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Wednesday's Why's? (Game 3 Recap - Lakers v. Magic)

I'm going to ask a couple of questions out loud to myself, then answer 'em. (Yes, I probably need a straight jacket, thanks.) Feel free to play along and answer some too!

Why did Orlando win Game 3?

Simple, Kobe nutted up and the Lakers couldn't execute down the stretch. Never mind the fact that Orlando shot 75% in the first half...let me repeat, SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT in the first half and was only up 5 points. Orlando shot an NBA-record 63% from the field for the entire game as well, and only won by 4. Orlando also got major contributions from players not named Howard, Lewis, or Turkoglu. Rafer had 20 in his vengeance game against SVG and Jameer, and Pietrus had 18. Coincidentally, the two players also only made 1 three-pointer for the entire game.

Why did Kobe not "close" the game like he's supposed to?

Number one, he didn't make the underbite scowl face. I guess he didn't want it tonight. Number two, he missed FIVE free throws and couldn't make a dagger shot within the last 3 minutes of the game. Those two things never happen in the same game, so Orlando dogged a major bullet. Wait, more like the scene from Predator when Mac (Bill Duke) loses it and picks up Blaine's (Jesse Ventura) Gatling gun and goes thru about 1378 rounds of ammunition yet misses the Predator somehow. That was Orlando in the last two minutes. Amazing to watch.

Why does SVG keep playing Jameer Nelson?

I have no f@#$%&g clue.

Why did Kobe miss those free throws?

I think because he misses LeBron a little bit. Lil Dez too.

Ok, maybe not. LOL

Why should we believe Orlando will win Game 4?

Because believe it or not they can play much better. Its not really being said enough by the media, but Dwight Howard is being exposed to the nation. He has no post moves and any moves he has worked on he doesn't believe in it. Kinda like how LeBron can hit 20-footers regularly now, but in the clutch he doesn't believe in it. Dwight Howard can shoot free throws! He should be able to shoot a 10-15 footer. A baby hook. Something! Plus, I'm tired of seeing Hedo guarding Kobe. This should never happen, especially with Courtney Lee and Mikael Pietrus running like dogs to keep up with him. Turk's been getting exposed more than mama's claiming that some random dude to be the father of they child on Maury. "You are...NOT THE FATHER of Lil Dez!"


(wiping tear off of face)

Why does LA win Game 4?

Because Kobe can't play that bad again in the second half. Because Pau Gasol can't play another game where he only got TWO rebounds. Because Phil Jackson has to find a way to play Shannon Brown more in the rest of the series. All these things being considered, how great of a defender is Dwight? I mean, he can block and alter shots, but Gasol can get his shot off whenever because he's craftier and smarter. Its one thing to deter folks when they drive the lane, its another to play post defense against an offensive threat. Pau went 9-11 last night for 23 points! Kobe, pass Gasol the ball. He can help you.

At the end of the day, Orlando got lucky to win that game, yet they can still play better. SVG has to make some adjustments or its a wrap for the series. I say Orlando pulls it out but Kobe goes off for 40+ and doesn't get Gasol involved until game 5.

Orlando 115, LA Lakers 110




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