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Ken the Chivalry Man – The Sequel to Ed the Ladies Man

**Its getting warm outside, and as much as I love sports I know Ken and I love the ladies! So what's better than adding sports and women together? Nothing...nothing at all. Ken, (pictured left) take it away.**

Today’s post is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed post from Ed, back in August of last year called Ed the Ladies Man – Dating Tips. (FOR HILARITY'S SAKE, CLICK THE PICTURE. Its embarrassingly funny lol) Since the beginning of ETSF, our following has grown quite a bit, and it’s definitely appreciated. We know it’s our duty to give you entertaining, original, thought-provoking sports content, and to even piss you off from time-to-time. However, we also try to use our vast array of knowledge in other areas, and today will tie-in sports, dating, and chivalry (trust, all this stuff works). Here are some things you could do with your lady, a lady friend, or someone who’s taking up the time in place of your lady while she gets some act-right (just kidding…kinda). You can thank us later.

1. Fantasy Football – Fellas, you would be surprised how many ladies participate in fantasy football these days. I’ve seen leagues where their competition can be downright cutthroat. To make it even more interesting, you could even take a few of her football-loving homegirls, along with a few of your homeboys, and put a league together (use Yahoo). The winners would get treated to lunch or dinner of their choice, along with your own version of the Lombardi trophy (the little Microsoft Word certificate won’t cut it; go to a local trophy shop, and get one made, just to make it even more entertaining).

2. Major League Baseball Game – Now this one can be tricky, because quite a few people go to baseball games, and don’t really pay attention to the game, but baseball is the one sport where you can actually get away with it. Where I live (in Arlington), the Texas Rangers tickets are relatively cheap, and they also have their “gimmick” nights; there’s $1 Hot Dog Night, and $1 Ice Cream Sundays. Every major league team has days just like these in their particular city. It’s recession-friendly, and has the potential to be pretty fun and romantic…as long as you or her don’t get hit by a fly ball.

3. Workout Together – There are arguably fewer sights more appealing to my eyes than a woman in the gym. I’m sure there are women who also say the same thing about men, so one way to win her over, or add some spice to your interaction is to workout together. I’m a 24 Hour Fitness man myself, but whichever gym the both of you have a membership at is ideal. You could hit up a class together (Cycle Class, Yoga, kickboxing for example); just make sure you don’t become entranced by her form while she’s on that squat machine.

4. Drive-In – This one isn’t sports-related, but it’s just something I’ve always wanted to do myself. This one may be difficult if there isn’t one nearby, but if there happens to be one, it has the potential to be one of the most memorable dates to take a lady. You could bring your own food and drinks (like you don’t do it already when you’re watching a movie at the real theater). You may start in the front seats, but you may end up watching that joint from the back seat, if you know what I mean.

5. NFL Training Camp – Now this is the one where all men will need to swallow their pride, especially if the lady has a raging crush on one of the players on the team. You could road-trip it the night before, get up on a room, and get up early the next day to watch your team practice. For one, training camp itself is free; two, its fun (especially if you’re a Cowboys fan), and three, a majority of the players are accessible. They’re down to take pictures, sign autographs, and are pretty cool. Like I said though, if she has a crush on one of them, swallow your pride, and let her have her moment. Besides, you’ll be thankful later.

6. High School Basketball Game – Think about how much conversation can be had, just from going back in time to the old days. Maybe she hooped too, or was a cheerleader, or maybe you hooped, or maybe you just warmed the bench. I have a homeboy who takes his wife to the state basketball tournament in Austin every year as one of their vacations every year, so let that be an indication this surely works.

Be easy.

**Predictions for Game 4: Ed - Lakers 110, Magic 96, Ken - Lakers 87, Magic 80.**

-K. Masenda


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