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Four-Point Play: Make The Right Decision

Before I begin, all hail The Mount Mutombo, Dikembe Mutombo. He injured his knee in Game Two of the Houston-Portland Series, and is now calling it a career. There will never be another defensive player as intimidating and hilarious (classic finger wag) as The Great Dikembe Mutombo.

ONE - Houston, We Have a Problem

The Rockets-Blazers series is all tied at one game each, but it honestly doesn’t have to be. The one player in this series who cannot be guarded is Yao Ming (okay, B. Roy can’t be either, so we’ll say two). My point is when Houston gets him the ball, no one can stop him. Last night, he got off SIX shot attempts, and they lose by four. I understand he was in foul trouble, and Portland starting using Pryzbilla to front him some more, but there’s no way in hell they can only have him shoot six times, and expect to win. Houston has officially made this much harder than it has to be, and if they find a way to blow this series, one they should win due to sheer experience alone, I will officially hate them.

TWO - R.I.P. Detroit Pistons

Well, it’s been real, but it’s safe to say this version of the Detroit Pistons, as we know it, is finished. It’s hard to really pin-point one moment when we knew the empire crumbled, but when you see Ben Wallace contributing for Cleveland, Mr. Big Shot doing his thing in Denver, and the overall body language of a team that was once a beast, it has to be something their fans are truly, truly sick about. Hopefully, Joe Dumars will be able to get them back on track sooner than later, but for now, they are officially done, as is this series.

THREE - Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have Ourselves a Series: Boston v. Chicago

If it wasn’t for Ray Allen channeling his inner-Jesus Shuttlesworth, the Celtics would be down 2-0 to the Bulls. Chicago is not going anywhere, so Boston better get it together quick. Their frontline is dropping like flies, Paul Pierce is stinkin’ it up, and there are only so many games you can count on Big Baby to give you 26/9. I think Rondo can continue to do his thing, but he and Rose will just continue to cancel each other out, along with Gordon-Allen in The Battle of UConn Two-Guards. It’s up to the role players, from each team, to win this thing.

AND ONE - When All Else Fails, Draft an Offensive Lineman

The consensus number one pick this Saturday is Matthew Stafford, but I’m just not sold on him. I know he’s from the crib (972, STAND UP), but I think that’s due more to the quarterbacks who decided to stay in school next year, and not come out. Detroit’s in such disarray right now that I honestly think they can get another QB later in the draft, and go with a more sure thing. On top of that, who the hell is going to block for Stafford? The same cats that blocked for Daunte Culpepper??? Lets hope they do the right thing, and take Jason Smith.

Be easy.

-K. Masenda


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