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The Blake Griffin Sweepstakes Are Here!

Look, Nuggets vs. Lakers has been beaten to death over the last 48 hours. Will the Lakers play with some heart in this series? Are the Nuggets ready to dethrone the Western kings? Is Melo now in the same breath as Kobe, LeBron, and D-Wade? Is Bynum healthy?


If you've been paying attention around here on ETSF you should already know a couple of things on how I feel about this situation.

1. Ed really dislikes the Lakers
2. Ed really Really dislikes Kobe Bryant
3. Ed really Really REALLY dislikes folks that are overhyped Lakers fans who have absurd reasons on why they like Kobe Bryant. (This rule also applies to folks who dislike the Lakers and have absurd reasons on why they dislike Kobe too)


The fact of the matter is, there's another game going on this evening. The Blake Griffin Sweepstakes, or whats more commonly known as the NBA Draft Lottery. If you're not aware, the Draft Lottery basically gives each of the non-playoff teams a chance to reverse their suckitude and getting a stud player in the draft.

However, after thinking of the absurdity of a "Draft Lottery" I came up with a striking parallel of this event.

NBA Draft Lottery = Banks and Car Makers Receiving Bailout Money

Yeah, I said it.

Anyway, as you also may know, I am a card-carrying member of the Light Skinned Coalition and my homestate just so happens to be Oklahoma as well. (BOOMER SOONER, thank you) So the destination of Blake is somewhat near and dear to my heart. NH. For the sake of great basketball being played around the world, lets hope that Mr. Griffin doesn't land in Sacramento, LA Clippers, or Memphis. Let a decent team like uhhhh...the OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER get him! WOOOOOOOO!!! Ok sorry, I got excited. Or even the DC Wizards, my boy Average Bro wants this to happen so bad. Let's hope he goes to the Thunder. LOL.

Anyway, what team would benefit from Blake the most? What about Ricky Rubio? Thabeet? Harden? Brandon "I Left High School to wear Gucci all day" Jennings? Let us know!



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