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Startling Fact #1 - Ed Is A Genius & Moron Simultaneously

I'm going to be brief here, mostly because I am back on the plantation and I'm behind on my work. Until someone sponsors me or picks me up...ESPN, I'm talking to you...then I gotta keep pushing at this 8 to 5. By the way, why is it that when you are clearly on vacation that people still send you requests and want them completed before you even come back to work? Didn't you see my OUT OF OFFICE up??? I'm clearly hitting the craps tables and dancing on random soft booties in Vegas, ok? You hear that? Ok, thanks.


Now...I've been known to write an "out-there" article every once in a while. Or as some readers like to say, "Ed, what the f*ck are you thinking?"

Two articles come to mind, one being slammed for no one thinking they had a shot and the other for me completely writing them off entirely. Here they are:

The Denver Nuggets Will Win The 2009 NBA Championship

The Orlando Magic Will Never Win The NBA Championship

First off, there isn't a person I've met in life that would have picked Denver OR Orlando at all even to get to the Conference Finals, much less having a legitimate shot at getting or winning the championship. No one has said this. Not even Orlando fans. Not even Denver fans.

Yet its funny how sports play out, they can make you feel like a genius and a moron in a split second. The two most heart-staking thoughts I had coming into the end of the NBA season and the playoffs is that Denver really could make a run and that Orlando is lacking that one piece to take them over the top.

My realization was that Denver is one of the few healthy teams in the playoffs and have added maybe one of the top 3-4 clutch players in his generation in Chauncey Billups. They have 3 legitimate bigs who can all rebound, defend, and get you ugly points. They have numerous shooters that can shot you out the building in JR Smith and Linas Kleiza, and that they have the one burgeoning star that has the chance to be in the class of the big 3 in Carmelo Anthony. The fact that I realized this in February however, made it absurd, and you the reader let me know about it. As you should have.

The other thought is that Orlando as currently constructed wouldn't have a shot in hell to go far in the playoffs. They have no one to be tough with Dwight Howard, they don't play great defense, and I really had no faith in their coach. You the reader, agreed with me for the most part. However, Ed didn't do his research on Orlando for one thing, they've always had Cleveland's number, period. Ed didn't do his research on Boston, who although put up a valiant effort were undermanned versus the healthier Orlando squad. KG and Leon Powe would've greatly helped the C's, thus not burning out Ray and Pierce. I also didn't foresee Stan Van Gundy (no more Ron Jeremy references, he's earned it) learning to become a better coach. There's something to be said about learning on the fly, and I think he's figured that out a bit. He's got a potential 10-year starter in Courtney Lee, and why Mikael Pietrus hasn't been used as much as possible is crazy to me. Rashard, Hedo, and Dwight are making all the right plays, and their entire squad is contributing. Brian Windhorst from the Cleveland Plain-Dealer said it on Mike and Mike early one morning and its stuck with me, if you could draw up a team to take out the Cavs, its the Orlando Magic. Hyper-athletic big man, a forward who can take advantage of Cleveland's non-athletic bigs (looking at you Varejao), and a stable of 3-point shooters who can pick and roll and spread the floor for said athletic big man, Dwight Howard.

So for you the "Anonymous" commenter who wants to pile onto the Denver argument for "knowing" they could do it and say "The Nuggets are the best "team" in the NBA, and I believe they will win if they believe in themselves." HAHA...and for the "Anonymous" commentor who wants to pile onto the Orlando argument and say that Ed should, "Leave the writing and stick to short fictional stories and grocery lists..." HAHA

With all that said, isn't that what we really want from the playoffs and sports in general? Trust me, Orlando beating up on Cleveland isn't the biggest upset story in the world. The UEFA Cup final between Manchester United and Barcelona was mega-huge. Barcelona upsetting ManU created drama worldwide because everyone penciled in ManU to win, drama ensued. Just like everyone penciled in Kobe v. LeBron. We're 5 days away from seeing if someone can shock the world one more time.




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