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The 2009 NBA Draft - Where It Begins At Pick #2 Happens...

(Booing from the crowd towards NBA commissioner David Stern)

The 2009 NBA Draft has begun!

David Stern's kinda snarky tonight...lol. While watching David Stern give his commissioner's address, hearing him speak about the Lakers made me realize that it is a supremely love/hate relationship with the Lakers. Either you LOVE them or you supremely hate them. Its good to know where I stand lol...

ESPN's Bill Simmons went into extremely fine detail to mention this but I'll bring it up again. They've had what...two ever successful draft picks since they've been in the league. TWO! Danny Manning in '88 out of Kansas (lets not bring up the '88 National Championship between Oklahoma and Kansas. lets just leave it alone) and probably Chris Kaman a couple of years ago. That's it! Will Blake make a difference? They've got to make it official first...

Clippers select Blake Griffin.

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! Was hoping somehow someway that OKC could get the hometown kid. Happy for Blake though, holding it down for the Sooner State (and my homestate) and for an up and coming program at OU. However, dude is really rocking that purple. Maybe someone tricked him into thinking he's going to the Lakers, not the Clippers.

NOW THE REAL DRAFT BEGINS...Memphis is on the clock.

I'm going to say they draft Thabeet, but they have a decent center in Marky Marc Gasol. Maybe surprise pick Jordan Hill? Nahhhh....

Memphis takes Hasheem Thabeet...Dar Es Saleem, Tanzania stand up!

By the way, that suit is shiny but pretty damn fly. Ok could he go down as the worst #2 pick of all-time? Maybe...I mean at this point his ceiling is what...Samuel Dalembert? I dunno.

Now the fun begins, my Oklahoma City Thunder are on the clock...I've flip-flopped on this pick three times. I've went from Harden, to Curry, to Rubio, and finally settled on a two-way split on Curry and Rubio. How good does either one of those two players make Kevin Durant? An elite shotmaker in Curry who has 30-foot range, along with Durant's 30-foot range would be incredible. Rubio would live to make Durant better. Decisions...

OKC takes...James Harden.

Wow. I'm going to get kicked out of my building because I just let out a 100-decibel four-letter curse word when I heard that. Wow.

Sigh...okay, here's his best-case scenario. This isn't the worst pick in the world, not even a bad pick, but Curry and Rubio were the only other players I thought that were on the board that I thought could be great. However, after watching Harden enough, his college game reminds me of Brandon Roy. They both played within themselves and have an old-school game. Neither are overly athletic and don't have great measurables, but they know how to play the game. I'm going to pray that James Harden turns into something like Brandon Roy.

(Making a drink. Where is the vodka?)

Sacramento will take Ricky Rubio or they will be irrelevant for the next 10 years.

(Sidenote, why is Jay Bilas sucking Tyreke Evans so much. Jeez-us.)

Sacramento takes Tyreke Evans.

(Scratching my head...)

Ok, I'm going to say it. If a 17-year old kid can hold their own and not only NOT fold under pressure against the 3 of the greatest PG's in the NBA (CP3, Deron, and JKidd) but excel under maybe the greatest stage in the world (2008 Olympics) then you are special. Tyreke's probably going to be a great player, but maybe I'm just ultra-intrigued by the possiblities of Ricky Rubio.

Minnesota should take Rubio and Curry back-to-back. How ill would that be...

Pick 1 of 2 is in. Minny takes Rubio. If they could get the best passer and the best shooter in Curry? They'd have a great slasher in Brewer, cerebral post player in Kevin Love, and a monster post in Al Jefferson. I dunno...Minnesota, make me proud!

Great line #1 of the night - Marc: "Who in the NBA are you most like?" Ricky: "I'm only like Ricky Rubio, I'm not like anyone else."

Minnesota's up again, TAKE STEPHEN CURRY!!!!

