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Fix A Team Double Feature - Celtics & Rockets

Talk about a letdown of Game 7's, neither game was really competitive save for a few minutes in the Magic/Celtics game. If you called a sports book to lay a couple of dollars down you might be sad this morning. As the saying goes, "It takes money to get money." For today's Fix A Team article will be quite brief, but I do think some of these two teams finances will affect their offseason acquisitions and prove how savvy the general managers of the Celtics and Rockets are. Oh yeah, they do need one other thing to happen...

Get healthy.

No KG, no Yao, no McGrady, no Powe...these two teams looked like a MASH unit. Truth be told, these two teams have the resolve of champions...just not the healthy personnel. Can they make a run in '09-10? Lets find out.

Boston - Aside from getting healthy, they've got to find a way to revamp their second unit. Tony Allen, Mikki Moore, even the human question mark Stephon Marbury are all very replaceable, and more than anything else they have no versatility to help them off the bench. As much as Eddie House is the truth, he's still a defensive liability, hell for that matter he's still an offensive liability as he can't really handle. Moreover, their two best bigs off the bench Leon Powe and Glen "Big Baby" Davis are both free agents this year and they are already committed to $72 Million for next year plus they would already be over the luxury tax as well.

So what do they do?

#1. Hope and pray that Shawn Marion will sign the mid-level exception with the C's.

Do I really think this will happen? No. However, remembering what James Posey brought to Boston 2 years ago could be had with a similar impact with Marion. That impact being the ability to go big or small, having an extra shooter/athlete/defender on the court and someone with a veteran presence on the court.

#2. Resign Stephon Marbury.

Get him in shape and go let him play in the Rucker all summer, I really think dude lost a bit of his moxie before he returned to the court for Boston. He lost his killer instinct. If he could find a way to get that back, he could be a great compliment for the whirling dervish of Rajon Rondo.

If they do those things, and figure out a way to get KG back...they've got a major shot at winning it all again. Just my 2 cents.

Houston - Who saw this coming? I surely didn't. The Rockets are interesting because by showing us this different brand of basketball with Yao and McGrady out, Houston essentially has two basketball teams on its roster. The half-court sledgehammer offense of Yao and McGrady, and the full-court blitz of Aaron Brooks, Shane Battier, and Artest. Its almost great and ridiculous simultaneously. Can they make a run next year? Well...

#1. Resign Ron Artest, immediately.

I liked what ESPN did as a story last week when they labeled Shane Battier and Ron Artest as the new dynamic duo for the Rockets. They are exact opposites but are unifiers for their squad. He might not be as great of a defender as he used to be, but he's a great asset for their squad. However, he does NOT need to be their main perimeter option, ever. That's not his game. Sign him for a reasonable 2-3 year deal and keep it moving.

#2. Get a backup center, ASAP.

RIP Dikembe Mutombo, on the basketball court. You will be missed. We look forward to seeing you on the sidelines of future NBA All-Star Weekends. For the sake of the Rockets, they need a backup center, someone who can give Yao more than 5-10 minutes of rest a game. I think Yao will be taking it easy next season so they can have him come postseason. Crazy as it sounds, getting someone like a Rasheed Wallace to buy in and come off the bench would be great for the Rockets. If Ron and Rasheed are on the same team??? I would be online betting that they could get at least 35-40 technical fouls in season immediately! The possibilities are endless...

Anyway, these two teams aren't far away but their windows of opportunity are closing soon, can they win a title? Let us know your thoughts!


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