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The Prototype: The Baddest Women Covering Sports

Without a doubt, my greatest love is sports, namely football and basketball. I can watch either one all day, whether in person or on TV. Part of my fascination with sports comes from the broadcasting side of things. As much as I pay attention to the games, just as much is given to the folks who cover what I’m watching. Women who love sports, TRULY LOVE ‘EM, are probably the biggest bonus for me. I mean, think about it: beauty, brains, and has knowledge and love for sports??? That’s what I call a WINNER. The women that compromise my list are the ones who are the pure prototype, when it comes to the broadcasting side of one of my true loves.

Pam Oliver - In my humble opinion, Pam Oliver is the baddest sportscaster of all-time. She currently has the most longevity, due to working at ESPN back in the day, as well as working for FOX now. Anytime she’s on the tube, you can tell she’s all business, so players, coaches, and everyone else has to respect her (my kinda lady). I was probably in high school when I noticed her roaming the sidelines for the first time, and telling my best friend that I officially fell in love with the lady. She’s from the crib as well (Dallas, STAND UP!!!), and ran track back in the day at Florida A&M, so that gets even more points from me.

Lisa Salters - She’s probably the most slept-on sportscaster, in regards to the ones who actually get legitimate air-time. I see her covering more college football and pro basketball now, which helps, because there is no work at nights, and on Saturdays. She used to play ball back in the day too (@ Penn State), which only enhances her credibility. Whether it’s a Saturday night in Happy Valley, or a game in The Q, you’re bound to get a healthy dose of this bad, bad lady. Plus, I just got done watching E:60, and when she showed the entire table her arms, it further let me know she’s the truth (Ed, you weren’t lying).

Sage Steele - The next woman I’m about to mention was exposed to me a few months ago (hey, I have a full-time job, and she only comes on during the morning Sportscenters, forgive me!). ESPN, I love you with all my heart, but y’all need to get on the damn ball. This woman needs more time to get her shine on. Come to find out, she’s been with them for a while now, so I feel like a bigger fool for never seeing her before, especially as much of an ESPN-junkie I am. Come to find out, Mrs. Steele (dammit, she’s married) has been doing her thing for years; first, as a broadcaster in Florida, and then in Maryland. Needless to say, I’ll be paying closer attention from now on.

Erin Andrews - The love of all frat boys, Erin Andrews as definitely put herself on the map for being a great (looking) sideline reporter. Andrews was a member of the Dazzlers — the University of Florida dance team — while "studying" in Gainesville so that makes it all the greater. The next time you watch a college football or basketball game, look at the kids in the stands go nuts when she comes on. Crazy. Besides that, she got stuck on doing NHL games too, so since I don't watch hockey all that often, I'll have to wait for the Fall.

Reischea Canidate - She's just bad, that's all I have to say. Thank you ESPN for exposing us to the greatness that is Reischea Candidate. Wow. She was previously working in New York as a sports anchor and now does SportsCenter highlights and First Take promos as well. Ed says we need to see her WAY more often, she might even be the first lady of Ed The Sports Fan, lol. Let's just hope she isn't related (or wifed up to) former Washington Redskins speedster runningback Trung Canidate. What kind of name is Trung anyway?

Honorable Mention: Rachel Nichols, Cindy Brunson, Stacey Dales, and Stephanie Ready

Who are your favorite women covering sports? Any we forgot?

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Be easy.

-K. Masenda


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