term, you need to make the move so that Cutler does not become a cancer. Its their own fault, and it takes a big man to look aside differences. But guess what, not everyone is a big enough man to accept that. Its easy to talk about someone else dealing with it, but until you go thru it then shut your yap. He doesn't want to be there, the team made him feel unwanted, and your telling me (sports prognosticators) that he should quit being sensitive and stay there? Please...

3. The Syracuse Bandwagon... - In a recent Facebook message note that I've been heavily engaged in for the past week, I've noticed that all of a sudden everyone is a HAYOOGE 'Cuse fan. "They're going all the way!" One FB friend said, which I then retorted, "Can you name one great Syracuse player before Carmelo Anthony?" I got silence. (By the way, Billy Owens, John Wallace, Derrick Coleman, Pearl Washington, and Rony Seikaly would have all been acceptable answers...) Just like my man Kenny followed up with later, its a reason that they were ranked #20 most of the season. They have talent, and a pretty good coach, but they are sporadic and extremely streaky. So now they're supposed to win the whole thing? Y'all letting 6 OT's fool you? Come on now, I expect better...

Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Where Is Gus Johnson??? RISE & FIRE! - Ok, I think its a given that Gus Johnson is everyone's favorite announcer for CBS. Yet, I swear every good game that has been called has been done by Verne Lundquist, who has as much juice on the mic as Eskimo's in Alaska. Not much. Gus Johnson d@mn near has an annuerism, stroke, and cramps all while spitting glory and angst as game winning shots, defensive plays of genius, and utter stupidity happen right before him. I demand that CBS fix this now, because the public is clamoring for more Gus (nh) and it needs to happen NOW!

Is Gus Johnson the best commentator ever? Does he even touch Marv Albert? What about Keith Jackson for college football? Let me know, and hope your brackets are still alive.

Shout out to King Phil and Forna Funky Fixation as they lead the ETSF Bracket Challenge. Ed is currently is 32nd out of 50, Ken is 39th out of 50. Obviously we have no idea what we are talking about.



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