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3-Point Play (Early Edition)

ONE - You Got Knocked the F**k Out: Pac Man Murks Ricky Hatton

Last Saturday night, I saw something that was very, how can I say this without angering Ed??? I saw something very Tyson-esque in Las Vegas. Manny Pacquiao beat the TRASH out of Ricky Hatton, and it did it in quick fashion. It was the first time I’d seen Pac Man in the ring, and my God…this man blew me away. After the first minute of that fight, I knew Hatton was in big trouble. I can see why people say he’s the best, but in order for us to really know what time it is, he’ll have to beat The Pretty Boy, and that won’t be an easy task, not one bit.

TWO - They Got Yao…Too Bad it Doesn’t Matter: Rockets v. Lakers Recap

The Rockets just beat the Lakers in Game One of their series, and all over my Facebook page, folks are changing their statuses, talking about “Go Rockets,” “My Rockets did work,” “F**k Kobe,” and all other craziness. If one didn’t know any better, you would think they just won the championship. Now anyone who knows me knows I strongly dislike the Lakers, but they’re not about to lose this series to Houston. I love Yao Ming, and think he’s the best center in the league, and I realize he’s a matchup problem for the Lakers, but that’s their only advantage. I’m no fan of Houston’s backcourt, and can easily see the combination of Fisher/Farmar/Brown being better than Lowry/Brooks, even though the latter had the advantage in the first game. The only way I’ll begin to think Houston can actually win this series is if they can win Game Two as well, and while it could happen, it probably won’t.

THREE - All Hail The King: LeBron James wins the MVP

Well, was this really a surprise? It was pretty much a foregone conclusion that The King would win MVP this year. I’ve been vouching for Dwayne Wade all year, but I have no problem with LeBron winning this award. It was pretty cool seeing them do the press conference at his old high school, too. There’s something about this dude that no other player in the league has, and I’ve been trying to put my finger on it ever since he came in the league, but it’s so hard to pin-point. All I know is this man is on top of his game, and when you can average 28/8/7, and STILL have room for improvement (namely, a mid-range jumper), it’s scary to think how nice he’s going to be, once he truly masters the game.

-K. Masenda


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