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Mark It Down - Floyd Will Fight Manny Pacquiao

First of all, you all know I do not post on Saturday. In fact some of you will probably read this Monday morning while I'm writing my Monday column LOL. So let me explain, when I got in late last night, I was super tired. Like you ever tried to watch SportsCenter and will watch a basketball highlight and next thing you know you've slipped into golf highlights and got a drool stain on ya shirt? Oh, that's just me? My bad...

Anyway, on the ESPN Bottom Line I saw something that make made wake up with the quick...

"Floyd Mayweather, Jr. will come out of retirement to fight Juan Manuel Marquez on July 18thLas Vegas."


Let me tell you something right now, that one sentence on the Bottom Line told me everything I needed to know on what we might be able to witness in the next 12 months. Floyd wants to fight Pacquiao, period. There's no other logical reason for that news to break. Let's break this down accordingly.

#1. Realize that they announced this fight THE NIGHT BEFORE the Pacquiao vs. Hatton fight. They essentially tried to put Pacquiao on notice. Floyd is a shy guy...LMAO...that sounded funny just typing it. Floyd LOVES attention. Whenever a dude comes into a ring with mink shorts on then that lets me know all I need to know about him being an "extrovert". All the buzz will now be shifting about Floyd coming back, and it points the arrow squarely on a Pacquiao vs. Mayweather bout.

#2. Understand that this fight is in roughly 2 months. They've probably been planning this a bit sooner and Floyd and Juan Manuel Marquez have both probably been training for awhile now, so they'll be ready. I'm going to tell you exactly when they'll fight too if Manny beats Hatton and Floyd beats JMM. Mark it down, December 5th, 2009. That first weekend in December is a hayooge one for boxing, I guarantee they'll fight then.

#3. Juan Manuel Marquez is no punk, in fact he's arguably one of the better lightweight fighters of his generation. He's responsible for the only draw on Pacquiao's record, and although he lost the second fight after going a full 12 rounds, he never stopped fighting and was able to consistently connect on Pacquiao. There is a strong possibility that Floyd doesn't beat Marquez. Did you hear me? FLOYD MIGHT LOSE TO MARQUEZ, this can happen. To Floyd, picking this fight makes sense, he gets his benchmark on JMM to see if he can matchup well with Pacquiao, and if he wins then we have a new fight of the year.

At the end of the day, it shouldn't have taken as long for this to happen. However, with the ascension of Pacquiao (and him moving up to Floyd's weight class) of the last 2-3 years, Floyd can't ignore that everyone's crowned (including myself) Pac-man as the new pound-for-pound champion. Will it happen? For boxing's sake, for our entertainment purposes, and for Floyd's bank account (I would bet money that his funds might be lower than he expected and he could use some change, just a hunch) lets hope and pray that this works out.




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