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You’ve Lost Your D@mn Mind...

Today’s article will focus on some of the teams and players of the past week who have made questionable moves, overpaid for a free agent, did something else incredibly questionable (or outright stupid), or simply put, lost their damn mind. Of course, this is all the opinion of ETSF, which we feel is mostly right, but we’re certainly down for a good debate.

The first party we’ll cover is the Washington Redskins, and whoever signed off on the Albert Haynesworth seven-year, $100 million contract. Washington, you all have lost your damn minds. I say this right now: GOD BLESS Albert Haynesworth for getting his money. I’m all for a player getting what they deserve, especially since a team can cut a player anytime in the NFL, and not fully honor their contract, so for that, big ups to Haynesworth for getting this contract, and being able to take care of himself, and his family. Now that I have that out of the way, we have to examine his history. He hasn’t played a full season since his rookie year, he’s injury-prone, AND he’s a head-case. Plus, it can’t be ignored that he performed tremendously in a contract year. I don’t see how Washington didn’t take that into account before they offered him this big-ass contract. They say “it aint trickin’ if you got it,” but this right here is ridiculous. There’s a reason Tennessee didn’t match this offer, and it’s because they’re not that crazy. The ‘Skins now have one of the best defensive tackles in football (I’m not prepared to say he’s the undisputed best), and it should help their defense, but I still think they grossly overpaid for his services. On top of that, I’ll go on record, right now, and say they will not, WILL NOT, win the NFC East next season. On top of this signing, they also gave DeAngelo Hall (who I’m a fan of) a monster contract, along with releasing Jason Taylor.

TJ Houshmandzadeh, you’ve lost your damn mind. I mean, Seattle?!?! Granted, money talks, which seems to be the theme with the article so far, but I refuse to believe the Seattle Seahawks are a contender, nor are they a threat in their own division, let alone the rest of the conference. Sure, he’ll be the number one receiver on their team, but we still don’t know who their quarterback will be (even though it looks like it may end up being Seneca Wallace), but I would have thought he would pick the Vikings, who at least won their division last year, or even stayed in Cincinnati, and played with a top-ten quarterback in Carson Palmer.

Jay Cutler, you’ve lost your damn mind. Don’t get me wrong; Cutler is a good quarterback, but not to the point where he should be throwing temper-tantrums about the possibility of being traded. Darn near every player is trade-bait at some point in their career, and unless you’re Ben R, Brady, or Peyton Manning, you’re far from safe, homie. Given the fact that he was also the quarterback of one of the biggest collapses I’ve ever seen, he really doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on at this point. Charge it to the game, and get ready for next season.

Be easy.

-K. Masenda


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