Minnesota takes Jonny Flynn??? Ok, I'm extremely confused. They must be trading one of them. (Side note - Watched an interview of Flynn last night, he said his name in 3rd person at least 12 times in an interview with the great Lisa Salters. I'm like dude for real? You primetime now? LOL, okay lets find out)

Golden State is up...I will go on record as saying that I have no clue who they will take.

G-State takes Stephen Curry. The Knicks fans wanted Curry pretty bad I see. Should be interesting to see how Curry works with Monta Ellis. A 6'3 shooting guard who they want to handle the rock. Doesn't that sound familiar?

ESPN's crack reporter Ric Bucher informs us that Minnesota will plan on keeping Flynn and Rubio, and that they will be able to play together. How do you know this? Not really sure how this is going to work out. They better trade Sebastian Telfair asap before he does a documentary on being the 12th man for Minny.

Stephen Curry's momma and sister are bad as hell. Yep.

Isn't the West supposed to be the better conference? They just had the first 7 picks in the draft! Jeez-us.

I'm going with Jordan Hill here for the Knicks.

Knicks take Jordan Hill. LOL...a whole bunch of boos, F words, and "I need two more thumbs so I can give that a 4 thumbs down!!!" lol...but I'm going to say it right now, Jordan Hill will make the All-Rookie team. In the Knicks offense with Mike D'Antoni coaching? You see what other Arizona product did last season. Should be interesting.

You have to wonder when the Psycho-T watch comes up and have all the announcers start gushing all over him. I'd love to see OKC trade back up to get him, the problem is I think someone's gonna reach for him too high and then it's going to look dumb.

Toronto takes Demar Derozan. Where the hell is Lil Romeo????!?!??!

We're already at pick #10? Damn this is fast compared to the NFL, we'd be on pick #3 maybe at this point. Something to ask yourself at this point...has any of these teams made themselves significantly better outside of the Clippers? I mean none of these picks are making me feel like, "Ok, they might be a playoff contender now!" We saw the impact players like Derrick Rose had on that team, could anyone else? I'm thinking maybe OKC and Minnesota has a slim chance.

Milwaukee takes Brandon Jennings, hmmmmmmmm.....maybe Milwaukee don't feel that strong at about Ramon Sessions.

Ok, its official. All high school players, if you are a top 5 player in the nation and you do not want to go to college. Go overseas and make it happen for one year and get some bread, and as long as you don't F up, you still could be a top-10 selection. Plus, if you're a big man, I'd say probably top-5. Way to go Brandon, bad on the hood to the NBA for having a stupid age-limit requirement.

My boy Phil just texted me say Terrance Williams is the pick. With the recent news of the Vince Carter to Orlando trade, T-Will could play the 3. However, I see them going with Earl Clark who could play the 3 or the 4. Even though you don't like trading your best player, but they have a really nice young core of players with Devin Harris, Courtney Lee, Brook Lopez, and maybe even Chairman Yi. Let's see who they take...

New Jersey takes Terrence Williams. Guess my boy Phil knows what he's talking about. Another great Seattle product, he immediately starts at the 3. Wow. Harris, Lee, Williams, Yi, and Lopez? Not bad...probably need a better post player than Yi, but I really like their young nucleus.

And my frat brother just tried way too hard to make a funny joke about Terrence Williams watching ESPN...thanks Stuart.

Charlotte's on the clock. Seriously, I think they could go Psycho-T here...

The Bobcats take Gerald Henderson. Safe pick, really like him. The Dookie gets to play close to campus in Charlotte. Love that dunk he did on Maryland, nasty.

Indiana's on the clock, one of the few teams I've always liked. Heard they're not happy with where they are at PG, I say they go either Maynor, Holiday, or Teague...

Yep, clearly I have no clue what I'm talking about. Indiana takes Psycho-T. You know, bad on the hood for the Madison Square Garden tenants for booing him and yelling Overrated! at him. I've said this A LONG TIME ago, he is the next David West. Yeah, I said it. Its not that hard to figure out, he's a pretty decent athlete, knows how to score, and busts his ass on the court. Should be interesting in Indianapolis this fall.

