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(Final) Four-Point Play

ONE - Kiss The Ring: Is Tom Izzo the Best Coach in College Basketball?

In my opinion, Tom Izzo has always been one of the top-three coaches in the country for a long time, but after last Sunday, I’m going on record as saying he is the best. In 14 years, this man has led his teams to the Final Four five times. On top of that, just look at this year’s team. They have solid players, but nothing that screams out at you, but he found a way to lead them to the Promised Land, and if they win two more games, they’ll have their second national championship this decade.

TWO - I Get Money: Did John Calipari Make the Right Decision?

For the few people who may try and accuse Coach Cal of being a Benedict Arnold, do yourself a favor: find a bridge, stand on the edge, and jump off RIGHT NOW. This man is far from a traitor; he did everything he could do bring a national title to Memphis, and deserves the chance to show he can stomp with the big dogs. I wish Arizona came calling sooner (Tim Floyd is the best you guys could do? Really?), and not because I love them, but really because I’m not too crazy about the Kentucky Wildcats at all. The only other team that I may hate more than them is Duke. Speaking of which, how the hell were they able to get Seth Curry to Cameron? That’s another story for another day…

THREE - To the Victor Go the Spoils: Who Will Prevail on Monday Night?

On paper, the matchup should be North Carolina and Connecticut, but look at what I just said about The Tom Izzo Factor. I won’t be shocked at all if Michigan State is in the title game, and if they get there, they will find a way to win. I know they played North Carolina earlier this season and got blasted, but if they played again, I think the Spartans will be ready for them. On the other hand, if Villanova beats North Carolina, things could get pretty interesting, and if that happens, Kerry Kittles, Ed Pinckney, Tim Thomas, and the rest of the Wildcat greats will all be jumping for joy.

AND ONE - Ed’s Trippin': The Jay Cutler Saga Continues

This is going to be the last time I talk about this man until he is traded. Look, everyone is in the wrong here, but the bottom line is Cutler should have manned up, and got back to helping his team become better. Maybe if he was a top-ten quarterback, I’d cut him some slack, but he’s not, and if he thinks Denver is a bad situation, wait until he gets to Detroit, which is a realistic possibility now that Denver’s talking about moving him. I know Denver lied, and it was jacked up, but what’s done is done. As for the whole Jay-Hova nickname; there’s only one Hov, and it damn sure isn’t this guy.

Bonus: Tonight is the NIT Final, with Baylor taking on Penn State. I’ll be rooting for Baylor to bring the NIT championship back home to The Great State of Texas, much to the chagrin of one of the resident bloggers, The Reverend Paul Revere. I should have hit you up earlier to make a friendly wager on it.

Be easy.

-K. Masenda


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