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The 2-for-1 April Fools' Special

You've been traded to the Detroit Lions! April Fools! No really, you've been traded to the Detroit Lions. You're an April's Fool. Denver know says they really want to trade Cutler now. Am I the only one who thinks of this as shame on Denver? If you work for a company, and you are the best employee in your department in said department is strong in the division that you have oversight yet in other divisions (defense) have performed poorly, yet you hear (not directly from your boss) that you might be replaced or send out to another location because they feel that someone could do it better, wouldn't that make you question what the hell you are doing there? Yet, you constantly have headhunters (GM's of other teams) trying to get you (and your agent) to get out of Denver to come to their organization (team)? Wouldn't you be upset that they didn't come to you directly to at least voice the thought process of the organization (team)? I'd be pissed and ready to go! Don't listen to the ESPN prognosticators on this one, if that situation happened to you at your job, you'd feel HIGHLY INSECURE in your job function and be putting your resume on monster.com. So here's to new life for Jay Cutler, I hope he goes to some team that wants him, and let April Fool's reign in Denver for years to come.

Haseem Thabeet has the worst, greatest humor of all time! LOL, evidently he's trying to give Jim Calhoun and the Husky Nation a major corollary. Evidently Mr. Thabeet has a twitter account, and as an April Fools’ joke, he decided to post this inane message to his private friends on Twitter. WOW. That is pretty good. Thabeet getting busted for failing a drug test during the week of the Final Four, an event that could bring down his UConn Huskies from winning a national championship and destroying all possibilities of him earning NBA millions would reach cataclysmic proportions. Instead it was April Fool on you!

What are some of the greatest April's Fools' jokes you've ever experienced? Or pulled off on someone else? We'd love to hear your stories so let us know, get at me!




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