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Fix A Team - The Orlando Magic

Oh, you thought I forgot huh? LOL

First off congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers, (and to the Pittsburgh Penguins too - Rev, hope you didn't hurt anyone this weekend. Hey, it says "sports" fan. Not just basketball fan) on winning the championship. Well done. Kudos go to Phil Jackson for wearing a purple and gold (Ques what up) Malcolm X hat with "PJ" on the back. That hat looks like the kind you make a kid wear when he's in trouble and has to sit in the corner. Congrats to Kobe (I had about 17 curse words I wanted to spew after typing his name but I know better. Its women and kids that read this so I apologize) on winning his 4th ring, Fisher too. Really, congrats to all of you.

Ok...now that I got that BS out the way.

(By the way, could the Lakers have had an easier run to the championship than this year? The Spurs were down Ginobili, so they didn't make it. Denver and Houston gave valiant efforts, but clearly they were just overmatched. Boston had no KG (or Powe) and therefore had no way of stopping Orlando. Cleveland would've been ok, but Orlando is the carbon blueprint to defeat them. That means of the 4 teams that were heavily considered to play them in the playoffs. They played the 5th best team in the Magic. Kobe, here's your giftwrapped championship ring.)

So how do you fix Orlando? I'm not sure how realistically, but I'll give it the ol' college try. I did deliver some insight earlier last month on how they'll never win a championship...Thus, I got roasted so badly by some of the readers...ok not really readers, more like bandwagon frontrunners (Shaq told me to say it) who tried to get on the underdog gravy train and say they believed all along. Yeah right. I do think they could be fixed, here's a couple of points.

#1. RESIGN HEDO TURKOGLU - This is really not even worth discussing but I'll hit it real quick. He's the only one who can get his own shot, he's an additional ball handler, and distributor of the ball. If I'm SVG, do you consider bringing Hedo off the bench? If you could get a...Rasheed Wallace to come in and play the 4, could you have Hedo (or Rashard Lewis) come off the bench as the 6th man? Doesn't this team benefit from a legit PF? No offense to Tony Battie...Wait, in offense of Tony Battie, Dwight could use some help on the defensive end. How much more dynamic does the bench become if you have one of those studs on their bench? You keep your players legs fresh, and there's not as much pressure to have Hedo or Rashard locking up on defense all the time. I'm just saying.

#2. FIRE PATRICK EWING - Didn't he say he wanted to be a coach? He needs to coach someone on how to get Snickers commercials and teach folks how to get away with traveling. Dude's got frequent flyer miles. LOL...that was funny as soon as I typed it. Seriously, Patrick Ewing needs to let go. Yes, Ewing had a legit jumper and that 3-step hook move across the lane, but Dwight cannot do either one. Dwight's post move is jump real high and throw it off the backboard real real hard. Seriously, after the game, Dwight should've went to Pau Gasol and see if they could link up. Where is Bill Walton, Kareem, or Hakeem? You could put your stamp on this player and become an all-time great.

#3. GO GET A GOON - They need to just start jamming Plies, Three 6 Mafia, Lil Jon, UGK, and Mystikal and just get all aggressive. Seriously, don't think that Ron Ron getting up in Kobe's grill didn't have an affect not only on Kobe and the Lakers, but it puts something in your teammates. They have nothing like that on Orlando. I swear I would've sent in Tony Battie to go Stephen Jackson on Pau Gasol just one time. I mentioned Rasheed earlier, and I think he could be a great add for Orlando. Chris Andersen, Brandon Bass, or Chris Wilcox would be great role players. They've just got to get tougher, kinda like what we said about LA last year...

At the end of the day, in my heart I believe that this was their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win it. They are not better than Boston, and Cleveland will not let what happened to them this year happen again. Period.

Orlando must seize this opportunity now for what it is, they are a flawed team who has some really good parts. If they want to get over the hump, they've got to go for it now. Will they do it? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....




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