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Jay-Hova: Defending #6...

Look, I'm not trying to go overkill on Jay Cutler, but I need to get this off my chest. If you go to ESPN.com under one of the Jay Cutler articles you will find this commentary. I felt compelled to share this with the ETSF readers because you all let me know when I'm out of line. I'm killing a couple of minutes in the office before I head home and I saw the argument that Mark Schlereth made on Cutler. What an idiot...

I was ticked when I first saw this on SportsCenter earlier in the morning, when I saw it again this afternoon I felt compelled to say something, which you can read in the post I made this morning defending Jay-hova (my new name for him right now). Now, I had to take a quick meeting and when I came back I saw that another commenter left his/her feelings on there as well which enraged me like Frank Dux aka Jean-Claude Van Damme was at Chong Li after he almost killed his boy. (Don't act like Bloodsport wasn't a classic) Here's what "Kelly" wrote...

kellyrg07 - Hope Cutler fails miserably the rest of his career. Excellent job representing the leadership that Vandy program puts out. Boo Hoo, I was talked about being traded so I am taking my ball home and not going to play with the mean neighborhood kids anymore. Amazing how it goes from comparisons with Elway and Farve right over to the likes of Leaf. Hope Denver keeps your contract and demotes you to towel boy for the last three years. Let 'em rot owners. They hold out on you when they want more, play hardball with them then. I mean there are hard working americans out there being laid off of poor paying jobs and they'd take it back the very next day. Not this premadonna millionaire. Let 'em rot.

Isn't that some bullsh....anyway, you know I wasn't going to let that ride. So I went with the super sarcastic approach lol...

ETSF - Kelly, lets think about this realistically. Is he really NOT being a leader because he feels bogus that his organization feels there's a better QB out there than the one they have, which was a Pro Bowler and has progressed in 3 seasons vs. a one-year wonder?

Kelly, lets think about this realistically. First off, how is he taking "his ball home" not playing with the neighborhood kids? Its more like pops came up to him and said, "Son, we know you got an A on your report card, but we're going to adopt other son because we think he's better than you." Comparisons to Elway and Farve are both EXTREMELY ON POINT! Do you not remember that Elway REFUSED TO PLAY for the Colts? Favre got traded from Atlanta to Green Bay after the team gave up on him (he was a 2nd round pick) and then we all remember the Green Bay "retirements" and comebacks, and his deal with the NY Jets.

Kelly, lets think about this realistically. You really want a Pro Bowl QB sitting on your bench while you PAY HIM over the next 3 years? Denver already is a mediocre team, but their offense isn't. So now you want a horrible offense and defense? Players hold out because they have no guaranteed contracts (like baseball, basketball) so for you to compare it to hard working americans is silly. We all know that this is a recession, but football is ENTERTAINMENT! What we do as American hard workers isn't entertainment, its to put food on the table and watch football. Let 'em rot? Let me know how that works out for the Broncos, don't worry...I'll wait.

I really just need to know if I was out of line or not. Please advise, thanks.



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