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Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Fill Out Those Brackets

First off, if you haven't signed up for the 1st Annual ETSF March Madness Pool (Powered By Dime Magazine) then sign up here.


Now, with that being said. I really don't have much energy to make a post today. I've been up all night working (I do have a real 8-5 job) and recovering from a long weekend. Shout out to my boy Deontray for his 23rd b-day (bar crawl for the ages), shout out to Mel G for her 30th b-day in Vegas, and shout out to all my peoples who get it in playing Taboo. You know who you are.

Are you surprised with the bracket? I'm not, and I think the committee did a fine job. Would've liked to seen St. Mary's get in there because Patty Mills is a problem. Other than that, no qualms. In fact, I'm going to try and give you live coverage of the Dayton Regional as Pitt takes over Dayton, Ohio in hopes of getting to the final four. Plus, the hometown Oklahoma State Cowboys will be there in full force as well. (Might have to breakout one of my O-State shirts) Kenny was going to fly down to Miami to cover the regional down there, but evidently there won't be enough scantily clad women out and about yet because of the weather and Kenny said F it then he ain't going.

Kenny will be highlighting the most feared team in NCAA College Basketball history tomorrow. Any idea of what team he's talking about?

Plus, Ed will discuss his favorite all-time NCAA Champion. Here's a hint, they two best players were both super light-skinned. If you can figure that team out, I might have a special surprise for you. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Finally, here's my Final Four prediction. I'm sure you all will agree with me in these choices. (Yeah right)

MIDWEST - Louisville
WEST - Memphis
EAST - Pittsburgh
SOUTH - Oklahoma

I've got Pittsburgh beating Louisville for the 2009 National Championship. There, I said it. How nuts am I?



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