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The NFL Draft Diary, Part II

Al Davis did it again.

How does this happen?

I'm not sure?

Can we all agree to treat Al Davis like a horse that needs to be put out of his misery? Done and done.

I will go on record and say that this was by far one of the more boring drafts I've witnessed in recent memory. No spectacular trades, no crazy picks (besides the Raiders) and I'll be damned if Todd McShay and Mel Kiper got the draft pretty close. I had the honor to work with Ken and B-Lew while on the draft escapade so here are some of the exchanges from this weekend.

Pick #1 - Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions

Ed: Is doing a graduation speech? Goddell just addressed the crowd like we were about to walk the stage LOL!
Ken: That was quick (pick was handed to commish in 4.2 seconds)
(Boos rain in from the NYC crowd)
B-Lew: hahahahahahahahah
B-Lew: they booed him
Ken: Highland Park in the building, Dallas, Texas!
(Crown chants "Overrated!")
Ken: Maaaaaaaaaaaan
Ed: hahahaha
B-Lew: He never won a SEC championship
Ed: i mean, this is different, he got booed by the general body. McNabb got booed by all the Philly fans, we see how he turned out. We'll wish the best of luck to Stafford

Pick #4 - Aaron Curry, Seattle Seahawks

Ed: His suit looks 2 sizes too small
Ken: That fool needs some uhhh what's that stuff? Pro-Active?
B-Lew: That suit is horrible, I wouldn't wear that to my own funeral.

Pick #5 - Mark Sanchez, New York Jets (pick traded to by Cleveland)

Ed: Cleveland just made a trade to the Jets. The Jets are gonna get Sanchez!!!!!
B-Lew: Wooooooow, that's a good pick up.
Ed: That's a great pickup, they need some receivers asap now.
Ken: J E T S...Jets Jets Jets!!!
B-Lew: The Jets fans are going crazy, but this won't work. Mexicans in NYC, that wont work, its too cold!

Pick #6 - Andre Smith, Cincinnati Bengals

Ed: Cincinnati on the clock...
Ken: What are they gonna do?
Ed: I say Eugene Monroe
B-Lew: Me too
Ed: WTF...Did they all come from church?
Ken: What kind of jacket is that?
B-Lew: They just came from 37th Choir Annual at the Convention Center
Ed: Gospel Explosion Extravaganza!
B-Lew: Andre Smith is definitely the choir director
Ed: (pours himself a drink)

Pick #7 - Darius Heyward-Bey, Oakland Raiders

Ed: Man the Raiders are going to mess this up, I can feel it.
B-Lew: Crabtree in black in silver
(the pick comes in for DHB, he has a supremely stunned look on his face)
Ken: SERIOUS???? Well, at least Crabtree ain't going to the Raiders. But I wasn't expecting it on this. Wooooooooooooow...
B-Lew: Al Davis like speed
Ed: Al Davis did it again
Ken: They graded him at an F
Ed: haha
Ed: Even DHB looks stunned
Ken: I would hate to be a Raiders player, he looks like "ah f*ck..."
B-Lew: LOL

Pick #9 - B.J. Raji, Green Bay Packers

Ken: Raji's going to Green Bay, easy.
(pick comes in)
Ken: Damn, they having a White Tee Draft Party in his house!
Ed: LOL, right. Man it look hot as hell in that house
Ken: Hahahaha! All those damn people in there
Ed: Wow, they still got the plastic on the lamps. You paid now fam, take it off!
Ken: hahahahahahaha
B-Lew: ahahahaahahahaahah

More to come, will update later today.



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