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Fix A Team - The Dallas Mavericks

Dallas you're up next, the thorough demolition you received from the Denver Nuggets really puts your team under the microscope. I mean lets look at this realistically, last month this team was left for dead, yet they scraped and clawed their way to the #6 seed in the playoffs. Then, they dethroned everyone's favorite to challenge the Lakers in the West Finals (The Spurs) easily winning in 5. Now, they've just come off a humbling 4-1 loss to the Nuggets and they probably have no clue on how to fix their current dilemma. Thankfully, Ed is here to save the day.

#1. Get Rid of Erick Dampier

I don't care what they have to do, sell they soul, trick on they mama, let the opposing player's family sit in owner's suite...wait a second...anyway, courtesy of Hoops Hype Erick Dampier will be the 2nd highest paid player on their team for the next 2 years. WHAT??!??! He's scheduled to get roughly $23M over the next 2 years. What does he do? His averages are 5.7 ppg and 7.1 rpg with 1.2 bpg. Again, what does he do? He's stealing money. He'll turn 34 over the summer, and is on the hook thru 2011. I don't care what you've got to do, get rid of him.

#2. Sign Jason Kidd to a reasonable contract

The Mavericks have about $28M coming off the books this year, $21M of that was from Jason Kidd. I'll admit this, I thought the Jason Kidd for Devin Harris trade was one of the more stupid ones I've seen in years, and I still think its a great move for the Nets. However, Jason does distribute the ball very well, and he's a capable "I'm open and no one's in my face" shooter. But how much is that worth nowadays? Sign Kidd for about $5-6M/year for 2-3 years and call it a day. Otherwise, Andre Miller can come in and do the same thing for the same amount of money.

#3. Consider trading Jason Terry for other upgrades

Jason Terry is my main man, been rocking with him since 'Zona and the double socks. Hell, I know some of his family. So JT, if you so happen to read this then I'm just saying it to be honest. Jason Terry is great, but he limits Dallas for their growth potential. What? Let me explain...Terry's getting about $32M over the next 3 years to pretty much be a hired gun for the Mavs. Believe it or not, this was a career year for Jet, highest scoring average (19.6) since is 2nd year in the league, and had great shooting percentages. But this is $32M for 3 years!!! Can't you turn that into a great post player? Say, a Carlos Boozer? He could start for the Jazz or be a scoring option off the bench. Signing a player like Rasheed Wallace couldn't hurt either. Trade for Z-Bo? Something. No low post scorers hurt any team, the Mavericks need it.

I also think signing a Shawn Marion player would be huge for this team, as it would give them the option of going big or small versus any lineup. (See Lakers, Los Angeles) They have no real flexibility, besides player Jose Juan Barea at guard or small as hell guard. (PUERTO RICO STAND UP)

Maybe I'm wrong, but this team is old, not flexible, and doesn't score any easy points. Dirk puts in his lionshare on the offensive end, and on defense is a liability. One reason is that he still is a power forward, and that isolates the support defensively for the frontcourt onto the center. Two, it takes away the toughness angle of a team. I've never said the words Mavericks & toughness at the sametime. Ever. Plus, they're paying Erick Dampier $23 MILLION over the next 2 years. Sounds real real bad.

What you think, am I totally off base? What else should we do to fix the Mavs?



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