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This King is Most Valuable (5%)

(In part 1 of the MVP Series, Ed will lobby for Mr. LeBron James for the MVP award. Part 2 will have Kenny showcase Dwyane Wade, and Part 3 we will have a guest-post by Reverend Paul Revere to pub for Kobe Bryant. Should be an interesting 3 days. Let's go.)

LeBron James for MVP. This shouldn't be too hard. I mean we can look at this with some sense right? I could put up a smorgasbord of statistical dominance by Mr. James in his 2008-09 season (which John Hollinger from ESPN has said that his season might be the best season of all-time behind Jordan's season back in 1987-88) and convince 95% of the nation on why he should be MVP.

However, you all are not the 95% I need convince. You all are the 5 percenters. That's right, the 5% of sports (basketball) fanatics that I need to convince. Why? Because you all actually give a damn about what goes on in between the lines of that 94-foot hardwood court.

Its crazy though, to call you fanatics. I myself, refer to myself as a fanatic (Fan = Fanatic), and as Dr. Harry Edwards once proclaimed, "I cannot be a fan, because that is be a fanatic, and I take my sports way more serious than that." I think that is something that we can all appreciate it.

Fact of the matter is, LeBron isn't for the 95%, he's for the 5%. Because he gives a damn, and not in relation to himself but to his teammates and how he plays the game (unlike that guy who wears #24 for the Lakers). I take you back to when Andrew Bynum went down in a heap after said person wearing #24 for the Lakers crashed into his teammates' knee. Did he go to the aid of his fallen teammate? Did he take a knee and hope that his teammate would be okay? (Of course this is also the same teammate that #24 from the Lakers wanted traded) No, of course he didn't. He scrunched his face up and was upset that his teammate's KNEE COULDN'T HOLD UP! He was mad at Andrew Bynum for getting hurt. Face looked like when someone walks into a room and someone farted real stinky like, that's what #24's face looked like.

What about LBJ? Oh, you mean the guy that does the photo shoot with his teammates before player introductions? Oh, you mean the guy that is currently 9th in assists per game this season? The guy who's teammates would go to war for? Yeah, he ain't that bad of a guy. See my point is, sometimes being the MVP is more than just scoring points, getting rebounds, and making plays. Its about the will to win. I'd never knock #24 from the Lakers' will, no sir, I'd never do that. But do you believe in players 2-12 on that squad? More importantly, do you think they believe? In my heart I feel that on paper the Lakers are the best team in basketball. They have 3 very good to great big men on they roster, plus a dearth of shooters and the guy with the most killer instinct in the game. However, this team got labeled soft last year when they got beat down by the Celtics, and their souls were exposed. They laid down.

The last thing I can imagine in Bron Bron laying down, and I can't see the Cavaliers lay down. Mr. Triple-Double won't let it happen. He's made Mo Williams and Zydrunas Ilgauskas all-stars. He's 23rd in the league in blocks, and has worked hard to make himself more accountable defender. Now, more importantly, he's battle-tested. He's been to the brink before, battling the Pistons with a performance of a lifetime to get to the finals, going 1-on-3 against the Celtics before going down in 7. Losing to Spurs in a sweep in the 2006 finals didn't help either.

My dude was 22 years old then, the NBA's glory as being "King of Mountain" had been rested upon his feet. Free agency looming. When's the last time you've thought about 2010? Jay-Z? Him becoming a billionaire? Yet somehow he's found a way to stay ripe with focus, and because of it his team is focused, now equipped with the best record in the NBA. Now, at the ripe old age of 24, he's more poised than ever to show the world who the real witnesses are. The 5 percenters. King James 4 MVP



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