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The All-NBA "WTF Happened To You" All-Decade Team

Noticing a theme here? LOL...

First off, just wanted to say thanks to the massive support we received in the last 48 hours.
Dr. Anklesnap from Hoop Doctors tossed us a major olive branch, big ups to him. I found out from a couple of our readers that we've again been nominated for "The Best Sports Blog" by the Black Weblog Awards, and since we won the judges vote in 2008, I think Ken and I would like to bring home that popular vote in 2009! Also, ETSF will be proactively and financially supporting 2 local youth sports programs this year, stay tuned for more on that.

Now onto more business, I've been hearing such a buzz on the draft and how much this drafts sucks, and how there's not any good big men in the draft, and there are no stars...but there are some folks that I think we all believe that are going to be good. Let's look at some of the previous year's draft history and take a look at the biggest duds in the draft.

2008: Joe Alexander, Milwaukee - Its a bit harder to judge some of these guys after only one year, but from what might be the best rookie class since '96, '99, and '03, the '08 class has some bonafide stars already in one season. Alexander has been a miss so far in his rookie season, and his organization is as much at fault that just him individually. However, as the #8 pick, only being able to average a paltry 4.7 ppg doesn't look too good. The Bucks have moved Richard Jefferson as of yesterday, so maybe Joe will get a chance to prove himself in 2009-10.

2007: Corey Brewer, Minnesota - Injuries and an inability to retain any sense of the T'Wolves offense has been a supreme hindrance on Brewer. The wunderkind from Flawda was a showstopper, do-everything wing who's game translated very well into the league. Great defense, decent jumper, and a cunning ability to slash into the lane and get to the bucket. Is Brewer done? With the recent trades of Mike Miller to Washington, the small forward starting spot is his to lose.

2006: Adam Morrison, Charlotte - BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...next. (MJ, come on man! You could've had Brandon Roy or Rudy Gay...yet you've successfully picked 2 of the WORST PICKS of all-time in Adam and Kwame Frown. Thank God you got raw ass shoes. Secretly though, I like Adam and I want to see him succeed, and I think he can. He's gotta get off the Lakers and go to a team that'll give him another chance. Golden State maybe?)

2005: Marvin Williams, Atlanta - I almost went with Martell Webster, the #8 pick, here from Portland, but after thinking about it...how bad was this pick for Atlanta? Think about it. When they drafted Marvin, a 6'9", 230-pound forward who alternates at the 3 and the 4, they ALREADY had Josh Smith and Josh Childress! AND THEY DRAFTED HIM #2??? They have had no semblance of a point guard since Mookie Blaylock left town (Mike Bibby RIP) and looking back at that draft, the fact that they passed up on Deron Williams, Chris Paul, and Raymond Felton makes that pick all the more egregious. Epic fail on the Hawks. (By the way, is Marvin Williams even any good? I feel like this is a legitimate question...)

2004: Shaun Livingston, LA Clippers - We know what happened to you, you can't put on weight. Thusly, your leg snapped like a pencil when you played the pencil thump game in elementary school. Shaun was supposed to be the blend of Penny and Magic, and he was, as he cheaply fooled us all in believing. He's now with the Oklahoma City Thunder, so I'm going to suggest that he go to Sonic twice a day and eat Chili Cheese Coney's until he hits 200 pounds. (If you're squeamish, don't watch the clip. But I know you folks, you're going to watch the clip.)

2003: Darko Milicic - BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...next. (Seriously, Detroit...you could've had Carmelo, Bosh, or DWade in the next 3 picks. You went with Darko. Epic fail.)

2002: Jay(son) Williams, Chicago; Nikoloz Tskitishvili, Denver; Dajuan Wagner, Cleveland - I couldn't decide which one of these were worse, because they were all supposed to set the league on fire, at the end of the day I guess their fans just set their jerseys on fire. First off, Jay Williams ended his career by changing his name to "Jay" Williams. Now, how many black folks you know with the name "Jay"? Now, it would've been raw he would've only went by "J" or J. Williams, that would've been raw. Plus, he needs to stay off motorcycles...forever. (Note to athletes, motorcycles aren't your friends. Looking at you Kellen Winslow, Ben Roethlisberger, etc.)

Bad on the hood for the Denver Nuggets just thinking that someone named Nikoloz Tskitishvili would be successful in the league.

As for Dajuan Wagner, dude...didn't you score 100 points in a game in high school? Weren't you a Rucker Park legend? You were the original Derrick Rose to come out of Memphis, and you flamed out quicker than a Black and Mild.

2001: Kwame Brown, Washington - BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...next. (Ok, real quick. I've heard some stories from folks that were close to Mike that suggested that he really wanted to draft Pau Gasol, who went #3 to Atlanta, who then traded him away...but the feeling was that the owners and the fanbase wouldn't be as supportive of picking a foreign player #1. Who knows, but bad on the hood for MJ again. Thank God you can sell underwear.)

2000: Stromile Swift, Vancouver - I could've easily went with Marcus Fizer or Darius Miles here, but I remember the hype Stromile Swift had when he came out of LSU back in 2000. "He's the next coming of Shawn Kemp" (minus the 38 kids) and to me that is a supremely lofty expectation to have, especially with being the #2 pick in the draft. Stromile proved to us that he could jump real high...and that's about it.




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