Phoenix is on the clock...they just threw up a major trade rumor with Golden State where Amare would go to G-State and Phoenix would get Brandan Wright, Andris Biedrins, and Marco Belinelli. Wow. They said they can't do it until the free agent period begins. They've gotta pick a PG here if they plan on letting Amare go, go get a replacement for Nash. If they get a PG, they're blowing up the team.

Phoenix takes........Earl Clark from Louisville. Stern advises us that he's not here, but BRANDON JENNINGS is. WTF...I'm confused. I really like Earl Clark, except for the fact that the two players he's most compared to are Lamar Odom and Tim Thomas. aren't those the two players YOU WOULDN'T want to be compared to? LOL...jeez-us. Phoenix, just blow up the team, for real. We won't be mad at you.

Brandon Jennings just big upped going overseas. Lance Stephenson is boarding a flight to Spain asap.

Detroit Pistons take Austin Daye from Gonzaga. Hmmmmm...with Tayshaun Prince there they now have the two tallest, skinniest, super yella dudes of all-time. I heard he likes to play Madden. Get at me PS3 Gamertag - CoolBreeze5. He actually reminds me of Tayshaun Prince, most people forget that Tayshaun was soft as charmin back in Kentucky, now he's a lockdown defender. We'll see what happens.

Folks the lottery is over. If you're a rookie now, I wouldn't even be mad because now your going to a playoff team, and you have a chance to get some major success. (Dickie V just yelled at all of us for 2 minutes, what did he say?) Looking forward to seeing where DaJuan Summers (Kenny's guy), Jrue Holiday, and Eric Maynor (My guy) go to. I think all 3 players will be starting or getting major minutes for a playoff team in 2009-10.

Chicago's up, shout out to Celia out in Cali as this is her squad. She roasted OJ Mayo something terrible on here awhile back, lets see if she roasts this pick now...

Chicago takes James Johnson from Wake Forest. Hmmmm....I guess. Looking forward to seeing Celia's reaction on him...

Philadelphia's up, they need a PG. I'm going to say Ty Lawson...I'm probably going to be wrong.

Yep, I was wrong. Philly takes Jrue Holiday. This might be a great pickup for Philly, however, I think they should try and resign Andre Miller for a year or two so he can learn from someone. I've gotta say my guesses on draft picks have sucked horribly (pause) so I guess I'm not going to be the Mel Kiper/Todd McShay of the NBA Draft.

Minnesota takes a 3rd point guard in Ty Lawson. Is Matt Millen drafting for them? Does he think they can all play wide receiver? News is that they'll trade Lawson to the Denver Nuggets. He'll get to learn from Chauncey Billups? Oh boy...

Atlanta's up, they just traded for Jamal Crawford...they need a point guard bad.

Atlanta takes Jeff Teague, I like it. Thinking that if they could bring back Bibby to play for 1-2 years, it could be very influential on Teague's game.

Utah takes Eric Maynor. The Jazz have the best PG duo in the league.

Phil says NO should take Sam Young. NO takes Darren Collison instead. Shows what you know Phil. (This is "Chico" Phil, not "Spaz" Phil who writes at I'm So Hideous however unfortunately they are both Lakers fans. I now do not like anyone named Phil ever again.

I'm done with the draft diary, but here are the highlights from the rest of the draft and other things to consider:

Wasn't Dejuan Blair a "niche" pick in this draft? How bad did his medical records look? Someone told me they must've looked worse than OJ's background check.

All 4 North Carolina draft entrants (Hansbrough, Lawson, Ellington, and Green) all landed in great positions for them to succeed. Man, I hate North Carolina...

The Griffin Brothers might play against each other a bit, Taylor landed in Phoenix and I'm pretty sure he makes their roster.

Who had the best draft last night? Let us know your thoughts! Easy.

RIP Michael Jackson. The End.



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