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We'll Miss You Eric Maynor

RIP to my bracket by the way. I had VCU going to the Elite 8, and they should've beat UCLA.

Yeah I know, I'm an idiot. Thanks for telling me, again.

His status from ESPN's Chad Ford on his upcoming draft status:

The good: One of the purest point guards in the country, Maynor has excellent court vision and creativity. And throughout most of his career, he has posted an impressive assist-to-turnover ratio. On top of that, he has turned himself into an impressive scorer with deep range on his jump shot.

The bad: Maynor plays in a weak conference. With the exception of a few excellent performances in the NCAA tournament as a sophomore, he rarely has gotten to show off his talent against the best competition. He struggled in VCU's one big nonconference game this season versus Oklahoma, going just 5-for-19 from the field and turning the ball over eight times.

He also needs to add strength, isn't a super athlete and sometimes tries to do too much with the ball.

The upside: To me, Maynor would be the biggest draft sleeper. He has all the tools to be an excellent NBA point guard. If he were playing for Duke or Kansas, he'd be in the lottery conversation right now. If he can have a big game in the opening round against UCLA, one of the top defensive teams in the country, I believe he could crack the lottery in June.

Hope you go to the Thunder, or somewhere where we can see you blossom. Thanks for the memories. MAYNOR 4 PREZ (after Obama)

Do any of you guys got anyone your gonna be sad to leave for the league, or just finish they career? I know I feel that way about Maynor and Blake Griffin (who's daddy is an Alpha) but who are your guys?



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