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The NFL Draft Diary Preview

Not too much to post here today, the NBA Playoffs are gearing up and believe it or not, take some time and watch the NHL playoffs too. My Philadelphia Flyers are putting in work against Sid the Kid and the mighty Pittsburgh Penguins. I know that The Rev is doing his daily diligence in following this matter.

Now, please be advised that one of the most epic posts in ETSF history will be coming back for its 2nd installment in 2009..."The NFL Draft Diary" which will provide the inside scoop on all things for Draft Day this Saturday afternoon.

Here are some questions for you to consider tomorrow afternoon's draft...

Biggest Sleeper of the Draft? Josh Freeman - QB, Kansas State, Larry English - LB/DE, Northern Illinois, and Michael Oher - OT, Ole Miss

Biggest Bust in the Draft? Matthew Stafford - QB, Georgia

Biggest Question Mark in the Draft? Pat White - QB/WR & Percy Harvin - RB/WR, Florida

Biggest Loss of Income in the Draft? Gerald McCoy - DT, Oklahoma (projected top 5 pick, ahead of BJ Raji)

Biggest Attention Whore of the Draft? Mark Sanchez - QB, USC (Can someone make the "Dirty Sanchez" joke and get it over with?)

Luckiest Guy in the Draft? Knowshon Moreno - RB, Georgia (Headed to Philadelphia)

Fastest Guy in the Draft? Jeremy Maclin - WR, Missouri

Most Immediate Impact Player in the Draft? Michael Crabree - WR, Texas Tech & Vontae Davis - CB, Illinois

The Biggest Record That Will Fall? For the first time in 15 years, the University of Miami will not have anyone selected in the first round of this weekend's NFL Draft. No Hurricane will go in the second or third round, either ... or, maybe, at all. Folks, the real recession is in Miami.

Anything I'm missing? Let me know your thoughts on the draft and be ready for the NFL Draft Diary on Monday, thanks!



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